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Buffalo Hunt


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Buffalo Hunt

  1. 1. legends sacred stampede banners lurking processionBuffalo elders cow Hunt ladlesBy: Russell Freedman pitched flourished communal
  2. 2. legends – n. plural of legend: a story passed down through the years that many people believe, but that is not entirely true Click on either picture to visit web sites about legends and folktales.
  3. 3. sacred – adj. regarded as deserving respect
  4. 4. stampede – v. to cause a sudden, wildrunning of a frightened her of animals
  5. 5. banners – n. plural of banner: a piece of cloth that has a design and sometimes writing on it
  6. 6. lurking – adj. lying hidden and quiet, preparing to attack
  7. 7. procession – n. a group of personsmoving forward in a line or in a certain order
  8. 8. elders - n. plural of elder: a person who is older
  9. 9. cow – n. the fully grown female of some large mammals, such as buffalo, elephants, or whales
  10. 10. ladles – n. plural of ladle: a spoon with a long handle and a bowl shaped like a cup. It is used to scoop up liquids.
  11. 11. pitched – v. past tense of pitch: to set up (pitch a tent)
  12. 12. flourished – v. past tense of flourish:to grow or develop strongly and with vigor
  13. 13. communal – adj. belonging to a group of community
  14. 14. line 1 – clause/claws wade/weighed tale/tail sun/son line 2 – predict aqueduct progress telegram line 3 – trappers horns journeys explorers line 4 – buffalo deer elk fish