RCEC Email 8.14.03


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Reconstructing Climatic and Environmental Changes"
Email 8.14.03

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RCEC Email 8.14.03

  1. 1. areS ~~~~Page 1of 24 <BASE HREF="http: //www.techcentralstation.com/1051/envirowrapper.jsp?PID=105l-4 50&CID=1051-030403E'> <!-- main site poii code -- > <html> <head> <base href="http: //www.techcentralstation.com/1051/"'> <title>TCS: Enviro-Sci - Defense of the Draft</title> <META NAME=1robots" CONTENT="allll> <META NAIAE="title" CONTENT="TCS - Tech Central Station'> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Where Free Markets Meet Technology. Hosted b y James K. Glassman"> <META NAI4E="keywords" CONTENT="1free market, flames gl'assman, technology, defense enviroment, science, CAFE, global warming, broadband, telecom, tauzin-dingell HR 1542, energy, Ken Adelman, Sallie Baliunas, missle defense, president bush government policy, politics, news, commentary, think tank, online magazine, d iscussion, internet access, issues, anti-trust, regulation, investing, stock ma rket, newsletter, jim glassman"> <META NAME="category" CONTENT="News & Mdia"> <META NAME="author" CCNTENT="Tech Centra1 Station"> <META NAME="reply-to" CONTENT=Iinfo~techcentralstation.com"> <META NAME="copyright" CONTENT="Tech Central Station L.L.C. - 2002"> <META NAME="rating" CONTENT="General "> <script language="1JavaScript"> <I-- function MM-preloadlmages()o //v3.0 var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MMp) d.MMtp=new Arrayo; var i,j=d.MM~p.length,a=MMtpreloadlmages.argurnents; for(i=0; i<a.length; i+ if (a~i).index~f("#")!=0){ d.dMMp[jj=new Image; ,d.Mb~p[j±+].src~a~il;}} function MMD swapImgRestore()o //v3.0 var i,x,a=document.MM sr; for(i=0;a&&i<a.length&&(x=a~i])&&x.oSrcgt++) x.src= x. oSrc; function NMM-findObj(n, d) { //v4.Q var P,ilx; if(!d) d=documnent; if((p n.index~f("?"~)>0&&parent.frames.length) d=parent.frames [n.substring(p+l)]. ocument; n=n.substring(0,p) :1 if(! (x=d[n])&&d.all) x=d.all[n]; for (i=0; Ix&&i<d.!forms.1ength;i++) x=d.fonns [ii En]; for(i=0; !x&&d.layers&&i~d.layers.length;i±±) x=MM-findObj (n,d.layers~il .docum ent); if(lx && document.getElementBytd) x=document.getElementByld(n); return x; function MM-swaplmageo) //v3.0 file://D:SEARCH_7_9_03_CEQ012&fddjee0 ?3seqOO00l.txt 8/14/2003
  2. 2. Page 2 of 24 var i,j=0,x,a=MM-Svaplmage.arguments; document.MM sr=new Array; for(i=0;i<(a. length-2) ;i-i=3) if ((x=MM_findobj(a(i]))!=null){docunent.MN sr[j++1=x; if(lx.oSrc) x.oSrc=x. src; x.src=a[i+21;) function MM~goToURL() //v3.0 var i, args=MM-goToURL.arguments; dociment.MM_returnValue = false; for (1=0; i<(args.length-l); i+=2) ev il(args[i]+".location"4-Iargs[i+l]+"'",) function MM-OpensrWindow(theURL,wifNamfe features) { ,/v2.0 window.open(theURL,winName, features); function doSaveAsC){ if (document.execCommand)( document.execComrnand( 'SaveAs' ,false, '.. tml');1 lelse( alert('Feature available only in Intern t Exlorer 4.0 and later.'); function doBookmark() if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && (parselnt (navigator .appVersion) >= 4)) { window.external.AddFavorite( document.l cation.href, document.title); )else( if (navigator. appNamne == "Netscape"l) alert('Feature available only in Internet Exlorer. To bookmark this page in Ne tscape press CTRL±D'); </script> <style type="text/css"> .nounderline {text-decoration: none; A:hover [text-decoration: underline; color: #ff8600;)I input { font-family: Geneva, Anial, Helvetica, san-serif; font-size: 10px; lin e-height: 10px; font-weight: lighter)I select ( font-size: 10px; line-height: l0px; font-family: Geneva, Anial, Helve tica, san-serif) <I/style> </head> <body topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight0O link=#003366 alink= *ff8600 vlink=#003366 bgcolor=white on oad="MM-preloadImages('imfages/icon main. gif', 'images/icon~tech.gif', 'images/iccn-defense.gif', 'images/icon~_enviro.gif', limages/icon-health.gif', 'images/iconjinvesting.gif','images/icon energy.gif')" <table cellpadding0O cellspacing=0 width=780> <tr height=82>'ctd width=184>cimg src=i ages/logo_enviro.jpg width=184 heightS82 border="0"1></td><td width=596 backgroind=irmages/banner back.gif valign=top><im g src=images/spacer.gif height=l width=596><br> file:/D:SEARCH 79..93-CEQ012_fLddjee0 )3seqjJO0l.txt 8/14/2003
  3. 3. Page 3 of 24 <table cellpaddingQO celispacinc=0 width=596 border=Q> <tr><td width=450 valign=top> <table cellpadding0O ce lspacing=O widthz45Q border=0> <tr height=l8><td colsp n-"12"1><iiflg src=images/spacer.gif height=18> <tr height=5><td coispan="l2"><I-- <a href="javascript:;" onMouseOut ImgRestoreo" o i~ouseOver="MM swap~mage 'home_rollout', ', 'images/home-rollout. 0 gif'.1)"I onClick="MIf~goToURL( parent', ' ndex.jsp' );return document.MMtreturnVal ue"><img src=images/back home.gif Leight=5 border="0'></a><img src=images/space r.gif width=l09 height=5 name="home-rol -out"> --></td></tr> <tr height=l5><td colspan-"I12"><img src=images/spacer.git height =15></td></tr> <tr height=5><I-- <td><.mg src=images/spacer.gif widthl10 height 3 =5></td> -- > <td><a href="~javascript ;"I on~ouseOut="IM4_swapImgRestoreoC" onMouseO 'parent' waplmage( 'main~roll,',I', 'images/icon ma~n.gif' .1)" onClick="M~goToURL( ,index.jsp' );return documnent.MM return alue"><img src=images/back homeamain.gi f border="O0"></a></td> <td><img src=images/spa er.gif width_2l height=5></td> <td><a href="javascript:;" onos~t"Msa~getro onM ouseOver="MM swaplmageC 'tech-roll', '', 'images/icon~_ech.gif' ,l)'" onClick="IMTgo ToURLC 'parent', 'tech.jsp') ;return document .MM1returnyalue"><img src=images/nav_ back tech.gi-f border="0"`></a></td> <td><img src=images/spacer.gif width=2l height=5></td> <td><a href="~javascript:;" or~us t"M waC)esoe" onM ouseOver="MM-swaplmage( 'defense-roll', '', 'imagesiicon defense.gif' ,l)" onClick= rtunau"<m src=im "MlLtgoToURL( 'parent', 'defense. jsp' );return douetm ages/nay back-defense.gif border="0"></a></td> <td><img src=images/spacer.gif width=21 height=5></td> <td><a href="1javascript:;"I on1ouse~ut="ND~swapTITgRestoreo" onM onClick='M ouseOver="MM swaplmageC 'enviro~roll', ''I 'images/icon-enviro.git' ,l)" I~goToURLC'parent', 'enviro-sci.jsp');return documnent.MMreturnValue"><img src=i mages/nav back_enviro~on.gif border="10" width&'71" height=h'5"></a></td> <td><img src=irnages/spacer.gif widttj=21 height=5></td> <i-- <td><a href="javascript:;" onm4ouseOut="NMM swap~mgRestoreo" ,1)" onClic on14ouse~ver="MD~-swap~lmage( 'health-roil', '', 'images/icon health.gif' src= k="TlmgoToURL( 'parent', 'health.html'); eturn document.104_returnValue"><img images/nay back_health.gif border="0"'></a></td> <td><img src=images/specer.gif width=2l height=5></td> <td><a href="~javascript:;" onMouseOut="MI~swapImgRestoreo"I onM ,l)" onCl ouseOver="M1~swaplmage( 'investing~roll', '', 'images/icon investing.git' ick="M-tgoToURL( 'parent', 'investing.ht 1l') ;return document *MI~returnValue"><img src=images/nav-back_investing.gif border="0O"></a></td> _<td><img src=images/SPZ cer.gif width=21 height=5></td> <td><a href="javascript.;"I 0 fn1ouseOut="M~-swaplmgRestoreol" onM onClick="1M ouse~rver="M1~-swap~mage(C'energy roll', ' ,'images/icon-energy.gif' ,1)" M~goTotJRLC 'parent', 'energy.html' );retu .n document .141returnValue`><img src=imag es/nav back energy.gif border="0"I></a></td>--> </ tr> <tr height=22> <td align=center><img rc=images/spacer.gJif width="23" height=" 20" name="1main roll"></td> <td><img src=images/sp cer.gif width=2l height=5></td> <td align=center><img 3rc=images/spacer.gif width="13" height=" 22" name="tech roll"></td> <td><img src=images/spicer.gif width=2l height=5></td> <td align=center><img src=images/spacer.gif width="23" height=" 22", name="~defense_ro~ll"></td> <td><img src=images/spacer.gif width=21 height=5></td> file://D:SEARCHJ7903_CEQ012_fflddjee~ O3seqSO~00l.txt 8/14/2003
