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Digging OpenStack


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Digging OpenStack

  1. 1. Digging OpenStack @kiddtm
  2. 2. Live Migration for compute node maintenance (true) Live Migration Block Live Migration Migrate Evacuate(for compute node failure)
  3. 3. Usages (True) Live Migration nova live-migration <instance> <compute node> Block Migration nova live-migration --block_migration <instance> <compute node> migrate nova migrate <instance> evacuation nova evacuate <instance> <compute node> nova evacuate <instance> <compute node> --on-shared-storage
  4. 4. Live migration Requirements pros cons (True) Live Migration Shared Storage fast shared storage Block Migration N/A no shared storage local I/O slower failure sometimes Migrate N/A . scheduler vm rebooted Evacuation ssh public key for nova@ . settings only only boot from volume Shared Storage customization on nova boot
  5. 5. de facto standard for OpenStack storage by community(^^) for Live migration Ceph
  6. 6. ceph rising star: dream host... kvm, qemu integration inktank, ubuntu, suse cinder, glance, nova(havana) integration self-healing, self-managing… almost zero maintenance gluster glance, cinder will be next release nova for glusterfs gluster 3.4 released at 7.15 … including virtual block storage, OpenStack integration and a lot more… no documentation and ubuntu repo has 3.2 ^^ . vs GlusterFS
  7. 7. feasible solutions (True) Live Migration ceph for cinder, glance glusterfs for instance storage Block Migration(*) ceph for cinder, glance local nova instances storage in havana we go to true live migration all ceph nova integration patch in review(targeted h2)
  8. 8. simple!! performance testing SPEC Network 1G, no SSD single HDD 1 MON, 3 OSD vm disk write performance local disk: 250MB/sec ceph volume: 100~120MB/sec with bonding: 120~150MB/sec
  9. 9. availability zone vs host aggregation in grizzly zone was deprecated node_availability_zone → default_availability_zone only effect to nova-api in grizzly host aggregation is zone
  10. 10. #