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Student Body Presidents Debt Ceiling Letter


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Student Body Presidents Debt Ceiling Letter

  1. 1. July 20, 2011President Barack ObamaThe White House1600 Pennsylvania AvenueWashington, DC 20500Dear President Obama, Leader Reid, Leader McConnell, Speaker Boehner, and Leader Pelosi:On behalf of over 1.9 million students on more than 120 college campuses across 40 states, wewrite to express our deep concern about the ramifications of failing to reach a bipartisan deal toraise the debt limit.This is not about politics. Our country and our future are in serious trouble, and the clock isticking.Without an immediate increase in the debt ceiling and a long-term reduction of budget deficits,our weak economy will suffer even more. That means higher interest rates, fewer jobs and moredebt. And trust us, we already have too few jobs and too much debt.We urge you to work together to find a solution to this problem in an aggressive yet balancedway. We support the framework laid out by the bipartisan fiscal commission and the efforts of thebipartisan group of leaders in the Senate as a realistic basis from which to work. Shared sacrificeand common purpose must underpin whatever compromise is reached.As our study of history tells us, big things get done when leaders of both parties do them together– from establishing social security to reforming welfare. We now call on you to find the commonground necessary to put our fiscal house in order.While you may disagree over which party shoulders more blame for our current situation, onething is certain – young people will shoulder the consequences of gridlock during a time thatrequires bold action.Your decisions will determine what kind of country we will inherit. So please hear us clearly: It istime to put the politics aside. It is time to put the parties aside. It is time to put the pledges aside.Now is the time to do what is right for the country. As fiscal commission co-chairs ErskineBowles and Alan Simpson have said – now, right now, is the moment of the truth.We not only face a potential crisis of credit, but also one of confidence in government. Yourresponsibilities as the President and members of Congress must come before your politicalparties’ interest. In your negotiations, think about the next generation – not just the next election.This is about our future, our education, our jobs, our families, our dreams, our country. But allwe can do about it right now is to rely on your leadership. We ask you to find the courage to lead.It is why you are there.Sincerely,Student Body Presidents of:
  2. 2. Alaska Pacific University Mississippi State The University of Texas atAmerican University University El PasoAmherst College Mississippi University for Tulane UniversityBacone college Women UC BerkeleyButler University Missouri University of UCLACal Poly Pomona Science and Technology UCLACalifornia Institute of Murray State University University of ArizonaTechnology NC School of Science and University of CaliforniaCalifornia Polytechnic Mathematics University of CaliforniaUniversity- San Luis New College of Florida BerkeleyObispo North Carolina Wesleyan University of CentralCastleton State College College FloridaColgate University Northeastern University University of CentralColorado College Northern Illinois FloridaColumbia University University University of ChicagoConnecticut College Northern Michigan University of Colorado atConnecticut College University BoulderCornell University Oakwood University University of FloridaCuyahoga Community Oakwood University University of IdahoCollege Oglethorpe University University of IowaDartmouth College Oklahoma State University University of KansasDelta State University Oklahoma State University of MarylandDrake University University-Tulsa University of MiamiDuke University Penn State University of MinnesotaEast Carolina University Purdue University University of MississippiEmory University Quinnipiac University University of MissouriFairleigh Dickinson Rensselaer Polytechnic University of Missouri- St.University Institute LouisFlorida A & M University Saint Ambrose University University of MontanaFlorida Gulf Coast Saint Anselm College University of NebraskaUniversity San Diego State LincolnFlorida International University University of Nebraska-University Southern Oregon OmahaFlorida State University universityy University of Nevada-Fordham University Stanford University RenoFort Hays State University Swarthmore College University of NorthGeorgetown University The College of William & FloridaGettysburg College Mary University of OklahomaGonzaga University The Colorado College University of OregonHobart and William Smith The George Washington University of SouthColleges University CarolinaIndiana University The Pennsylvania State University of SouthIndiana University-Purdue University CarolinaUniversity The University of University of SouthJames Madison University Alabama FloridaJohnson State College The University of Georgia University of VirginiaLousiana State University The University of South University of WashingtonLyndon State College Dakota University of WashingtonMinnesota State The University of South University of West FloridaUniversity Florida System University of Wisconsin- Green Bay
  3. 3. University of Wisconsin- Wesleyan University Westminster CollegeMadison West Virginia University Xavier University ofVassar College Western Illinois University LouisianaWake Forest University Westminster College