  4. 4. Page 4 of 24 <td align=center><img sic=images/spacer.gif width=`14" height=" 2211 narne="enviro-roll"1></td> <td><img src=images/spa er.gif width-l9O height=5></td> <!-- <td align=center><i ~gsrc=images/spacer.gif width="118"1 heig ht="122"1 name="1health roll"></td>I <td><img src=images/spacer.gif width-21 height=5></td> <td align=center><imfg src=images/spac~er.gif width="123' height=" 22' name=hhirvesting-roll"1></td> <td><img src~images/spacer.gif width=21 height=5></td> <td align=center><img s: c=images/spacer.gif width="117" height=" 22" name="1erergy-roll"1></td> -- > ~ </tr> </table> </td><td width=146 align=right> <table cellpadding=O ce-lspacing=4 border=O> <form name='Search" Act* on="1search.jisp" Method="1get"> <tr> <td> <input type="hidden I name="appid" value="1051"> <input type="text" name="searchstr" style="width:98;height:20;font-size~l 1;" value="Search" onClick="this.value=' I">&nbsp;<input type="image" src="image s/arrow.gif"l width=1O height=lO> </ form> <script src="1helper/Ja Script/menu.j5s`></script> <form name="all-sections" action=-.' method=`POST`> <tr> <td> <select name="stor "l onChange="1MM jumpMeflu('paren~t',thisO) <option selected>TCS Sections</optiofl> ~<option value=tech. jsp>Tech</optiofl> 05310 <option value=techwrapper.jsp?PTD=1O5l-250&CTD=1051- 2B>- Friday Fodder</option> 5 <option value=techwrapper.jsp?PTDlO05l-250&CIDl0 11 2 03 0 ID>- Today's Diary</option> 2250 <option value=techwrapper. jspPTD-.lO51-250&CID=1051O0 3E>- Superior Tnvesting</optiofl> 51 21 <option value=te !hwrapper.jsp?PID=1051-250&CTD~1O O0 80 3A>- Big Shot</optiofl> 3 <option value=te :hwrapper. jsp?PID=1051-250&CIDl05l-0l lQ 3C>- Road Warrior</optiofl> 12 5 <option value=te :hwrapper.jsp?PID=1051-250&CID=1O51- 0 0 2B>- Cyberlaw Maven</option> 1 22 <option value=te hwrapper. jsp?PTD=1051-250&CTD=1O5 O0 7O 3A>- Valley View</option> fjle:/HDSEARCH 7-903CEQO12jf-djee 03sceq_0001.txt 8/14/2003
  5. 5. Page 5 of 24 23 0 <option value=tec ~wrapper.jsp?PID=1051-250&CIDl05 ll1 l 2D>- Data Dump</option> 2 <option value=tec ~wrapper. jsp?PID=1051-250&CID=105l-l lOO 2E>- Point/Counterpoint</optiofl> 5 2 6 <option value=tec lwrapper.jsp?PTD=1OS1-250&CIDl0 ll1l O 2E>- Digital Creenbook</optiofl> <option value=def nse. jsp>Defense</optiofl> 5 2 <option value=def nsewrapper.jsp?PTD=1O5l-350&.CTDl0 1O 0403A>- Pinkerton Space</option> <option value=def nsewrapper. jsp?PID=1051-350&CTD=1O51-1l 150iB>- Big Shot</optiofl> 5 <option value=def nsewrapper.jsp?PID=1Q51135O&CIDl0 lll 0501A>- E-Ri~ng</optiofl> <option value=def nsewrapper. jsp?PID=lO51-350&CID=1051i020802B Fodder</option> 5 <option value=def ansewrapper.jsp?PID=1051i350&CIDl0 lll1 1902E>- Point/Counterpoiflt</option> 5 <option value=defansewrapper.jsp?PID=1051N350&CIDl0 lll 1102B>- Data Dump</option> <option value=erl ro-sci jsp>Enviro-ScJi</optiofl> <option value=envirowrapper. jsp?PID~l051-450&CID=105llll 401A>- C0P7</option> <option value=envirowrapper.js'p?PID=1051i450&CID=1051>llO 801A>- Kyoto</option> <option value=envirowrapper. jsp?PTD=l051-450&CID=1051-021 102D>- Pinkerton Space</option> </select> </td> </tr> </f orma> </table> 8 <tr heightl15><td colspan=2 bgcolor=#1C55 6 align=right><foflt face="Geneva, rial, Helvetica, san-serif" size=h1" c lor="white">$SCRIPT SRC='lhelper/JavaScri pt/date~time .j> </SCRIPT></font><img src=images/spacer gif width=8>1c/td></tr> <tr height=l><td colspan=2><imj src=images/spacer.gif height=l></td></tr> </table> </td></tr> fjle://D:SEARCH§79-03CEQ012-fjddjee O3sceq9000l.txt 8/14/2003
  6. 6. Page 6 of 24 <ctr height=l><td colspan=2 bgcolor=#CCD)E5><irng src=images/spacer.gif height=l> </td></tr> 'c/table> <script language="JavaScript"> function 14M openBrWindowStay(theForm, thaTJRL,wmnName, features) C //v2 .0 if( theForm.Password.value 1 theURL = theURL+"?Password="+theForm.Passwor d.value; if( theForm.Email.value !=- theURL = theTJRL+"&Email='-itheForm.Eifail .value; if( theForm.actionreq.value !-"' _ theURL = theURL+"&actionreq="+theporxn.actionreqtvalue; else if( theForm.Email.value theURL = theURL±'?Email="+theFcrm.Email.value; if( therorrn.actionreq.value !=" theURL = theURL+"&acticne= heo.cinrqvle else if( theporm.actionreq.value )i theURL = theURL±'?actionreq=+theForm.actioflreq.value; window.open(theURL,wiflName, features); return false; function MM openBrWindowStayNoPassword(thefForml:theURL,winName, features) C//v2. 0 if( theForm.Email.value I theURL = theURL-I-?Email="+theFcrm.Email.valfle; if( therorm.actionreq.value 1= theURL = theURmi-"&acticnreq="+theForm .actionreq.value; else if( theForm.actionreq.value theUJRL =theURL+" ?actionreq="+ herorm.actionreq.value; window.open (theURL,winName, features) return false; funtione MMoenint=70 bclr"CC//v2C. odowstayO" armspa(thg=orm thelRpading=efetues weindwoen(he=, i"ae1faurs returnale <ctr> <I/table> file://D:SEARCHj7-9.03CEQ012-fddjee O3sceqOO0l.txt 8/14/2003
  7. 7. Page 7 of 24 <table width="780", border="O" celispaci g="0" cellpaddirig"0"> <tr valign="1top"> <td width=" 157"> <table width="100%" border=`0"1 ce lspacing="0" cellpadding="0" height=250 <tr> <td background='images/hosb Nroundenviroigif" align="right"I> <table width="135" border="( celispacing="Q"1 cellpadding="10"> <tr> <td height"1I8"></td> <tr> <td> <div align="right"> <a href=indexwr pper.jSP?PID-1051-155&CID=1051-BIOBATIUNASSA <1mg src="images/biob iiunassallie.gif" width=",108", height="1l 39"1 border="O"1> </a> <I div> <tr> <td height"I6"I></td> <I tr> <tr> 0 0 0 0 " hight="2"'></td> <td bgcolor="#00 <tr> <td height="6`></td> <tr> <td> <div align="right"> <table width="108"1 border="O0" dellspacing="O" cellpadding= "12"> <tr> <td bgcolor="I#(03366"I> <div align="center"'><foflt face="Verdana, Arial, Helve tica, sans-serif" size="l1" colar="#FFFIFF">Sallie Baliunas</foflt></div> <I td> <tr> <td bgcolor="# 36699"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helve tica, sans-serif" size="l1" calor="*#FFFTFF"I>Brviro-Sci Host, TCS</foflt></td> <I tr> <tr> <td><BR><a href= "mailto: sbaliunas~techcefltralstatiofl file://D:SEARCHJ7 9-03 CEQOlttLddjee 03•ceqOO01 .txt 8/14/2003
  8. 8. Page 8 of 24 statiofl.com?subject=Defeflse of the Draft"> width="124"1 height"115"1 border="O" <1mg src=hhimages/article-email_ ~uthor.gif" /a> size="l"1><a class=noiinder <font face="Verdafla, Arial, Hel etica, sans-serif" staftf~techcefltrlstatiofl.com? ne href="mailto:sbaliuflas~techcentralst tion.com, subject=Defeflse of the Draft'>Email Aut or<ia></font></td> </ table> </diy> </table> <td bgcolor="#OOOOQ0O" width="l'></td> </table> <br> <br> cellpadding="O"> <table width="157'1 border="O' cellspacing'O" <tr> <td><a href='index.jsp"><img src="images/archive_newest~articles.gif" width""157"1 height=1lO" border"IO"I></a></td> </table> cellpadding='O"> <table width="157" border="O" cellspacing="O'l <tr> <td valign=top width=9 bgcolcr=*E5F3FF><!td> <td valign=top widthl145 bgc lor=*E5F3FF height="8"> width=lOO%> <table cellpadding=O cellslacing=O border=O <tr> <td valign~top height= 6"-></td> <td valignvtop></td> <tr><td valign=top wid h=15><img src=images/bullet-link.gi-f></td> class=nouflderlifle <td valign=top><foflt face=verdana,arial size=l><a 3 5 )3A>Internet Tax Revolt</a></foflt></td> wrapper.jsp?PID=1051-250&CID=05lO0 0 height~6></td><!tr> <tr><td colspan=2><itng src=imagesispacer.gif <tr><td valign~top width=15><img sr~mgsbletln~i>/d class=nounderlifle <td valign~top><foflt t ce=verdana,arial size=1><a </a></forit></td> rowrapper.j~sp?PID=10 51- 4 5 0&CID=105lo30503B>Truckin <I tr> 2 <tr><td colspan= ><imf src~images/spacer.gif height=6></td></tr> classflouflderlifle <td valign~top><foflt face=verdafla,arial size~l><a 3 Utility</a></foflt></td> wrapper.jsp?PID=1051-250&CID1051O0 O O3D>jrncertaifl </tr> height=6></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=2><in' src=imageslspacer.gif </ table> <td valign~top width=8 bgco or=#E5F3FF></td> 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH_7_9_O3-CEQOl2iLdije 0O3sceqSO0l.txt
  9. 9. Page 9 of 24 width=1></td> <td width~l bgcolor=#DlE2F2>< mg src=images/spacer.gif width=l></td> <td width=l bgcolor=#002C5B>< mg src=images/spacer.gif <td></td> </table> <table width="l57"1 barder="O"l cel spacing=O10 cellpadding=O`> <tr> height=" <td><img src=" images/archive- -eaure~bottom.gif" width=157fl </table> <table width=l157" height=16" boraer="O" cellspacing'"O' cellpadding="Q1> <tr> <td></td> </table> <table widthul157" border='O" cellspacing="O" cellpaddinghO"> <tr> src='iifa <td><a href="author-search.jspBodBOAIUASLI"<m ges/archive_articles__by_author.gif" width="l157"1 height="lO'1 border="IO"></a></td <I/table> <table width="157"1 border='O"1 cellspacirlg="O cellpadding'"01> <tr> <td valign~top width=9 bgcolcr=#ESF3FF></td> <td valign~top width=l45 bgcclar=#E5F3FF height="8> <table cellpadding=O cellslacing=O border=O width=1OO%> <tr> <td valign=top height=' 6 ><Itd> <td valign~top></td> <tr> <td valign=top width 15><img src=jmages/bulletjlink.gif></td> <ta valign=top><font face=verdana,arial size=l> <a class~nouflderline href=envirowrapper. jsp?PTD=1051-450&CID rryirig about El Nia</a></foflt></td> </tr><tr><td coispan=2><img src=images/spacer.gif height=6></td></ <tr> <td valign~top width 15><img src=irnages/bullet-link.gif></td> <td valign=top><foflt faca~verdana,arial size=1> 1 4 5 0&CID <a class=noundarline href=envircwrapper.jsp?PID=105 niversary Thoughts</a><!foflt></td> </tr><tr><td colspan=2><img src~images/spacer.gif height=6></td></ <tr> <td valign~top width=15><img src=jmages/bullet9link.gif></td> <td valign=top><foflt face=verdana,arial size=l> 1 4 5 &CID <a class=nounderline href=envirowrapper.jsp?PTD=1O5 - drogen Hopes</a></ font></td> </tr><tr><td colspar=2><img src=images/spacer.gif height=6></td></ 8/ 14/2003 file://D:SEARCH_7_9_O3XCEQOl2if-djee 03-ceqjJ001.txt
  10. 10. Page 10 of 24 </table> <td valigni~top width=8 bgcoloi=*E5F3FF></td> width'Jl></td> <td width~l bgcolor=#DlE2F2><img src~images/spacer.gif width=1></td> <td width=l bgcolor=#OO2C5B>< mg src=images/spacer.gif <td></td> </ table> cellpadding="O"1> <table width"'157"1 bcrder="Q'1 cel spacing="O" <tr> width=157" height=" <td><img src=' images/archive- eaturebottom.gif" </ table> cellpadding=O"1> <table width="157', height=",6" borier="O'" cellspacirng""01 <tr> <td></td> </tr> </table> cellpaddi-ng="O"> <table width="l57", border=`0O' cellspacirlg=Of <tr> Warming"><img src <td><a href=rsearch.isp?appi =1051&searchstr=Global 7 1'height=slO" border=IO"></a> ="images/archive-articlesby-igsue.gi~f' width"115 <I td> </ table> celadn=01 <table width=l157" border='O" cellspacing="O" <tr> <td valign=top width=9 bgcol r=*E5F3FF></td> <td valign~top width=l45 bgc lor=*E5F3FF height=`'8"> width=1OO%> <table cellpadding=O cellslacing=O border=O <tr> <td valign~top height=6"></td> <td valign~top></td> <tr> <td valignitop width=l5><img src=images/bullet_link.gif></td> <td valign~top><foflt faca=verdana,arial size=l> <a class=noufl rline href=envirowrapper. jsp?PID=1OSN45O&CID rrying about El Nio</a></foflt></td> height'=6></td></ </tr><tr><td colspan=2><img src=jrmages/spacer.gif <tr> <td valign~top><foflt face=verdaria,arial size=l> 4 5 0 &CID <a class=noufl erline hrefrenvirowrapper.Jsp?PID=1051> obal Warming Trends</a></foflt></td> height=6></td></ </tr><tr><td colspar =2><img src=imnagesispacer.gif 03•ceqSOO 1.txt 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH_7_9_03XCEQOl2_Addj~ee
  11. 11. Page 11 of 24 <td valign=top width=15><ixng src=images/bulletjlink.gif></td> <td valign=top><foflt faCE=verdana,arial size=l> <a class~nound rline href=envirowrapper. jsp?PTD=lO5l-450&CTD eat Alaska Shootout TI</a></font></td> </tr><tr><td coispan.=2><img src=images/spacer.gif height=6></td></ </ table> <td valign=top width=8 bgcolcr=#E5F3FF></td> <td width=l bgcolor=#DlB2F2> 1mg src=images/spacer.gif width=l></td> <td width=l bgcolor=#002C5B> 1mg src=images/spacer.gif width=l></td> <td></td> <I/table> <table width='157"1 border=hOl ce lspacing="O" cellpadding="O"> <tr> <td><img src="images/archive-_feature bottom.gif" width="1157" height=" </table> <br> <br> <br><br> <t d> <table width="lOO0%' border="O" cel spacing="O" cellpadding"2"1> <tr> <td bgcolor=ll*005000lI><foflt color=*#FFFFFFU face="Verdana, Anial, Helve tica, sans-serif"- size=`l><b><a class nounderline href='index.jsp'><foflt color =white>TCS</font></a> > <a class=nound nline href=rerviro-scJi.jsp'><foflt colon= Warming white>ENVIRO SCT</font></a> > <script>var sub = til; var issue = "Global hre 1;if (sub == null 11sub.length == 0) { document.write("<a class=nounderlirie frtsearch~jsp?appid=1051&searchstr='+issue.replace ('l"'", 4+" ><font colon~white >tt+issue~toilpperCaseo)+h</font></a>") ;}else{ document.write("I<a class=nounderli ne href=' search.jsp?appid=1051&searchstr="+sub.replace ("'", Irt) 4 rr ><font color=w hite>"+sub.toT~pperCaseo+"</foflt></a> > <a class=nounderline href='search.jsp?a ppid=1051&searchstr="+issue.replace ("I, +'><font color=white>"I+issue.toUppe fl" </table> <!--- Main Story >--- <table width="100%" border="10" cellspacing=Ol cellpadding="O bgcolor="# CCCCCC' height=ln1> <tr> <td></td> </table> <table width='lO00%"1 border="O" (ellspacing="0"' cellpadding="0"1> <tr> <td width=" lOI></td> <td valign=Itop"><br> file://D:SEARCH_7_9_O3XCEQOl2if djee 03 ceq0001I.txt 8/14/2003
  12. 12. Page 12 of24 <b><font face="Arial, Helve ica, sans-serif" size="`5">Defense of th e Draft</font></b> <table width="l00%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width=99% bgcolor=" 003366" height="l"></td> <td width=l% bgcolor=#003366 align=right height-"1"`></td> <tr> <td width=99%><font face=verdana,arial size=l>By Sallie Baliuna s and Willie Soon</font></td> <td width=15% bgcolor=*003366 align=right>'cfont face=verdana,ar ial size=1 color=white> 03/04/2003 </font></td> <I/table> <table width="l00%", border="0" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="15"> <tr> <td> </td><td align="right" width="212"'> <table width="1212" border="10" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"1> <tr valign="middle"> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="~l"><a href="javas cript.;"' onClick="window.openfl(etaf-article.jsp?CID=1051-030403E&SECTION=flviro -Sci', 'ernailarticle' , Iscrollbars=yes,width=280,height=400'); "><img src="1images/ article_menubar_email.gif" width="12" height="10" border=`0"></a> <a style="color:#000000;text-decoration:none;" href="1javascript:;"I onClick="window.open( letaf article jspCID=1051-030403E&SECTION=Enviro-Sci', 'em ailarticle' ,'scrollbars=yes,width=280, eight=400'); ">E-Mail</a></foflt></td> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="l"1> <a href="1java script :doBookmark() "><ixng src="images/article menubar bookmark.gif" width="15" heightz`10" border=`0"I></a> <a style="color:#000000;te t-decoration:none;" href="javascript:doB oockiarkoU">Bookmark</a></font></td> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="~l"><a href="1javas 3 0 4 3 E', 'printfriendly', 's cript:;" onClick="window.open('printer.jsp?CID=105l-O O 4 00 crollbars=yes,width=555,height= ');U' <img src="images/article_rnenubar~print.g if" width="11" height="10" borderr"O"> Ia> <a style="color:#000000;te t-decoration:none;" href="javascript:;" onClick=nwindow.open( 'printer.jsp?CID' 051-030403B', 'printfriendly', 'scrollbars =yes,width=555,height=400');">Print</a-</font><c/td> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="l"><a href="1javas cript:doSaveAso"><img src=" images/articlejmenubar-save.gif" width="10" height= "10" border="0"></a> <a style="color:#000000;te :t-decoration:none;"I href="javascript:doS aveAsOU">Save</a></font></td> </table> </ td> </tr> </table> <table width=216 border=0 ,ellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 align=right>< tr><td><img src=' images/20030304-climfa -e-large.jpg' width=212 height=151 border =2></td></tr><tr><td><table border=0 c lspacing=0 cellpadding=0 align=right><t r><td width=l0 bgcolor='#336699'></td>ctd bgcolor'-#003366'><foflt face='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size=1 color=' #FFFFF'I>TCS</font></td></tr></table></td> </tr></table> <font face="Arial, Helveti a, sans-serif" size="12"> The Bush administration has proposed a common-sense review of th e nation's climate research, one that ~ould lead to a course correction for dir file://D:SEARCHJ7 9-03CEQ0l2if-djee(O3sceqjJO0l.txt 8/14/2003
  13. 13. Page 13 of 24 ecting an area of scientific inquiry that has benefited from an infusion of ove r $20 billion in funding in the last tea years. Considerable progress has alrea dy been made toward understanding the c mplex system of climate change, but mor e remains to be done to eliminate criti al gaps in our knowledge. <br> <br>The administration issued a draft outline analyzing and proposing changes to the C limate Change Science Program and welco ed all stakeholders - from scientists t o the public - to discuss the future of climate research. The process is intend ed to determine what areas of climate r search are in need of greater funding a nd support. <br> <br>The National Research Council organ-zed a panel to review the draft. The panel was critical of the draft, but rather than clarify the exi sting state of climate science and research, the panel's members muddied the wa ters. <cbr> <br><b>On the One Hand, On the Other</b> <br> <br>On the one hand, the panel members claimed that a human-made component of global warming has bee n firmly established by the scientific community, thus obviating the administra tion's call for research to reduce uncertainties over anthropogenic warming and bolstering claims that a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is necessary. But they also said, paradoxically, that significantly <I>more</I> re search funding would be necessary to reduce the scientific uncertainties relate d to human-made global warming. <br> <br>One of the panelists criticized the ad ministration's research priorities, telling the <I> New York Times</T> that res earch 'that would have been cutting edge in 1980 is listed as a priority for th e future." <br> <br>Despite this panelist's assertion, there are longstanding improvements needed in basic climate science. For instance, a deteriorating and insufficient network for ascertaining surface temperature measurements must be strengthened; and understanding of thE basic physics of convection that govern s the transfer of large amounts of ene gy must be improved. Even after two deca des of research in these areas, they r main at the leading edge of problems to be solved to reduce uncertainty in for casts Of the human-made climate impact. <br> <br>Moreover, the panel asserted that more is known about a human-made war ming trend than the Bush administration will admit. For example, one panel memb er, Michael Prather, announced that ab ut half of observed warming trend of the last few decades is anthropogenic while the remainder is natural. <br> <br>Th is assertion leaves the impression that a human-caused global warming effect is understood thoroughly enough to diffe entiate the human warming trend from nat ural causes, and that research on the matter could be concluded and funding red uced. <br> <br>Scientific claims about anthropogehic warming can be traced to the conclusions listed in the U.S. National Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Climate Variability and Change and the United Nations' Intergovernmental Pa nel on Climate Change 2001's Third Ass ssment Report. But these conclusions are uncertain because the main tools on w ich they are based are computer simulati ons that have not reliably reproduced either past or current attributes of the climate system. However, that is not surprising, since the natural influences of climate are still difficult to mode . Reducing uncertainty about natural var file:/D:SEARCHJ7-9O3 .. CEQ0123.f.ddjee 03..ceq-0.001.txt 8/14/2003
