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About MySQL sync_binlog


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About MySQL sync_binlog

  1. 1. sync_binlog & max_binlog_size Dehua Yang 2012-10-09
  2. 2. sync_binlog• Where is the difference between 0,1?• sync_binlog=0 – MySQL just write the binlog into OS buffer – not use fdatasync(), – in high concurrent pressure, this value would impact performance when OS flush buffer into disk• sync_binlog=1 • Every sync_binlog writes to the binary log, MySQL will call the fdatasync() to synchronizes its binary log to disk (autocommit =true) • A value of 1 is the safest choice , but if MySQL cash, we still lose one binlog event. • If have a raid battery-backed cache, which makes synchronization very fast
  3. 3. max_binlog_size• Default value is 100M• Sometimes we would see some binlog file excee the value of max_binlog_size• Because... – Your binlog format is RBR – You have big transcation , and MySQL woundn’t split one transcation into serveral binary logs.