An Introduction to Social Media


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This is a brief presentation on Social Media by White Space Account Director, Will Wright. Find out more at

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  • Hello and welcome – I’m Will Wright and I work here at White Space Design – we are a design and marketing agency and we work closely with Ipswich Central – Fiona has asked me if I would be prepared to give you a short presentation on Social Media – Fiona is my wife, so I could hardly refuse!! As I am sure you are aware Social Media is a very broad brush – there are actually over 400 Social Networking sites in existence at the moment - and I can’t possibly cover everything in the 20 to 30 mins that I have with you today, however what I can do is talk you about why Social Media is important, and why you should be taking part – and hopefully this will be the catalyst for you to go off and find out a bit more about it I’m going to start off with an overview of what is social mediaThen I’m going to show you a few examples of different types of social media And I’m going to tell you why it’s important, and talk about what the future holds for social media Finally I’m going to tell you about a few things you can do and finish off with some dos and don’ts I’ve tried to stay true to the medium and I’ve used a few examples from social media sites
  • A quote here from one of the gurus on Social Media at Google!Read quote.
  • You’ll all be pleased to know that Social Media is not really like teen sex – I just said that to make sure that I had your attention!
  • The wikipedia definition – which in it’s self is social media, a site where the content is generated by the users But it all sounds like a load of nonsense to me!
  • Here is a much simpler way to describe Social Media – it’s people having conversations on-line – it’s just another form of communication!
  • As I have already mentioned - there are over 400 Social Networking Sites in existence - but I can’t tell you about them all, so I’m going to concentrate on a few of the most popular ones FACEBOOK – Starbucks – 20 million people who they can get their message out too – people love Starbucks so much they feel compelled to go on and write about their experiences – it is basically a forum for Starbucks to find out what there customers think about them and their products (good and bad) TWITTER – Only 1% of tweets get re-tweeted. So most people using twitter are talking to themselves!! DIGG – Users rate news stories with ‘Diggs’ (which is good) and ‘Burys’ (which are bad) – it’s an easy way to find good news stories (which are listed in categories) and share them with your network – I’m also going to show you this demo on the DiggiPhone – did anybody see the news this morning – smartphone users pick up their phones 18 times a day to use for something other than making a phone call – and I can also tell you that over half of all Facebook and Twitter updates are done via smartphones LINKED IN – I’m sure lots of you are on Linked In, but don’t really have a clue why, or how it can generate business for you – here is one simple way, use the answers page – find questions in your field that you can answer, and answer them! You’ll be useful to people and they may even buy your services – don’t forget to be SOCIAL though, don’t just try and sell! RSS – Get an RSS feed on your site – people sign up and your news gets fed to them without them having to visit your website. It’s also really useful for finding out what is going on in your industry. An opportunity for you to subscribe to 100 RSS feeds relevant to your industry, and get all the info in one place and not have to visit 100 websites STUMBLED UPON – Sites rated by users on how useful they are. I’ll let the promotional video explain – it does much more elequantlythen me YOUTUBE – Just for a bit of fun – again info rated by users through ‘likes’. Also gives users the opportunity to leave comments
  • This slide is fairly self explanatory – you need to care about Social Media because 3 in 4 people in the UK use it And it’s not just for young people – the fastest growing age group on Facebook is 40 to 50 year olds – at the moment approximately 75% of adults use it, soon it will be nearly everybody!
  • So this is a presentation I found on Slideshare (yet another form of social media) The person who put together this presentation is well respected in the industry (and knows a lot more about social media than I do) These are his thoughts on what the future holds for social media – generally when he says it is going to happen it does I’m just going to pick out a few of these slides which demonstrate the points I want you to know about – I’ll just skip some of the less interesting slides, I also skip the ones I don’t really understand!
  • So I hope that I have demonstrated to you, why you need to get involved in Social NetworkingBecause so many of your customers already doBecause if you think it is big now, then it’s going to be even biggerI hope that I have demonstrated how it can benefit your businessIt is an opportunity for you to find out more about your customers, and make better business decisions based on what your customers think and wantA forum for you to enter into conversations with existing and potential customersAn opportunity for you to be more informed about the industries you operate inHere are the things that you can start doing as of tomorrow:LISTEN – Via social mention and via RSS feeds – Sign up to Social Mention and tell it the key words that you want to know about and it will inform you every time those words are mentioned on a social network RESEARCH – Follow some companies and people on twitter – see if you find their content engaging – if you do, takes notes on what they do well – if you find it engaging then your customers will too JOIN IN – Facebook is a great place to start – first thing is to ‘like’ a few business pages, then maybe make a few posts – ask people to ‘like’ you – see if you can get some conversations started
  • INFLUENCIAL SOCIAL MEDIA – When Ford launched the new Ford Fiesta they didn’t spend one penny on traditional advertising, they invested all their money in Social Media – they found 100 of the most influential bloggers and social networking users and gave them all a car – all they asked for in return was they mentioned them on their blogs or Social Networking sites.This resulted in 700 videos of the new Ford Fiesta being posted on YouTube, which between them have had over 6 million ‘views’There were 3.4 million impressions about the new Ford Fiesta in twitterOn top of all this, and this is the really good part – it gave Ford the opportunity to find out what people really thought about the car – it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses – and because it was on Social Media and available for all to see and respond to it gave Ford the opportunity to answer and respond to any negative feedback.
  • Nobody likes the bore at the party who only talks about themselves, and does not ask any questions about other people. Don’t make this mistake on Social Media If you are going to be on Facebook or Twitter, or you are going to start a blog make sure you tell people where it is. They can’t engage with you if they don’t know where to find you! Don’t pretend to be something your not. Be honest about your product and services. If you tell lies you’ll get found out – and word gets around very quickly on Social Media
  • Make sure you are part of the conversation.I’ve done this presentation for free – all I ask is that you ‘like’ us on our Face Book Page (just type White Space Design into the search bar in Facebook) or Follow us on twitter (WSDIpswich).Thank you – any questions.
  • An Introduction to Social Media

