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CAR Email 9.10.02 (h)


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Climate Action Report
Email 9.10.02 (h)

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CAR Email 9.10.02 (h)

  1. 1. ft t407 ~ ~~~~~~Pagel1 of 5 RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) C CN=Edward A. Boling/OU=CEQ/O=EOP [ CEQ I CREATOR:Edward A. Boling 2002 17:52:46.00 CREATION DATE/TIME:10OSEP- 2002 SUBJECT: : RE: FOIA Climate Action Report, I TO:William Perhach ( CN=William Perhach/OU=CEQ/O=EOP@EOP [CEQ READ :UNKNOWN TEXT: on 09/10/2002 ----------- Forwarded by Edward A. Boling/CEQ/EOP 04:51 PM -- - - - - - -- - - - - - Phil Cooney 09/06/2002 10:46:40 AM Record Type: Record To: Edward A. Boling/CEQ/EOP@EOP cc: Subject: RE: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002 FYI, PHIL Forwarded by Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP On 09/06/2002 ----------- 10:46 AM -- - - - - - - - - - - - - "Anderson, Margot" <> 09/05/2002 06:03:23 PM Record Type: Record TO: Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP@EOP CC: 2002 Subject: RE: FOIA Climate Action Report, Phil, you know as soon as I know anything. I'll get on this in the a.m. and let Margot -- -Original Message --- From: [mailto:PhilCooneygceq.eop.govI PM Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 5:14 To: James*;;;; Margot *; Robert ,; .gov;;; reifsnyderd~a@5tate watsonhl~state gov Cc: EdadAoigcqepgv Subject: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002 7/7/2006 file://D:SEALRCH-7 28_03_CEQ407_f 643la003_ceq.txt
  2. 2. Page 2 of 5 of Information Act Group, FYI, see below regarding Greenpeace Freedom request on with your respective agency the Climate Action Report. Would you check FOIA a similar request. If they officers to see if your agency has received have, Deputy General Counsel and would you ask them to contact Ted Boling, CEQ's FOTA a coordinated response. officer, at 202 395-3449 so that we can ensure Thanks, Phil 05:03 ------------ Forwarded by Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP on 09/05/2002 PM - - - - - - …-- - - - - - William Perhach 09/05/2002 09:18:33 AM4 Record Type: Record message To: See the distribution list at the bottom of this cc: Subject: FOTA Climate Action Report, 2002 Subject: FOIA request for documents Information Act, 5 U.S.C. Pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Section requested to provide copies 552, and 40 C.F.R. Ch. V Pt. 1515, we have been of communications pertaining to documents and information regarding all CEQ the Climate Action Report, 2002. This request includes: cables, meeting and Copies of all correspondence, letters, memos, or tape recordings teleconference agenda, minutes, notes, transcripts, and the Council on phone logs regarding all communications from Environmental 2002. Quality concerning the Climate Action Plan, on Environmental copies of all records in the files of the Council Quality agencies or contain which have been obtained from other Federal information the Climate Action obtained from other Federal agencies concerning Report, 2002 . Global Warming Campaign. This request was submitted by the Greenpeace 7/7/2006 file://D:SEARCH-7_28 03 CEQ407_f_6431a003 ceq.txt
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 -attl.htm -~~~~~ATTACHMENT 1 ATT CREATION TIME/DATE: 0 00:00:00.00 TEXT: HTML 3.2//EN"> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD <HTML> <HEAD> CONTENT="text/html; charset=US-ASCII'> <META HTTP-EQUTV="Content-Type" Exchange Server version 5.5.2653.12"> <META NAME='Cenerator" CONTENT="MS <TITLE>RE: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002</TITLE> </H-EAD> <BODY> <P><FONT SIZE=2>Phil,</FONT> as I know in the a-m. and let you know as soon <P><FONT SIZE=2>I'll get on this anything. </FONT> <P><FONT SIZE=2>Margot</FONT> <BR> <P>cFONT