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Oort cloud v2 Adam

  1. 1. Oort CloudBy: Adam Anderson
  2. 2. SizeThe Oort Cloud starts about 5000 AU’s from the sun, and extends to about 2.1 light-years fromthe sun, and mostly a sphere. Most of the Oort cloud is beyond the outer solar system, andstops about 2.1 light-years away at the edge of the sun gravitational influence, about half way to proximus centauri. One incorrect assumed fact is that the solar system is that it extends only to the Kuiper Belt. The solar system in fact, extends to the far edge of the Oort cloud.
  3. 3. Scale Diagram of Oort Cloud
  4. 4. What is the Oort cloud made of? The Oort cloud is mainly made up of comets,such as Hyakutake, a comet from the Oort cloudthat orbits high above the interstellar plane. The comet in the Oort cloud are extremely sparse, separated by about __________ km each. The estimated Temputure of the Oort cloud is 4 Celsius above absolute zero. The Oort cloud is thought to be the source of Halley-type comets and trans-Neptunian comets. The Oort cloud may also contain a few rocky objects.
  5. 5. Picture of a Comet
  6. 6. Formation• Most of the Oort Cloud formed at the formation of our solar system in the protoplanetary disc near the sun. The Oort clouds mass peaked after 800 million years. Some of the Oort Cloud’s comets are from other solar systems though. If another solar system passes close enough to our solar system, we can trade comets, and sometimes send some of our comets toward the inner solar system.
  7. 7. Picture of the Oort Cloud
  8. 8. Diagram of Oort cloud
  9. 9. Parts of the Oort cloud• The Oort cloud is made up of twoparts, the inner cloud, or hills cloud,and the outer cloud. The outer cloud is more like a sphere, and the inner cloud is more like a disc.
  10. 10. Discovery• The Oort Cloud was discovered by Jan Oort, in 1950.The Dutch astronomer Jan Oort theorized that comets came from a common region of the solar system now called the Oort cloud. The Oort Cloud is only technically theoretical, but we very much think it exists.
  11. 11. MassThe mass of the Oort cloud is an estimated 2.63390673876 * 1023 tons, or an estimated 40 times the mass of earth. When the Oort cloud was first discoveredin 1950, astronomers thought the mass ofthe Oort Cloud was equivalent to the mass of Jupiter, 1.4354791726242 * 1024 tons. An difference of 2.6 to 14.4
  12. 12. Heliopause• The Heliopause is the outer influence of the solar wind, where the solar wind is stopped. The Heliopause is also a deflector for the dangerous galactic interstellar radiation. No spacecrafts have ever reached the Heliopause, though explorer 1 and 2 are close. The Heliopause is observed by the IBEX spacecraft. The Heliopause is way outside of the planets, 110 to 115 AU from the sun.
  13. 13. Solar Transition• The first part of the transition from the heliosphere to the interstellar medium is the termination shock, the slowing of the solar wind.• The second part of the transition from the heliosphere to the interstellar medium is the Heliopause, the stopping of the solar wind.• The third part of the transition from the heliosphere to the interstellar medium is the Bow Shock, the boundary between the heliosphere and the interstellar medium.