    1. 1. EVERYBODY’S<br />TALKING ABOUT<br />SOCIAL MEDIA...<br />“And how can it help me?”<br />“But I don’t know what it is!”<br />
    2. 2.
    4. 4.
    5. 5.
    6. 6. iPhone<br />THERE ARE OVER 400 SOCIAL MEDIA SITES<br />
    8. 8. IT WORKS BECAUSE:<br /><ul><li>IT’S A CHANCE FOR CUSTOMERS TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR BRAND, BUT ON THEIR OWN TERMS</li></ul>“Why does Social Media work, and why does it even matter?”<br />IT MATTERS BECAUSE:<br /><ul><li>SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY, AND IT’S GOING TO BE EVEN BIGGER IN THE FUTURE!</li></ul>Why don’t I show you just how big – by using a form of social media: click here!<br />
    9. 9. 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TOMORROW<br />LISTEN - Find out what people are saying about you (I recommend ‘Social Mention’)<br />RESEARCH - Follow similar businesses on twitter – if you find it engaging then your customers will too<br />JOIN IN - Start up a business Facebook page, and ‘like’ some businesses – who does it well? Make some posts...<br />
    10. 10. 3 TOP TIPS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Remember that it is SOCIAL media – not sales media or aren’t we great media<br />Content is KING. If your content is engaging, fun and memorable then it will work for you<br />Try and get influential social media people or businesses to be your advocates – word of ‘twitter’/’facebook’<br />
    11. 11. 3 SOCIAL (MEDIA) FAUX-PAS<br />Talking too much, and too much about your self – don’t be the bore of the party!<br />Forgetting to tell where and when to find you. If you don’t tell them how can they engage with you?<br />Don’t try and be something your not – you’ll only get found out. And word spreads quickly these days...<br />
    12. 12. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE HEARD IF YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE CONVERSATION?<br />‘LIKE US’ on Facebook<br />White Space Design<br />‘FOLLOW US’ on twitter<br />@WSDIpswich<br />Just one final thought for you to consider<br />