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The details of locations we used for our music video.

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  1. 1. The first scene of the bedroom. One of the features of the room This first scene we had at the start were these cardboard daisies which I had where the character made to reinforce the lyrics and was in this bedroom song title throughout the video, it had to convey the they also make a re appearance feeling of a young later on within the fantasy girls bedroom. room. The reason behind these were that as well as reinforcing the title they also worked as a symbolism of purity which is the impression that you get of a young child who is untainted and not yet familiar with the harshness of reality.This bedding played avital part in the imagethat we wanted toconvey within the first The rest of the scene withinscenes of a childs this shot were made up ofbedroom as it made up various scattered childrensmost of the scene in toys from soft toys like hellothe first shot and so kitty to small plastic shoestook up most of the and a jewellery. Everyattention of the object played an importantaudience. part in conveying a message.
  2. 2. Tea party in the fantasy/dream room. This was the second location in which the character would discover and wander around Reappearance of the before trying to escape from the confusion. Therefore we chose to keep an element of daisies reinforcing mystery. the title and purity behind the lyrics of the song. TheThe reason behind placing of the daisiesthe dolls being to symbolise as ifpresent was for the they would bestop motion part of growing out of theour filming as we skirting boardwould later havethem interact withand chase away themain character whostumbles upon theirparty and interrupts. The appearance of the teddies not only symbolisesWe left the black childhood butsheet ,that was also adds to theoriginally meant mystery of theto create the fantasy andillusion of a black dream like roomfloor, ruffled at as they are placedthe edges as we as if having beenfelt that it added attending a teaa superficial edge party .to the setting as ifthis entire roomcould be peeledaway and that The tea cups and biscuits were also part of the mis en scene as we feltthis dream like that the tea party would look strange had there not been anything elsevision that our such as biscuits present, another reason was that due to the bears notcharacter was having joints and separate limbs it made it difficult to make it seem as ifseeing was slowly they were smoothly moving and decided on making the biscuits comecoming apart. to them. Later on we also changed the dolls attending the party.
  3. 3. Other Puzzle pieces and features; candy canes were also part of the mis Sticking with mysterious en scene within the features these photos dream room as it are also taken from the matched the lyrics same mystery room that and went well with our character discovers. the image we were trying to create.The high window allowed us to havesufficient lighting which we learned The yellow brick road waspreviously is very important when also made out of cardboardfilming as it determines the quality of and was present for thethe video. same reasons as the puzzle There were a variety of different pieces and candy canes, thispuzzle pieces as to keep it interesting also worked in ourand on an abnormally large scale as we advantage as the yellowdidnt want any of the rooms features brick road is very famous forto necessarily ‘make sense’. being in a fantasy based film and therefore helped us convey this message.
  4. 4. Last bedroom scene. This scene is crucial as it is the sole shot the explains why everything in the video has happened. The reason as to why she woke up in what was once her room as a kid and went through one door to a strange themed room then through another door that took her back to where she just came from, then trying to return to what was familiar only to find that she’s back in her real bedroom again. This was a lot to convey in one scene and including so many different emotions made it reasonably difficult. We removed all We stuck postersAs well as the messed up traces of what up onto the wallposters and disarray of had once been and slightlybedding we also felt that the young girls scrunched andadding clothes would room this tore them instrengthen the teenage included the places so werepresentation and toys and made could add to theportrayal of the shot. a more plain unkempt look of The messy and dull room. the bedroom, we bedding worked also felt this was a towards what we good way to link assumed was in other media typical of a and stereotypes teenager that of a teenager to took little care in be represented in their appearance. our mis en scene.