CAR Email 9.9.02 (a)


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Climate Action Report
Email 9.9.02 (a)

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CAR Email 9.9.02 (a)

  1. 1. A~~~~~S Page ~~~~ 1 of 4 RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) "Anderson, Margot" <Margot CREATOR:",Afderson, Margot" <>( CREATION DATE/TIME: 9-SEP-2002 10:42:38.00 2002 SUBJECT: : RE: FOTA Climate Action Report, 8 [ CEQ EOP TO:Phil Cooney ( CN=Phil Cooney/OU=CEQ/O=EOP READ :UNKNOWN TEXT: Phil, not yet received such a request. We checked with our FOIA office and have Margot -- -- riginal Message --- O Pil] From: [mailto: Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 5:14 PM To:;; gov; Krieger; Craig. montesaflofloaa. Margot.Adronh~oegv RoetCr~qdegv Scott.Raydergfloaa.90v;;; watsonhl~state .gov Cc: Edward_A.; Subject: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002 Freedom of Information Act Group, FYI, see below regarding Greenpeace request on check with your respective agency the Climate Action Report. Would you FOIA If they a similar request. officers to see if your agency has received have, CEQ's Deputy General Counsel and would you ask them to contact Ted Boling, FOIA ensure a Coordinated response. officer, at 202 395-3449 so that we can Thanks, Phil on 09/05/2002 05:03 - ----------- Forwarded by Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP PM - - - - - - …-- - - - - - William Perhach 09/05/2002 09:18:33 AM4 Record Type: Record of this message To: See the distribution list at the bottom Cc: Subject: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002 Subject: FOIA request for documents 7/7/2006 file://D:SEARCH_7_28_03-CEQ396-f3njy9003§ceq.txt
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4 of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. Pursuant to the provisions Of the Freedom Section have been requested to provide copies 552, and 40 C.F.R. Ch. V Pt. 1515, we of all CEQ communications pertaining to documents and information regarding the Climate Action Report, 2002. This request includes: memos, cables, meeting and Copies of all correspondence, letters, transcripts, or tape recordings teleconference agenda, minutes, notes, and from the Council on phone logs regarding all communications Environmental Plan, 2002. Quality concerning the Climate Action the Council on Environmental Copies of all records in the files of Quality Federal agencies or contain which have been obtained from other information concerning the Climate Action obtained from other Federal agencies Report, 2002 . Global Warming Campaign. This request was submitted by the Greenpeace 1 - att1.htm========-===ATTACHMENT ATT CREATION TIME/DATE: 0 00:00:00.00 TEXT: HTML 3.2//EN"> <IDOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-!/W3C//DTD <HTML> <HEAD> charset=US-ASCII"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Typel CONTENT="text/html; Exchange Server version 5.5.2653.12".> <META NAI4E="Generator" CONTENT="MS <TTTLE>RE: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002</TITLE> </H-EAD> <BODY> <P><FONT SIZE=2>Phil,</FONT> </1'> such FOIA office and have not yet received <P><FONT SIZE=2>We checked with our a request.</FONT> </ P> <P><FONT SIZE=2>Margot</FONT> <P><FONT SIZE=2>----Original Message----</FONT> L<A HRF"aloPhlCoe~e <BR><FONT SIZE=2>From: PhlCoe~e~o~o .txt 7/7/2006 file:/D:SEARCH_7_28_03_CEQ396_f-3njy9003_eq
  3. 3. Page 3 of 4">aloPiConycqepg<A><ON>1PM/NT 05, 2002 5:1 oepM~ ov</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZB=2>Sent: Thursday, September Giso- <BR><FONT STZE=2>To: Jae..aoe~oagv Cri~otsn~na~o;/O <BR>CFONT SIZE=2>Krieger.Jackie~epa.g0v; Robert.Card~hq.doe.g0v;</FONT> <BR><FONT SIE2Mro.nero~qdegv; Scott.RaydeTrflo <BR><FONT SIE2woes~c~sagv;</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>watsonhl@state .gov</FONT> sdl~spepgv/OT <BR><FONT SIZE=2>CC: EdadA-oigcqepgv Action Report, 2002</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE~r2>Subject: FOIA Climate <BR> regarding Greenpeace Freedom of Informfati <P><FONT STZE=2>Group, FYI, see below on Act request on</FONT> your res Report.&nbsp; Would you check with <BR><FONT SIZB=2>the Climate Action pective agency FOIA</FONT> request. your agency has received a similar <BR><FONT SIZE=2>officers to see if &nbsp; If they have,</FONT> General to contact Ted Boling, CEQ's Deputy <BR><FONT SIZB=2>would you ask them Counsel and FOIA</FONT> r so that we can ensure a coordinated <BR><FONT SIZE=2>officer, at 202 395-3449 esponse .&nbsp; Thanks,<•/FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Phil</FONT> 09/ Forwarded by Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP on <BR><FONT 51ZB=2> ------------ 05/2002 05:03 PM4</FONT> </FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>-------------- </ F> <BR> <BR> <BR> Perhach</FONT> <P><FONT SIZB=2>WJ-llJiam 0 0 2 2 09:18:33 AM</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>09/05/ Record</FONT> <P><FONT S1ZE=2>Record Type:&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR> of this the distribution list at the bottom <P><FONT SIZE=2>To:&flbsp&nbsp; See message</FONT> </ F> <P><FONT SIZB=2>cc :</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Subject:&nbsp; FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002</FONT> <I F> request for documents</FONT> <P>cFONT SIZE=2>Subject:&nbsp; FOIA <I F> 5 of the Freedom of Information Act, <P>CFONT STZB=2>Pursuant to the provisions U.S.C. Section</FONT> to p 2 Ch. V Pt. 1515, we have been requested <BR><FONT SIZE=2>55 , and 40 C.F.R. rovide copies of</FONT> regarding all CEQ communications per <BR><FONT S:ZE=2>documents and information tamning to the</FONT> 2002.</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZB=2>Climate Action Report, <IF> .txt 7/7/2006 file://D :SEALRCH_7_28_03_CEQ396_f 3fjy9003_ceq
  4. 4. Page 4 of 4 <P><FONT S1ZE=2>ThiS request includes:</FONT> <'F,> Copies of all correspondence, letters, <P><FONT SIZE=2>&flbsp&flbsp&flbsp;&flbsp memos, cables, meeting and</FONT> notes teleconference agenda, minutes, <BR><FONT SIZE=2>&flbsp&flbsp&nbsp;&nbsp; and</FONT> Itranscripts, or tape recordings phone logs regarding all corrmunicatio <BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&fbsp;&nbsp; ns from the Council on Environmfefltal</FONT> Quality concerning the Climate Action <BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;&flbp;&flbsp&flbsp; Plan, 2002.</FONT> <'F,> of Copies of all records in the files <P><FCNT SIZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;i&nbsp; the Council on Environmental Quality</FONT> F which have been obtained from other <BR><FONT STZE=2>&nbsp;&nbp;&flbsp;&nbsp, ederal agencies or contain information</FONT> obtained from other Federal agencies <BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; concerning the Climate Action Report,</FONT> 2002 .</FONT> <BR><FONT SlZE,2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <IF> by the Greenpeace Global Warming Camn <P><FONT SIZE=2>ThiS request was submitted paign.</FONT> <'FP>2 <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> </BODY> </HTML> -~~~~~END ATTACHMENT I z 7/7/2006 file://D:SEARCH 7_28 03 CEQ396_f 3njy9003_ceq.txt