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Courage To Quit: Starting, Growing and Maintaining Your UX Business


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The presentation for the panel I participated in at IA Summit 2009

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Courage To Quit: Starting, Growing and Maintaining Your UX Business

  1. 1. I’m the freshman Whitney Hess user experience designer Independent consultant based in NYC Quit my full-time job to go indie in August 08 Whitney Hess
  2. 2. Why I quit Greater control over my career Wider variety of projects Didn't fit into the corporate environment Whitney Hess
  3. 3. How I started Incorporated August ‘05, freelanced while full-time Built a client base, from tactical to strategic projects Learned about the realities from seasoned indies Gathered template deliverables Created a reserve fund Whitney Hess
  4. 4. Creating success 3-4 clients at time for 2-week to 4-month projects Work with major corporations (Hearst), start-ups (boxee), and agencies (Happy Cog) 5-10 hours a week on business development Supplement consulting with speaking, writing and teaching Whitney Hess
  5. 5. Facing challenges Pricing structures No design crits! Being strategic about what's next No structure or routine Fear and anxiety are plentiful Whitney Hess