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What do we know about other solar systems


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By david and luc

Published in: Business, Technology
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What do we know about other solar systems

  1. 1. What Do We Know AboutWARNING: SLIGHTCHEESYNESS Other Solar Systems? By David and Luc
  2. 2. Wait, HOW many?!?!There are many, many solar systems In ouruniverse. Billions upon billions of themactually. And the universe is constantlyexpanding and expanding, so think of allthe solar systems there are. That’s a lot!
  3. 3. Our galaxy alone.In just our galaxy alone, there are aboutone hundred million solar systems. Oursincluded.
  4. 4. What makes a solar system?There are many, many solar systems in ouruniverse, but what makes one? For a solarsystem to truly be “out of this wurld” it needsto have at least one star, and one or moreplanets or other astronomical objects.
  5. 5. What makes a planet?A planet needs to have the “Pac-ManEffect”, which is when a planet has a strongenough gravitational pull, so as it canattract smaller objects into it’s orbit. It alsoneeds to have the sufficient gravity to be agiant, round, orb shape, just like JustinBieber!
  6. 6. Is there life out there?A commonly asked question in the world ofspace science is: “Is there life on otherplanets?” We still do not know, though thereare certainty many theories on this topic.Yes, no, maybe so are some of them.
  7. 7. Here’s one!There are, like I said, many, many solarsystems in our galaxy. One of them is a solarsystem with a star called PSR1257+12. Thereare three planets orbiting it calledPSR1257+12 A,B, and C. This shows thatthere are many solar systems that couldvery well be like ours.
  8. 8. Not yet, but maybe.Even with all our attempts, we still have notfound any life on other planets. There havebeen many people saying they saw U.F.O.s(Unidentified Flying Objects) and claimedthem to be alien space crafts. Theseeyewitness accounts are very unreliableand often a tall tale to get attention.
  9. 9. Get to the point!Well, I guess my point is that we still don’tknow very much about other solarsystems, but there are unlimited possibilities.HEWW YEAH! There are many, manydiscoveries to be made about our universe.(AND SOLAR SYSTEMS)(Insert song here)
  10. 10. :PPs this is what we sound like: