Transcending Our Tribe


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My closing plenary at IA Summit 2010 in Phoenix, AZ. Sunday, April 11, 2010.

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Transcending Our Tribe

  1. Transcending Our Tribe Whitney Hess @whitneyhess ❦
  2. ﬔe Truth About Me Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  3. I’m amazed at the position I find myself in today Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  4. IA Summit ’09: My first public solo presentation IA Summit ’08: My first IA Summit Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  5. IA Summit Closing Plenaries: 2005 - Andrew Dillon 2006 - Peter Merholz 2007 - Rashmi Sinha 2008 - Andrew Hinton 2009 - Jesse James Garrett 2010 - Whitney Hess Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  6. IA Summit Closing Plenaries: 2005 - Andrew Dillon 2006 - Peter Merholz 2007 - Rashmi Sinha 2008 - Andrew Hinton 2009 - Jesse James Garrett 2010 - Whitney Hess WTF! Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  7. I don’t need you to tell me how green I am Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  8. Synchronicity brought me here Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  9. Who I Am Who I Want to Be { My pursuit of happiness Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  11. ﬔe Tribe Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  12. You are not alone Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  13. Egos: few Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  14. “If I have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  15. Who is your mentor? Who calls you their mentor? Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  16. “Knowing where one belongs can transform an ordinary person – hardworking and competent but otherwise mediocre – into an outstanding performer.” – Peter F. Drucker Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  17. Love Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  18. Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  19. Is this your job or your passion? Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  20. Why do you care? Why are you here? Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  21. Work vs. Life’s work Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  22. ﬔis isn’t a job, it’s a calling Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  23. ﬔ
  24. Our Common Mission Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  25. We help people enhance their own lives Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  26. ﬔe Butterfly Effect Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  27. We want to change the world Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  28. If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention – Sister Act 2 Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  29. ﬔ
  30. Wake-Up Call Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  31. It’s not about you (or us) Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  32. We design systems that enable more successful behaviors, but we don’t make them. Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  33. “Like so many brilliant people, [we] believe that ideas move mountains. But bulldozers move mountains – ideas show where the bulldozers should go.” – Hugh MacLeod Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  34. It’s time to focus our energy outside of the UX tribe, to become recognized leaders to makers & management Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  35. How do we gain influence? Over our companies, colleagues and clients Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  36. “ﬔe price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  37. Source unknown
  38. What’s Holding Us Back? Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  39. We heroize the tools Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  40. A fancy tool is just a pillar to hide behind Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  41. We limit ourselves Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  42. We accommodate out of guilt. We attack out of anger. We avoid out of fear. – William Ury Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  43. We’re afraid to be wrong Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  44. You screw up every day and everyone already knows it. But do you admit it? Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  45. Celebrate Fear Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  46. Fear is growth Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  47. Love hurts Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  48. Live in pursuit of the OSM (Oh Shit Moment) Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  49. Fail magnificently (Love demands that you do) Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  50. “Not doing it – when you know full well you had the opportunity – that hurts far more than any failure.” – Hugh MacLeod Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  51. ﬔ
  52. Perfection ≠ Credibility Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  53. ﬔis is my biggest OSM Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  54. Promote Inclusion Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  55. Recognize the destructive impact of your words Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  56. “If you try to dominate people, you are already defeated.” – Terry Dobson, master of Aikido Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  57. Be assertive without being aggressive Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  58. “Your intellectual arrogance is causing disabling ignorance.” – Peter F. Drucker Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  59. All human beings have a basic need to be recognized Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  60. We Need To Lead Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  61. Chutzpah (a.k.a. audacity) Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  62. Conviction Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  63. Adaptability Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  64. Act As If Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  65. True leaders inspire others to lead Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  66. Our Legacy Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  67. Some say they have 20 years’ experience, when all they really have is one year’s experience, repeated 20 times. Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  68. Can your company succeed without you? Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  69. Can your company succeed without you? (No? Are you proud of that?) Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  70. What is our legacy? (Is it outside this room?) Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  71. Let’s not be a footnote in a technology textbook Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  72. Our legacy rests on all of our shoulders Whitney Hess ❦ @whitneyhess
  73. ﬔank you. Whitney Hess @whitneyhess ❦ ﬔe Radical Leap by Steve Farber ﬔe Radical Edge by Steve Farber ﬔe Power of a Positive No by William Ury Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker