Letter to Chair of CEQ 4.2.01


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Kyoto Protocol

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Letter to Chair of CEQ 4.2.01

  1. 1. Katrina Strathmann 1120 Hampshire Street San Francisco, CA 9411 0 4151826-9279 April 2, 2001 Council Chair Council on Environmental Quality 722 Jackson Place, NW Washington, DC 20503 To the Chair of the Council on Environmenta Quality: I am writing to voice my apposition to Presidn Bush's recent treaty, a treaty which would reduce gldbal production of withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol the responsible for accelerating global warmdig. As an American, greenhouse gases that are somewhat responsible tar the United States contribution of over who through my citizenship is greenhouse gases, I strotigly urge Vou lb br with wvorld leaders 25% of the world's production of and the Piesident to reverse his position. While President Bush's support of the US ekonomy and her industries for implications for the generations of Americn and other citizens is notable, I am concerned sad benefits of his policy. As a woman eniering my thirties of the planet who will reap the and know that the generations that fallow will wate many economicabout to start my own family, I parents, and my grandparents as well. Hdwvr while economicstorms, just as I have, and my and ultimate up-turns, the same cannot be! aid for the world's down-turns have predictable know, harmful environmental decisions Myade today will environmental health. As you well have irreversible results for all the foreseeable future. I urge you to advise the President Bush in making responsible cleaner, safer and healthier place to live with clean air decisions that will provide a inhabitants of this planet. Participation inan adherence and water, for all Americans and would demonstrate the ability of Americart leadership toto the previsously crafted Kyoto treaty consider the welfare of not only its citizens but those of the entire planet. Once again, I urge you to press President Bush to reverse his decision on Kyoto. Very sincerely, Katrina Strathmann