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Letter to CEQ 4.10.01


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Kyoto Protocol

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Letter to CEQ 4.10.01

  1. 1. '55 4 /10 /01 Dear Council, My wife, my family, to readithis letter. you for taking the time work in the Thank know (including some who and myself, indeed all the people we about the very discouraged and concerned timber industry) are all and economic issues. Specifically: President's stance on environmental taxes, finance, are all concerned about *mining laws. At a time when we that has already enjoyed and value, the President caters to an industry 1872. A great way to save great latitude under the General Minig Law of land for be to stop giving away federal the taxpayers' money would those that own it with no compensation for this extractive industry the inevitable sikng taxpayers with is a (taxpayers). billkons of dollars cumulatively -Furthermore, clean-up costs, which run in the of the of the United States outside double-hit and a cheat to all citizens that live and well being for those Additional costs in the form of healt~h we-are all.- can hardly e acltd-caan downstream of such-places what is an saccepted standard of disappointed the President has remove for ar,,senic. among developed nations, water quality, at least rushed in the *Forest.practices. To say the formel administration are all aware vje (friends and family) "Roadless Act" is simply not true. public comment than has any (supportive this policy received more nation. To assert anything less is proposal in the history of this great Furthermore, trying to intelligftce. an insult to our collective citizens, and indeed, a dissevice to undermine it is a disservice to all to reconsider his position on democracy. Please encourage the President to build roads for an waste of taxpayer dollars this--it is again a large Ination, except in the form of industry to pays nothing back to the an> life- ~xperience opportunities. decreased fishing, hiking, a world leader for the *Alternative energy. The United States has been other moving to energy sources past century. It is clear- the world is and this movement is gasoline too) and coal, than oil (read: diesel and considering the and momentum, especially only going to gain speed sulphur compounds, and dangerous effects of spewing nitrogen oxides, It is of this planet. carbon dioxide in to the very finite atmosphere States wouldn't lead the prospecd that the United troublesome to consider mention dangerous. transition, not to the world in this inevitable attention. Thanks for your time and Sincerely, Th asad Jes Hi a Ea d2~ ~ ~ ~ - 201 N.E.' 96th te Seattle, Wa. 98115-2340 (206) 685-6203