SIZE=2>----original Message----</FONT> [<A HRF"aloPhlCoe~e <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Fromn: PhlCoege~o~o September 0, 00 5:14 PM</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Sent: Thursday,;</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>To: Jae..aoe~oagv;</FONT> <BR><FONT SIE2Kigrjakeeagv qde~o;/OT <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Margot ,; Robert.Cr; Scott .Rayder~no <BR><FONT SIE2woes~c~sagv;</FONT> <BR><FONT SIE2wtoh~saegv/OT oigcqepgv sdl~spepgv/OT <BR><FONT STZE=2>CC: EdadA <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Subject: FOIA Climate Action Report, 2002</FONT> <ER> regarding Creenpeace Freedom of Tntormatil <P><FONT SIZE=2>Group, FYI, see below on Act request oni</FONT> your res Report.&nbsp; Would you check with <BR><FONT SIZE=2>the Climate Action pective agency FOIA</FONT> request. if your agency has received a similar <BR><FONT SIZE=2>officers to see &nbsp; If they have,</FONT> 7/7/2006 file:/D:SEARCH_7_28_03_CEQ407_f_64'31a003 ceq.txt
  4. 4. Page 4 of 5 CEQ's Deputy General <BR><FONT STZE=2>would you ask them to contact Ted Boling, Counsel and FOTA</FONT> ensure a coordinated r <BR><FONT SIZE=2>officer, at 202 395-3449 so that we can esponse .&nbsp; Thanks, </ FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Phil</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>------------ Forwarded by Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP on 09/ 05/2002 05:03 PM4</FONT> <BR><FONT S1ZE=2>---------------</FONT> <BR> <BR> <BR> <P><FONT STZB=2>William Perhach</FONT> 2 <BR><FONT SIZE=2>09/05/2OO 09:18:33 AMA</FONT> <IP> <P><FONT STZE=2>Record Type:&nbsp;&flbsp; Record</FONT> <I P> <BR> <P><FONT STZE=2>To:&flbsp;&flbsp See the distribution list at the bottom of this message</ FONT> <I F> <P><FONT SIZE=2>cc :</FONT> 2002</FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2>Subject:&nbsp; FOTA Climate Action Report, </F> <P><FONT SIZE=2>Subject:&flbsp; FOTA request for documetlts</FONT> of Information Act, 5 <P><FONT SIZE=2>Pursuaflt to the provisions of the Freedom U.S.C. Section</FONT> have been requested to p <BR><FONT SIZE=2>552, and 40 C.F.R. Ch. V Pt. 1515, we rovide copies of</FONT> CEO communications per <BR><FONT SIZE=2>documents and information regarding all tamning to the</FONT> <BR><FONT STZE=2>Climate Action Report, 2002.</FONT> <IF> <P><FONT STZB=2>Thi5 request includes:</FONT> <I P> correspondence, letters, <P><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Copies of all memos, cables, meeting and</FONT> agenda, minutes, notes <BR><FONT SIZB=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; teleconference Itranscripts, or tape recordings and</FONT> all communicatio <BR><FONT SIZB=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; phone logs regarding ns from the Council on Environmferltal</FONT> the Climate Action <BR><FONT STZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Quality concerning Plan, 2002.</FONT> <I F> records in the files of <P><FONT STZE=2>&nbsp;&flbsp&nbsp;&nbsp; Copies of all the Council on Environmental Quality</FONT> obtained from other F <BR>CFONT STZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; which have been ederal agencies or contain information</FONT> other Federal agencies <BR><FONT 5 IZE=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; obtained from concerning the Climate Action Report,</FONT> 7/7/2006 file://D:SEARCH 7_28_03 CEQ407_f 6431a003 ceq.txt
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 2002 .</FON4T> <BR><FONT STZE=2>&nbsp;&flbsp;&flbs&flbsp; by the Greenpeace Global Warming Cam <P><FONT SIZB=2>ThiS request was submitted paign.</FONT> <IF> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> </BODY> <I HTML> - ~~~~~END ATTACHMENT 1 7/7/2006 file:/D:SEARCH 7_28_03 CEQ407_f_6431a003 ceq.txt