  14. 14. Page 14 of 24 iability remains a critical concern in Distinguishing human and natural warming trends. <br> <br>The panel's claims are thus confusi g: While claiming we know enough to act on global warming by red cing greenhouse gas emissions, the pane 1 also criticized the lack of a commitm nt to substantial new funding for impro ving climate research. <br> <br><b>We Know What We Don't Know </b> <br> <br>Th e panel's complaints try to have things both ways: Either the science is comple te (or complete enough) to move ahead w-th substantial cuts in carbon dioxide e missions, or the climate forecasts are Uncertain and require substantial advanc es in order to give reliable forecasts )ne or two centuries into the future. In the first case, the committee is calli g for reductions in fundamental researc h in climate change, and a restructuring of energy policy in the U.S., with cos ts that will be difficult to bear in th~ next decade. In the second case, the a rgument for much more funding undercuts the previous assertion that the science is settled. <br> <br>Implementing large and immediate cu s in greenhouse gas e missions will be costly to human health, welfare and the environment. Waiting f or two or three decades while the techn logy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions improves and becomes more affordable d es not, according to computer simulatio ns shown in the UN assessment, add significant warming at the end of 100 years. It would make greenhouse gas cuts easier and more affordable. Most important, prioritized research in that interval my allow scientific progress in understa nding climate physics and defining the extent of human-made climate change - wh ich was the original point of the draft document. </f ont> <br> <br> <a href="javascript:history.backo; onMouseover="window.status='Back return true' onMouseOut="1window.status=<'' return true"><img src='images/bac k2 .gif' border=0></a> <br> <br> <center> <table width="212" border="0" cellspacingz "0" cellpadding="01> <tr valign="middle"> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="l'><a href="1javas cript:;" onClick='window.open( 'etaf -article.jsp?C1D=1051-030403E&SECTION=Enviro -Sci', 'emailarticle,',Iscrollbars=yes,width=280,height=400'); "><img src='images/ article menubai~email.gif" width="12" 1eight="10"1 border="0'1></a> <a style="color:#000000;te t-decoration:none;"I href="1javascript:;" onClick="window.open( 'etaf_article.jsp.CI1D=1051-030403E&SECTION=Enviro-Sci': 'em ailarticle' ,'scrollbars=yes,width=280, .eight=400'); ">E-Mail</a></font></td> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="11> <a href="java script:doBookmark() "><img src="images/E rticle menubar-bookmark.gif" width="l15" height="10" border="0"></a> <a style="color:#0OOOOO;te :t-decoration:none;"I href="1javascript:doB ookmark() >Bookmark</a></font></td> <td><font face="Arial, H-elvetica, sans-serif" size="l'1><a href="1javas cript:;" onClick="window.open('printer jsp?CID=1051-030403E' ,'printfriendly', 's 400 crollbars=yes,width=555,height= ' );" <img src="images/article-menubar-print.g if", width='11" height='l0" border=1"0> Ia> <a style='color:#000000;te t-decoration:none; href="1javascript:;" " onClick="window.open( 'printer.jsp?CID= 051-030403E','printfriendly','scrollbars file://D:SEARCHjUOX03CEQ012 L-ddjee0 3sceq..001.txt 8/14/2003
  15. 15. Page 15 of 24 =yes,width=555,height=400'); ">Print</a> /font></td> <td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="l"><a href="javas cript:doSaveAs() "><img src="images/article menubar~save.gif" width="1O"1 height= "10" border="O"></a> <a style="color:#000000;text -decoration:none;"F href="javascript:doS aveAs ()">Save</a></font></td> </table></center> <br><br> <table width="l0Q%" border="0" celispacing="0" cellpadding="0".> <tr> <ctd><img src="images/feedback-feedback. rif" width="89", height="13"I></td> <td> <table border="Q"1 cellspacing="0" cellpadding="l" bgcolor="*ESF3FF" align="righ <tr><td><font face="Verdana, Anial, HNlvetica, sans-serif" size="l" color="#FFF FFF"><a class=nounderline href="javascript.;" onClick="window.open( 'post.jsp?CI D=1051-030403E', 'post-feedback', 'scrolll ars=yes,width=340,height=500');">'Post F eedback</a>< /font>< /td>< /tr> </table> </td></tr></table> <table border="10" cellspacing="O" celipadding="O" width="l00%"> <tr><td bgcolor="#000000" height-"~l"></td></tr> <table border="0" cellspacing=" )" cellpadding="0" width="l00%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top>cimg sr-=imagesifeedback arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=l0></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1l"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="winiow.open( 'display-cormment.jsp?msgid=f3ba 04cd8e' , 'maint','scrollbars=yes,width=310,height=500' );"> Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<font cobo ="#666666">by Scot Wilson</font></td> </table> <table border="0" cellspacing=' " cellpadding="0" width="1Q0%"> <tr> <td width=10 valign=top> </td> <td width=l0 valign=top><imng srz=images/feedback-arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=l0></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open( 'display~comment.jsp?msgid~f3ba 59d562' , maint' ,'scrollbars=yes,width=340,height=500');"> Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by Dano</font></td> <I/table>I <table border="0", cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"l width="l00%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> </td> <td width=l0 valign=top><img s c=images/feedback_arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=l0></td> file://D:SEARCH_7_9_03_CEQOl2jf-djeeO 3sceqSO00l.txt 8/14/2003
