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Oakley Social Media Campaign
Oakley Social Media Campaign
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Oakley Social Media Campaign


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Oakley Social Media Campaign

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  • Slide 1: Oakley

    Oakley is one of the most recognized brands in the eyewear industry today.
    They provide some of the most scientifically advanced sunglasses, prescription eyewear and goggles available on the market.
    Oakley offers more than just eyewear; they also market apparel, footwear, accessories and watches.

    Slide 2: Introduction Oakley

    At Oakley we pride ourselves as being an innovative sports and lifestyle brand.
    We look to ignite the imagination, by fusing art and science while providing industry leading eyewear for our consumers.
    Each pair of Oakley’s is created with the same design philosophy, Sculptural Physics, which is the discipline of solving problems with science and wrapping the solutions in art.
    Slide 3: Theme
    Focus: Oakley Lifestyle
    “How do you wear your Oakley?”
    We want to encourage our consumers to express their feelings about Oakley using various social networks.
    Our main focus is to increase our current consumer’s loyalty to the Oakley brand.
    We hope that social networks will inspire people to share their Oakley experiences with others who have not yet tried our brand.

    Slide 4: Goals

    Increase Loyalty among consumers
    Encourage people who have not tried Oakley to buy a pair
    Connect with our audience using Social Media
    Our Focus is to:
    • Increase Time on Site
    • Obtain repeat visits
    • Increase content acceptance rate
    • Gain followers, friends
    • Increase social mentions
    • Increase share of voice
    • Encourage recommendations and reviews
    • Increase feedback on customer service
    • Increase social connectivity among consumers

    Slide 5: Current Social Media Accounts

    • Facebook
    o Almost 200,000 likes
    o Over 2000 pictures posted by fans
    o 42 videos posted on page
    • Twitter
    o 26,700+ Followers
    Slide 6: Facebook/Twitter
    We will continue to utilize Facebook and Twitter to connect with our consumers and help them connect with each other.
    Our focus is to increase social mention of the brand, gain followers and fans, while building a larger online community.

    Slide 7: Online Marketing

    • AdWords
    o Example AdWords include:
     Oakley
     Sunglasses
     Polarized
     Accessories
     Apparel
     Iridium
    • Goggles
    • Watches
    • Blogging
    o Designer Blog – where our designers talk about new products, ideas, and chat with our consumers.
    o New at Oakley Blog – Updates, events, new products, promotions.
    • SEO’s
    o Google
    o Yahoo
    o Bing

    Slide 8: YouTube

    • Our goal with YouTube is to encourage our consumers to share how they use Oakley products.
    • “How do you wear your Oakley’s?”
    o Increase social connectivity
    o Increase recommendation and reviews
    o Increase social mentions
    o Show non-Oakley wearers what they are missing out on

    Slide 9: Evaluation

    • Google Analytics
    We will evaluate our impact on consumers through Google Analytics. This amazing tool allows us to organize data easily.
    This program collects a variety of information to help us analyze where our site traffic is coming from and helping us track how efficient our keywords are.
    We will also be tracking comments and impressions on Social Mention. This program also allows us to distinguish between positive and negative comments and keeps track of keyword efficiency

    Slide 10: Budget

    • Google AdWords – 20%
    • Facebook – 20%
    • Twitter – 15%
    • YouTube – 15%
    • Social Media Team – 20%
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Oakley Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. By: Mel Marcelo
  2. 2. Share of Voice L Social Connectivity O Recommend & Review Y Social Mentions A L Oakley T Lifestyle Y
  3. 3. 26,700 Followers 28,000 Following
  4. 4. I I N Social Mention N C Followers C R R E Fans E A Social Connectivity A S Online Community S E E
  5. 5. AdWords •Oakley •Accessories •Sunglasses •Apparel •Polarized •Iridium Blogging SEO’s •Google •Designer Blog •Yahoo •New at Oakley •Bing
  6. 6. How You Wear Your OAKLEY Upload Share Comment
  7. 7. •Track Comments •Organize Data •Post Frequency •Top Referring Sites •Keyword Efficiency •AdWord Efficiency •Evaluate Impressions •Traffic Analysis
  8. 8. Social Media Team 20% Twitter 15% YouTube 15% Facebook 20% AdWords 20%