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My poem called harry the cat


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My poem called harry the cat

  1. 1. My poem called Harry the catBy Middle Miss
  2. 2. Harry The CatHarry is 1 years old, quite big,Always hungry, loves to be stroked,Always sleeping , I will always love him,Jumps off the shed roof,Never stays in the same place for long,
  3. 3. Harry The Cat I don’t like you I love you so at all! much!Fights with the ginger cat,Love the ginger and black cat,He loves his delicate sis Pippa,Never ever stays to hang around,Always always runs about,Jumps into the road to see the cars,
  4. 4. Harry The CatAlways has to see the stars,Never stays apart from his sweetheart,Always fights with the ginger one,Loves my family all the time,Sometimes my sister crosses the lineBy middle miss