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Twitter At Interaction09


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I was one of the presenters at IxDA NYC's Recap of Interaction 09.

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Twitter At Interaction09

  1. 1. Twitter at Interaction 09 @whitneyhess
  2. 2. Twitter at Conferences • Connect with other attendees • Find conference info quickly • Be in two places at once • Participate in the back-channel (like passing notes in class) • #Hashtag as conference ID
  3. 3. My Incessant Live-Twittering • I’m a Twitter fiend • Twitter quotes and insights from sessions • Promote the conference to non-attendees • Post conference recap on my blog (@yoni’s Tweet-to-Blog) • Boxes and Arrows sponsorship
  4. 4. “Stratweetegy” • “How to use Twitter” in the Interaction 09 conference program • Stratweetegy = Twitter Strategy • Initiated by a single tweet from @Fred_Beecher, with encouragement from others
  5. 5. How It All Started
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Stratweetgy Success? • Few people used the session specific hashtags; hard to reference program • Most everyone used #ixd09 • Still, tons of value from the Twitter stream during sessions and for non-attendees • Billboards more of a gimmick, less useful
  8. 8. Non-Attendee Participation
  9. 9. Sustainable Design
  10. 10. IxD vs. UX
  11. 11. Post-Conference Introspection
  12. 12. Get on the Twitter Bandwagon! All tweets about Interaction 09: Yoni’s Tweet-to-Blog: Follow me!