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Email 4.23.03 (a)

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CEI Email 4.23.03 (a)

  1. 1. F~RP1S L05 2 Page 1 of 490 RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES NAIL) CREATOR:President of CEI <pres~cei.org> (President of CEI <pres(~cei.org> [UNKNOWN CREATION DATE/TIME:23-APR-2003 13:44:09.00 SUBJECT:: CEI's Ninth Annual Reception and Dinner TO:Kenneth L. Peel ( CN=Kenneth L. Peel/OU=CEQ/O=EOP@EOP CEQ READ :UNKNOWN TEXT: The Board of Directors of the The Competitive Enterprise Institute cordially invite you* to attend its Ninth Annual Reception and Dinner With the keynote address given by House Majority Leader The Honorable Tom DeLay May 20, 2003 Reception - 6:00 pm Dinner and Program - 7:00 pm The Capital Hilton Hotel Washington, DC Please RSVP to RSVP~cei.org or fill out the attached reply card and send it to: CEI Dinner 1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1250 Washington, DC 20036 *This invitation is complimentary and non-transferable Phone: (202) 331-1010 Fax: (202) 331-0640 «<Dinner invite-2003.pdf> «<Dinner reply card-comp.pdf»> -Dinner invite-2003.pdf -Dinner reply card-comp.pdf=-==========ATTACHMEN file:/ID;search_7_11 05 ceq_ 10605_f_869uffl03_ceq.txt 9/29/2005
  2. 2. Page 2of 490 ATT CREATION TIME/DATE: 0 00:00:00.00 TEXT: Unable to convert NSREOP0103:[ATTACH.D65]SREOP01300FU968.00l to ASCII, The following is a HEX DUMP: 255044462D312E330D25E2E3CFD30D0A31382030206F626A0D3C3C200D2F4C696E656172697A65 642031200D2F4F203230200D2F48205B203130343020333234205D200D2F4C2031313138363138 200D2F452031303837373737200D2F4E2034200D2F542031313138313430200D3E3E200D656E64 6F626A0D202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020 2 0 0 2 2020202020202020202020202020202020787265660D3138203330200D30303030303030303136 203030303030206E0D0A30303030303030393437203030303030206E0D0A303030303030313336 34203030303030206E0D0A30303030303031353735203030303030206E0D0A3030303030303138 3131203030303030206E0D0A30303030303032303833203030303030206E0D0A30303030303032 313530203030303030206E0D0A30303030303032353731203030303030206E0D0A303030303030 32393135203030303030206E0D0A30303030303032393634203030303030206E0D0A3030303030 3033313036203030303030206E0D0A30303030303036373034203030303030206E0D0A30303030 303037363839203030303030206E0D0A30303030303037373238203030303030206E0D0A303030 30303038323232203030303 030206E0D0A30303030303038383433203030303030206E0D0A3030 3030303039303432203030303030206E0D0A30303030303039313239203030303030206E0D0A30 303030303039393032203030303030206E0D0A30303030303130323131203030303030206E0D0A 30303030303130353735203030303030206E0D0A30303030303130383235203030303030206E0D 0A30303030303131363832203030303030206E0D0A30303030303132353339203030303030206E 0D0A30303030303132363136203030303030206E0D0A3030303030313532393320303030303020 6E0D0A30303030303231313137203030303030206E0D0A30303031303837343931203030303030 206E0D0A30303030303031303430203030303030206E0D0A303030303030313334332030303030 30206E0D0A747261696C65720D3C3C0D2F53697A652034380D2F496E666F20313620302052200D 2F526F6F7420313920302052200D2F507265762031313138313330200D2F49445B3C6536323639 3935656632383933366561643234333531343361343662366136303E3C65613735613632666139 336336363031383136616637313465303364626435633E5D0D3E3E0D7374617274787265660D30 0D2525454F460D2020200D31392030206F626A0D3C3C200D2F54797065202F436174616C6F6720 0D2F506167657320313520302052200D2F4D6574616461746120313720302052200D2F50616765 4C6162656C7320313420302052200D3E3E200D656E646F626A0D34362030206F626A0D3C3C202F 5320313338202F4C20323430202F46696C746572202F466C6174654465636F6465202F4C656E67 746820343720302052203E3E200D73747265616D0D0A488962606060666060116060656060B367 1065400051A0182B030B03C70E068196D40F40119606D63E87D57319508042ABC0B9651BCBE7AE 6Al27lB69A75F45ED94AA943739922AEAE3D777D05509Afl1D82C2DADA3A30lC854D20053821260 8A8101288A642E90E66610647907A4A5805806AC441DE48A04064307C64B0C8C0718F633B0lC61 6074604867C8B76078033245A68051998lA981818D8lE91E03470143A003E332066305C699OCOC 33183D0F88CD6CD2FAClC079804184ClE800D4ClBC0C82l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file://D:search_7_1 105 ceq_10605_f_869ufUO3-ceq.txt 9/29/2005
  3. 3. A * 3 mm U A I
  4. 4. Host Committee Thomas H. Altmeyer, Arch Coal Company Barbara Bankoff Brenda Blanchard, Novartis Josephine S. Cooper, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Deborah Dingell, General Motors Foundation William A. Dunn, Dunn Capital Management Scott Fallon, BEA Systerns Michael S. Greve, American Enterprise Institute Timothy N. Hyde. DCI Group Jack Krumhol tz, Microsoft Corporation Edward Kutler, Clark & Weinstock Leonard Lliggio, Atlas Economic Research Foundation Thomas Gale Moore. Hoover Institution Lisa B. Nelson, AOL Time Warner William O'Keefe, Solutions Consulting Gerald Prout, FMC Corporation Patricia Richards, Marathon Oil Corporation William K. Ris, Amerijan Airlines Frances B. Smith, Consumer Aleri. Fred L. Smith, Jr., Competitive Enterprise Institute Wayne Valis. Vais Associates Todd A. Walker, UST Public Affairs Catherine B3. Windlels, Pfizer Inc.