  16. 16. Page 16 of 24 size="1"'><a class=nou <td><font face="Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" erline href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open( 'display-comment.jsp?msgid=f3ba 0 a5666c' ,'maint , 'scrollbars=yes,width=34o,height=50 ');"> Rick Marliave</foflt>< Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<toflt color="#666666">by /td> </ table> <table border="0" cellspacing=" " cellpadding="O" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign~top> </td> width=9 hei <td width=l0 valign=top><img src=images/feedback arrow_right.gif t=10>< /td> size=" 1"><a class=nou <td><font face=-Verdafla, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" erline href="javascript:; onClick='wifl ow.open( 'display-comment.jsp?msgid~f3bb ,'scrollbars=yes,width= 0,height=500' );"> 3 bfO2af','maint' 6 ">by Dano</foflt> Re: Re: Having a Market both ways</a>&n sp;<font color="#66666 </table> <table border='0" cellspacing="I" cellpadding="0" width="l0Q%"> <tr> <td width=10 valign=top> </td> width=9 hei <td width=1Q valign=top><img sr =imnages/feedback arrow--right.gif t= 10>< /td> size='1"><a class~nou <td><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 3 bb erline href="javascnipt.;" onClick="win low.open( 'display_comment.jsp?tnsgid~f 3 be7c29' , maint' lscrollbars~yes,width= 10,height=500');> 6 ">by Rick Ma Re: Re: Re: Having a Market both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="#66666 rliave</font></td> </tr> </table> <table border="0" cellspaciflg="O" cellpadding="O" width="100%",> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> </td> width=9 hei <td widthl10 valign=top><img src=irnages/feedback arrow_right.gif t =10>< /td> size="l"><a class=nou <td><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 3 bc erline href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open( 'display~comment.jsp?msgid~f 3alad4' ,'maint', scrollbars~yes,width=340,height'$00');V> color="#666666">by Dan Re: Re: Re: Re: Gaming a Market both ways</a>&nbsp;<foflt o</font></td> </table> <table border="0" cellspaciflg-'0" cellpaddiig="O" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> </td> width'9 hei <td width=10 valign~top><iffg s ~c=images/feedback-arrow--right.gif t=l0></td> size="1l"><a class=nou <td><font face="Verdana, Anial Helvetica, sans-serif" jsp?msgid~f3bc erline href="javascript:;' onClick='wi idow.open( 'display~comment. c4ccld' , maint , 'scrollbars~yes,width k40,height=500') ;"> Rick Marliave</font></ A lesson on Adam Smith</a>&nbsp;<font olor="#666666">by td> </ table> 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH 7 9 03 CEQOlt-fddjee~ 03seqAJO0l.txt
  17. 17. Page 17 of 24 <table border="10" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0' width="100%"> <tr> <td width=10 valign=top> </td> <td width=10 valign=top><img sic=images/feed~back-arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=10></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wi idow.open( 'display~comment.jsp?msgid=f3be f3a669' ,'maint','scrollbars=yes,width=340,height=500');<I> Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Gaming a Market both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by Electro the Capitalist Boy</font></td> </table> <table border="O" cellspacing="0" cellpaddirng="O" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=1Q valign=top> </td> <td width=1Q valign=top><img s c=images/feedback arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=l0></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;"f onClick="wirdow.open( 'display~comment. jsp?msgid=f3bb c~e~ba' ,'maint' ,'scrollbars=yes,width= 40,height=500') U'> Re: Re: Having it both ways'c/a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by ejt</font></td> </table> <table border="0" cellspacing= "0" cellpadding="10" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=10 valign=top> </td> <td width=10 valign=top><img s c=images/feedback arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=l10 ></Itd> <td><fornt face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size="l"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wirdow.open( 'display-comment .jsp?msgid=f3bb c34e78 , 'maint', scrollbars=yes,width= 40,height=500') ;"> Re: Re: Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by Rick Marliave </font></td> <I/table> <table border="0" cellspacing=' 0" cellpadding="0" width="l00%"> <tr> <td width=10 valign=top> <Itd> <td width=10 valign=top><img sic=images/feedback arrow_right.gif width=9 hei t=10>< /td> <td><font face="Verdaria, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1"><a class=nou erline href="javascript.;" onClick="wirdow.open( display~comment .jsp?msgid=f3bb 88c8ld' ,'maint' ,'scrollbars=yes,width= -40,height=500') ;"> Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="f4666666">by Praxus</font></td> </table> <table border="0" cellspacing=' 0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> <Itd> <td width=l0 valign=top><img s c=images/feedback-arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=10></td> <td><font tace='Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=" 1"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wiidow.open( 'display-comment jsp?msgid=f3bb 9cebe0' ,'maint', 'scrollbars=yes,width= 40,height=500');if> Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by Mark Wilson</tont></t di> file:/D:SEARCHJ7 9 03CEQ012 f ddjee0 3 ceqOOltt8/14/2003
  18. 18. Page 18 of 24 </tr> </table> <table border="0" cellspacing= 0" cellpaddi~ng="0" width="l00%",> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> </td> <td width=lO valign=top><img s c=images/feedbaclc-arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=l0></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size="l"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wi dow.open( 'display comment.jsp?msgid=f3bc 4b5e7a' , maint , 'scrollbars=yes,width='40,height=500') ;">, Re: Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;< ont color="#666666">by freepete</font></ td> <I/table> <table border="10" cellspacing=' 0" cellpadding="Oh width="100%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> </td> <td width=10 valign=top><img s c=images/feedback_arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=10></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="l"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wirdow.open( 'display comment.jsp?msgid=f3bb c7b541', 'maint' ,'scrollbars=yes,width=340,height=500') ;"> Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by cbsimkins</font></td> </table> <table border="0"l cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"l width="100%"1> <tr> <td width=10 valign=top> </td> <td width=l0 valign=top><img src=images/feedback-arrow-right.gif width=9 hei t=10></td> <td><font face="Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="l"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open( 'display-commnent. jsp?msgid=f3bc 466c7a', 'maint', 'scrollbars=yes,width=340,height=500');"> Re: Having it both ways<c/a>&nbsp;<font color="#666666">by freepete</font></td> <!table> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top> </td> <td width=l0 valign=top><img sr =images/feedback-arrow-right.gif width=9 hel t=10></td> <td><font tace="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1"><a class=nou erline href="javascript:;" onClick&'win ow.open( 'display comment.jsp?msgid=f3be b3lfd2' ,'maint', 'scrollbars=yes,width=340,height=500');"> Re: Having it both ways</a>&nbspy<font color="#666666">by tom</font></td> <Itr> <I/table> <table border="O" cellspacing="" cellpadding="O" width="100%"> <tr> <td width=l0 valign=top><img sr =images/feedback-arrow-right.gif width=9 hel t=10>< /td> <td><font face="Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1'><a class=nou file:/D:SEARCH_7_9_03_CEQOl2jf djeeO 3ceq-0001.txt 8/14/2003
  19. 19. Page 19 of24 displayc 0 mment.jsp?msgid=f3bb erline href="1javascript:; 'onClick="wifldow.open( r0);U> 8ad733', 'maint', colasye~it=4,heih= 66 66 6 6' >by Praxus</font></td> How True</a>&flbsp;<foflt color="# </table> width="l100%"> <table border="10" cellspacirig="1I cellpadding="O0" <tr> <td widthlO0 valign~top> </td> arrow__right.gif width=9 hei <td width=l0 valign=top><img sr .=images/feedback t=l10>< /td> size="l1"><a class~nou <td><font face=",Verdanla, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 3 ow.open( 'display_c0 omment.jsp?msgid=f be erline href="1javascript:;" oriClick="wifl 3 ;'> 9a5f9a' ,'maint' , scrollbars~yes,width- 0,height=500') 656 66"61>by Jayakama1</foflt></td> Re: How True</a>&flbsp;<foflt color"* </table> width='l100% "> <table border=I101 cellspaciflg" " cellpaddtflg"O0" <tr> arrow-night.gif width=9 hei <td width=l0 valign=top><img sr =images/feedback t=l0></td> size="l"><a class=nou <td><forit face="Verdafla, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' erlirne href="javascript:;" onClick="wifl ow.open('display-comment.jsp?msgid=f3bb 3 9f5ae5 , 'mairnt' , scrollbars~yes,width= 10,height=500');"> Mark Wilson</foflt></td> It's all about money<c/a>&nbsp;<foflt col r=`#666666">by </table> width="100%"1> <table border="10" cellspacilg="O" cellpadding="O" <tr> <td width=lQ valign~top> </td> arrow__right.gif width=9 hei <td width=l0 valign=top><img s c=images/feedback t=l0></td> size=`l1"><a class=nou <td><font face="Verdafla, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 3 display~corwfent.jsp?msgidtf bb erline href="1javascript:;" onClick="wi dow.open( ;"> bb686c' , 'maint' , scrollbars~yes,width= 40,height=500') Re: It's all about <s>money<!s> or sorn thing</a>&flbsp<foflt color="*#666666">by Dario< /font>< /td> </table> <table border="10" cellspacilg 0'Qcellpadding"O"01 width="100%"> <tr> <td widthl10 valign~top> </td> arrow_right.gif width=9 hei <td widthl10 valign~top><img s c=images/feedback t=l0>< /td> size="1l"><a class~nou <td><forit face="Verdafla, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' 'display-commeflt. jsp~msgid~f3bb erline href=1"javascript.V'1 onClick="wi dow.open( b56416' , maint,' ,scrollbars~yes,width=340 ,height=500 ' ); 666 " color="#666 Re: Re: It's all about <s>money</s> or something</a>&flbsp;<foflt >by Mark Wilson</foflt></td> <Itr> </table> width="l0O%`> <table border="O" cellspacilg="O" cellpadding="O" <tr> <td widthl10 valign~top> <ltd> 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH_7j0_9_OCEQOl2if-djeC 03sceqSO00l.txt
  20. 20. Page 20 of 24 width=9 hel <td widthl10 valign~top><img src=images/feedback-arrow-right.gif t=l0></td> size-"1"><a class=nou <td><foflt face="Verdafla, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif" erline href="'javascript:;"1 oriClick="wiflow.open('display_comment.jsp?msgid=f3bb 3 );C> ca63f9', maint' , scrollbars~yes,width= 40,height=500' color='#6 6 6 6 6 6' Re: Re: It's all about <s>money</s> or something</a>&flbsp;<foflt >by Dano</font></td> <I/table> width="l00%"> <table border="O" cellspacinlg=" "1 cellpadding'"O" <tr> <td widthl10 valign~top> </td> arrow~_right.gif width=9 hei <td width=l0 valign=top><img sr :=images/feedback t=10>< /td> sans-serif" size="l1"><a class~flou <td><font face="Verdafla, Anial, Helvetica, 3 'display-commnent.jsp?msgid~f bb erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wif~low.open( 3 be~a4O', 'maint' , scrollbars=yes,width- 0,height=500');"> 6 ">by Steve L.<!foflt></td> Re: Tt's all about money</a>&nbsp;<foflt color="#66666 </table> width='100%"> <table border"10" cellspacing-")" cellpadding="O" <tr> arrow__night.gif width=9 hei <td width=l0 valigritop><img sr ~=images/feedback t=10>< /td> size="'l"><Ca classzflou <td><font face="Verdafla, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 3 display-comment.jsp?mslgid~f bc erline href="javascript:;" ornClicc="'window.open( 500');> 260cl11','maint,',crol~lbars=yes,width=340,height= 0 6 color="*#66666 "'>by Charlie Mcc.</fo Re: Re: It's all about money</a>&nbsp;<foflt nt></td> </tr> </table> width="l0Q%"> <table borden="10" cellspacilg='O" cellpaddiflg"O"l <tr> <td widthl10 valign~top> </td> arrow--right.gif width=9 hei <td width=lO valign~tfp><img src=images/feedback t=10></td> size"1l"><a class~nou <td><font face="Verdanla, Anial Helvetica, sans-serif" 3 isplay-comnment.jsp?msgid~f bc erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wi idow.open( 6 6lb5ab' , maint,' ,scrollbars=yes,width±' 40,height=500') ;"> 6 Re: Re: It's all about money</a>&nbsp;. font color="#66666 "1>by freepete</font>< /td> </table> <table border="0" cellspacing""O"1 cellpadding="O" width="l00%"> <tr> <td widthl10 valign~top> </td> width=9 hei <td width=10 valign~top><img sr5 mgsfedakaro-ih~i t=10></td> sans-serif" size="l"><a class~nou <td><font face="Verdafla, Anial, Helvetica, 3 isjplay~comm~ent.jspInsgid~fbc erline hnef="1javascript:;" onClick="wfldow.opefl( ;"> 524042', 'maint', scrollbarstyes,width=340,height=500')6 "1>by fneepete</foflt></td> Re: It's all about rnoney</a>&nbsp;<fort color="*#66666 8/14/2003 file:/DA:SEARCH_7_9_O3XCEQ0112jdjee O3_:eq lO01 .txt
  21. 21. ~ 21 of 24 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 </table> width='lOO%6> <table border="O" cellspacilg="O" cellpaddjing='O' <tr> width=9 hel <td width=1O valign=top><img sr =images/feedback-arrow-right.gif t=lo></td> sans-serif" size='1"><a class=nau <td><font face=lVerdafla, Arial, Helvetica, ow.open( 'display-comment. jsp?msgid~f3bc erline href='hjavascript: ;" onClick="wifl 3 8d9a4c',,'maint' , scrollbars~yes,width= 2O,height=500');"> Mike Weatherford</foflt><!td> Global</a>&flbsp;<foflt color="*666666'I>by </table> width="100%",> <table border='O"1 cellspacilg="O" cellpadding="Q" <tr> <td widthlO0 valign~top> </td> arrow_nright.gif width=9 hel <td widthlO0 valign~top><img sr ,=images/feedbacZk t~l0></td> sans-serif' size="1'><a class=nou <td><cfont face='Verdafla, Anial, Helvetica, 3 onClick="wifl ow.open( 'display-comment.jsp?msgid=f bc erline href='javascript:;" 3 O,height=500');H'> c099 4 7', 'maint,' ,scrollbars~yes,width= ">by Steve L</foflt></td> Re: Global</a>&nbsp;<font color="*#666EG </table> width'lOO0%"> <table border"O" cellspacinlg="Q" cellpadding="O"1 <tr> right~gi:f width=9 hei <td widthlO0 valign~top><img sic=images/feedbackarrow t=l0></td> sans-serif" size="l"><a class~nou <td><font face="Verdafla, Anial, Helvetica, 3 displa comm~feft.jsp~msgid=f be erline href="javascript:;" onClick="wiidow.open( 661c17,'maintfl' , scrollbars~yes,width=.40,height=5OO);" 6 mrown</f p;<font color='#66666 "1>by Dave Acting ofl imperfect irnformatiofl</a>&flb ont></td> </tr> </table> -- > <i-- end of discussion comments <7 td> /spacer.gif width=2O></td> <td width=2O valign~top><imfg src=image </ table> <img src=jmages/spacen.gif height=5O> <cbr> <!-- start of third column -- > <td widthl129 valign~top aiignnright> 2 cellpadding=" "> <table width="100%' border='O" cellSpacirng="O" heightl12></td></tn> <tr><td bgcolor="#OO500O"><img src=images/spacen.gif </ table> bgcolor="#CCCCCC 0 cellspacing="O" cellpadding=O" <table width="10 %' bonder="O" height="l"> <I/table> 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH_7_9_O3§CEQ012iLddie OO3sceq_000l.txt
