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Letter from Association of American Railroads 9.26.02


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Sectoral Emissions Reduction Agreement
Letter from Association of American Railroads 9.26.02

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Letter from Association of American Railroads 9.26.02

  1. 1. 0/3 F5 08956T8T Sep 26-02 02tOOpm From-AAR ® ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN RAILROADS FACSIMII~E C3 Please Reply _F_ G,~Ilvl ~6' [ For RE view ekCc~-1Fax: To: The information i contain confidentialiInformation. acompnyin Thedcumets thi facIritrnsmission may received this facsimile inl error, Please ImrmediateIY he ecipentnamd aoye Ifyouhave intededfortheuseof to us. You are hereby notified that any notfy s tOarrng fo reurl c 11 oigiS'documents the contents of this facsimile iniormationl is y tlepon otaflinreliance on disl~srecoping r tkin ofany 8 ditriutin, T 1 F (202k 639-2526 I WIW.arOOYO P (202)6f39-2100 50 F Street, NW I Washington. DC20001
  2. 2. T-872 P OZ/03 F-E7 2026392526 Ssp-2 6-OZ 02: Oopm From-AAR AMERICAN RAILROADs AssociATION OF STREET, N.W. 50 F WASHINGTON, D.C. 20001 ~ (202) 639-2400 ~~~~~~~~Telephone: Edward flamberger U. officer President and Chief Executive Septe mber 26, 2002 By Facsimile Mr. Jeffrey Holmstead Air and Radiatio Assistant Administrator for Environmental Protection Agency N.W. 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, WashIfgtofl. DC 2,0004 ntitv Dear Mr. Holmstead Iiitv Ground Freight Transportaflon I am writing Concerinng EPA's proposed freight sector Overview, is aimed at reducing whch, (GFT. s EP hasstatd in its Pr~grafl dinappoCatedt t exAsoitioneof energy consumptifln and climate change ewnis ios.Althoug exreeledsapofnteditat of~this Initiative'sga.Ia R-ailroads (AAR) is stronl upotv the significant envirOnm~flta advantage fmvn the des ot ~eqnteIteCgfizC rogam u gen opne antsnil theat the Conep ofsnln freight by rail, and concerned and its customes be applied to the rail industry options for Consulting, entitled Indus"nY Theraf reort prepared for EPA by ICF "efficiency, gains may be availbei ImprvinGrundFreghtFuel£ffcieltY reognzesthat that "substantial",potnte 'deisin"and both COst use, and ground freight That can reduce to greenhouse gases, energy efficiency gan With respect exist for improvements and with this asessment. congestion. AAR fully agrees fuel-efficiet~i is four to seven times more Although the lOP report admits "fegtrail "an r heomfdfol bu h thn right trucking," neither the repotorheGTmas the If rais trasormakeo n a neseto over another. relative attactiVtfless of oppOflUfliUm benefits ofrai tranlespoyrtation)i willing to rcgnize the tremendous Of containers tor trailer byt ril) difference, the EPA must be movement general, and especially of rail intermoda service (the shif freight from trucktoribthn and suppor shippers who The GETI should encourage, carload and interniodal service.
  3. 3. T-872 P.0W/U F-5?1 2026392526 o2:O0 Sep-26-~Z From-AAR Wr. Jeffrey Holmstead September 26, 2002 Page 2 Gfor canoperacticaby uth U..eai that the lappIroachrtaken by railr The AAR is also concerned Where the seven CasIriodscontfr9peetofact, equipment - infatthi applied to the rail industry, basis). These Icomapanies operate similar freight volume (on a reveflue are Only two carrier to another, and there are lareyte euto ar j~ercangd feel frm ~ freghtcar sdiffeteflCCS in fuel efficiency One Or two of these out caocore iflVCSai - m uftue offreight dfferene nge ayanthtyeoftfchdl.Tosingle the realities of d tOfathe others woald not reflect comparnies as meogrephyendithnefltlypes Yt s teGon ra~ilroad Operations. theiGroun a golden opportunit toruse hi short, AAP- believes that EPA is missing by rewarigsipr ~ the public health and welfare FreghtTraspotaton nitatie t adafc iet euetameigwt this reason, Idol reality - that rail carload and who sitchthei caro flrom truck to rail. For eog e the theirnctalfgth niitietopopry you swtoicus benefits in terms of fuel effcenyand ralYO emdlUevc can provide major societal equipment imiformityad Bcueotefeihralindustry's initiative to exclude the railiritlflwflal perotein O ith yo revamping the enirntmcalenal pitetialon hoectadsuss railroads as evironmeentamlYtsuperior. designation of only selected mutually cOn~vetlftm etnti. Office shortly to arragge a I will follow up with your sincerely, Edward R. jnbr Whitmafl cc: The Honorable Christine Todd Administrator cadInoail The Honorable Thomnas GibsonPOliy cnmcadInvto Assistant Admimistrator for The Honorable John Beale for Air and Radiation Deputy Assistant Administrator-