  5. 5. You are cordially invited to attend The Competitive Enterprise Institute's Ninth Annual Reception and Dinner Celebrating the 2003 Julian Simon Award and Warren T. Brookes Fellowship With Keynote Address by House Majority Leader The Honorable Tom DeLay Tuesday, May 20, 2003 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. The Capital Hilton_ 1001 Sixteenth Street, NW Washington, D.C. Business Attire Cocktail Reception 6:00 p.m. Please Respond by May 15, 2003 Dinner and Program 7:00 p.m. Reply Card Enclosed
  6. 6. The Honorable Tom DeLay rom DeLay serves as House Majority Leader in the 108th T Congress. Following the historic Republican victory of 1994, DeLay was elected House Majority Whip. Widely credited with revolutionizing the office, DeLay regularly overcame the limitations imposed by extremely modest majorities in the 106th and 107th Congresses to deliver victory after victory for House Republicans, including the Contract with America, Normal Trade Relations with China, Welfare Reform, Trade Promotion Authority, the Balanced Budget Act, and all the key elements of the Bush Agenda, including the largest tax relief measure in a generation. Before his election as Majority Whip, DeLay served as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Republican Conference Secretary, and Deputy Whip. A native Texan, Tom DeLay was born along the banks of the Rio Grande River in the historic border city of Laredo on April 8, 1947. His father's career in the oil and gas industry required several job postings to Venezuela's rural interior, where the DeLay family lived through the turbulence of three revolutions-an experience that DeLay cites as the source of his lifelong "passion for freedom." After starting his education at Baylor University, DeLay graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Biology in 1970. Shortly afterward, he opened and operated a successful small business in Houston. The demands of running his business convinced DeLay that the primary impediment to economic growth stemmed from the twin burdens of excessive taxation and unneeded regulation. The need to lower these burdens sparked his involvement in the political process. In 1978, DeLay ran for-and won-an open Texas State House seat that had never before been held by a Republican. After serving in Austin for six years, DeLay became the first Republican in Fort Bend County ever elected to the United States Congress. Since 1984, DeLay has represented the 22nd District of Texas, which includes Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris Counties. Over the course of his congressional career, DeLay has built a voting record that consistently supports limited, constitutional government, peace through strength, and lower taxes, while respecting the sanctity of life. Tom and Christine DeLay have a daughter, Danielle, and became grandparents last August.
  7. 7. ___________________ &~os Ninth Annual Reception and Dinner Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ___$25,000 Platinum Sponsor, ~kets to Dinner, 10 Invitations to VIP1 ___ 100 ?iF~I 4auto inner. 810,00% ket~ ner, 2 itti IP __ $2_ s5t] io and Dinner ____I cannot atten ~ticoc smy contribution for $____ Name Affiliation______________________ Address City State Zip~ Phone _________Fax__________ Email_________ Check enclosed for $_ _ _ __ _ _ (payable to Competitive Enterprise Institute) VISA__ MasterCard__ Credit Card #__________________ Expiration Date_______ Signature ~wwicei.org (202)331-1010 A
  8. 8. Ninth Annual Reception and Dinner Tuesday, May 20, 2003 Guests For security purposes, GEL must be supplied with the complete name of each guest no later than May 15th. N am e _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ Name N ame _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Name Name Name N ame _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Name Name Name