  22. 22. Page 22 of 24 r=Q widthl12l> <table cellpaddingO0 cellspacing=O bord height=2O></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3><img src=images/spacei.gif src=imnages/spacer.gif width~l></td> <tr><td width~l bgcolor=*OO3366><img <td widthll19 bgcolor=#E5F3FF> M~openBrWifldowStayNoPassword(thiS, 'pro <form name="loginform" onsubmit="returfl > file.jsp', login', scrollbars~yes,width=340,height=500')" value="logifl"> <input type='hiddefl" name="actionreq" 2 r=O> <table cellpadding= cellspacilg~l bord <tr><td> <font face=verdana,arial size=1> iabox! Free weekly updates delivered to your <c/font></td></tr> <tr> sans-serif" size=ul`>E-Mail:</font>< <td><font face="Verdafla, Anial, H-elvetica, /td> <tr> 2 1 0;font-size: ll"></td> <td><input name=Email type=text style='width:108;height: <I tr> <I/table> <1mg src=jmages/spacer.gif heightl12><br> src=imnagesispacer.gif width1l></td></tr> </td><td width=l bgcolor=#003366><img <!form> height=3O></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3><itng src=images/spacer.gif -opinion.gif><!td></tr> <tr><td colsparv3><img src=images/righ 6 width1l></td> <tr><td width=l bgcolor=#OO33 6><img src=imagesispacer.gif images/spacer.gif width=419 height=l><br <td widthll19 bgcolor=#E5F3FF><iMg src 2 <table cellpadding= cellspacing~l border=O> sizelA>Do you think <a href=http://w <tr><td colspan=2><foflt face=verdafla,arial 2 2 0 0 3 E> rapper.jsp?PTDl051>450&CID=1051O0 ww.techcentralstation.com/losl1'enviro to traditional fuels?<br></font>< hydrogen</a> is a safe and stable alternative /td></tr> METHOD="get"> <FORM NAME="OnlhinePoll" ACTIC 1="PollProcessor.jsp' <INPUT TYPE=H-IDDEN NAI4E="qID"1 VALUE="258"> <INPUT TYPE=HTDDEN NAI4E="1appTD VALUE='1051"> " 45 jspPTDU051 O& <INPUT TYPE=HIDDBN NAME="1ForwardPage" VALUE=envirowrapper 3 D=1051~-03040 E"> <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME='CookieName"l VALUE"`ECSPOLL"'> VALUE=`u></td><td><font face=verdana, <tr><td><TNPUT TYPE=RADIO NANE="Vote" <tr><td><INPUT TYPE=RPDION ="Vote" VALUE,,2'></td><td><font face=verdana, jal size=l>No<Ifont></td><!tr> ,txt 8/1412003 file://D:SEARCH_7_9_OX-CEQ0 12jf~dje OO3sceqOOOl
  23. 23. Page 23 of 24 <tr><td><TNPUT TYPE=RADTO NAME="Vote" VALUE="3"></td><td><foflt face=verdana, ial size=1>Not Sure</font></td></tr> </table> <1mg src=images/spacer.gif height=l2><br> </td><td width=l bgcolor=#003366><img src=images/spacer.gif width=l></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3>'zinput type=image src=images/right~submit.gif></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3><img src=images/spacer.gif height=20></td></tr> </ form> <tr><td colspari=3><img src=images/spaC r.gif height=58><Itd></tr> <form name="loginform" onsubmit='returi MM openBrWindowStay(this, 'profile.jsp', 'login', 'scrollbars=yes,width=34O,height=500')"> <input type="hidden" name='actiorlreq" -alue="login"l> <tr><td colspan=3>'zimg src=images/right preferences.gif></td></tr> <tr><td width=l bgcolor=#003366><img syc=images/spacer.gif width=l><z/td> <td width=119 bgcolor=#E5F3FF> <table cellpadding=2 cellspacing=1 bor er=O> <tr><td><font face="Verdana, Anial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size="~l'>E-Mail:</fo <tr><td><input name=Email type=text st le='width:l08;height:20;folt-size:l~l;">< /td></tr> <tr><td><font face='Verdana, Arial, He vetica, sans-serif' size="l">Password2</ font></td></tr> .ctr><td><input name=Password type=pass ord style="width: 108;height :20; font-size :11; "></td></tr> </table> <1mg src=images/spaceis.gif height=12><br> </td><td width=l bgcolor=#003366><img src=images/spacer.gif width=1></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3><input type=image sr :=images/right-submit .gif></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3><img src=images/spacer.gif height=30></td></tr> </FORM> </ table> <br> <a href=" /servlet/CMflannerServer?key=ACAJsAANAAAISDAAG-AAAG19AALAAAAADAAG-AAAG T7AAJAAAAUDAAL" ><img src=" /servlet/CM. inaryServer?cid=1051-EMS1" width=119 hei ght=400 border=O ></a> <br> <br> <I td> </td> </table> <table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=O bonder=0 width=780> <tr><td width=211>cimg src=images/spacer.gif width=21l height=l></td><td width= 366 569 align=right><fornt face=verdana,aria1 size=1 color=#003 > t <a class=riound erline href=tech.jsp>tech</a> I &nbsp;&nbsp;&flbsp; [ <a class=nounderline href= defense.jsp>defeflse</a> I &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [ <a class=nounderline href=enviro -sci.jsp>enviro-sci</a> I <i-- &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [ <a class=nounderlifle href=h file:/ID:SEARCHi7 933-3CEQOlt-fddjee 03•ceqi)O0l1.txt 8114/2003
  24. 24. Page 24 of 24 ealth.jsp>health</a> ] &nbsp;&nbsp;&flbsp; [ <a class=nounderlinle hrefrinvesting .jsp>investing</a> I &nbsp;&nbsp;&flbsP; [ <a class=nounderlifle href=energy.jsp> width=2ll height=2></td><td></td>< <tr><td wjdth=2ll><img src=images/spacer.gif /tr> 03 src=jmages/spacer.gif height=2> <tr heightr=2><td colspan=2 bgcolor=#O 166><img </td></tr> </table> width=780 bgcolor=#E5F3FF> <table cellpadding=O cellspacing=O bord r=0 <tr><td><foant face=verdafla,arial size~1 &nbsp;&nbsp;&copy; <SCRIPT LANQGUAGE = JavaScript'><'- 2 number + 1900 :number; function y2k(number) ( return (number < 1000) var today =new Dateo; var year = y2k(today.getYearo); ± year + ITech Cent al Station 1 document.write(' //--></SCRIPT> href=indexwrapper. jsp?PTD=1051-1 &nbsp;&nbsp; :&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class=nounderline class=nounderlifle href=indexwrapper. 50>About Us</a>&nbsp;&flbsp;:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class=nounderline href= jsp?PID=1051-151>Privacy</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;:&nbsp;&nlbsp;<a :&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class=n indexwrapper.jsp?PIDlo051-152>Disclaimer</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; :&nbsp;&nb ounderline href=indexwrapper.jsp?PIDlO051-153>Toolbox</a>&lbsp;&nbsp; sp;<a class=nounderlinle href=indexwrapper.jsp?PID=105S154>Links</'a></font></'td ><td align~right> 2 <table cellpadding= , cells acing"Q01> face=verdana,arial <tr><td><img src=images/icon-hc e.gif></td><td><foant size=1><a class=nouflderline hrefrmnde .jsp>H~ome</a></foflt></td> <td><img src=images/spacer.gif width=12 height=8></td> face=verdana,arial si <td><img sr~mgsarwu~gf<t>t>fn ze=l><a href=#top>Top</a></font></td></tr> </ table> </table> <br> </body> </html> 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH-7-9-0OXCEQOl2iLddieIOO3-eqSO00l.txt