Twitter At Interaction09

Whitney Hess
Whitney HessUser Experience Coach, Writer, Speaker at Vicarious Partners
Twitter at
Interaction 09

Twitter at Conferences
• Connect with other attendees
• Find conference info quickly
• Be in two places at once
• Participate in the back-channel
  (like passing notes in class)
• #Hashtag as conference ID
My Incessant Live-Twittering
• I’m a Twitter fiend
• Twitter quotes and insights from sessions
• Promote the conference to non-attendees
• Post conference recap on my blog
  (@yoni’s Tweet-to-Blog)
• Boxes and Arrows sponsorship
• “How to use Twitter” in the Interaction 09
  conference program
• Stratweetegy = Twitter Strategy
• Initiated by a single tweet from
  @Fred_Beecher, with encouragement from
How It All Started
Twitter At Interaction09
Twitter At Interaction09
Twitter At Interaction09
Twitter At Interaction09
Twitter At Interaction09
Stratweetgy Success?
• Few people used the session specific
  hashtags; hard to reference program
• Most everyone used #ixd09
• Still, tons of value from the Twitter stream
  during sessions and for non-attendees
• Billboards more of a gimmick, less useful
Non-Attendee Participation
Sustainable Design
IxD vs. UX
Post-Conference Introspection
Get on the Twitter Bandwagon!

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Twitter At Interaction09