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CAR Email 6.3.02 (d)


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Climate Action Report
Email 6.3.02 (d)

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CAR Email 6.3.02 (d)

  1. 1. Page I of 3 RECORD ~EPERL(NOTESt MAIL) TYP: CREATOR:Phil ( CN=Phil Cdony/OUl~CEQO4EQP CEQ- C~orI~ey CJ8TcS onaugtnO"EQOO~ e f CEQ I4 TO:~me ~enagttfl UNKNOWN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~K READ: TEXT: -Forwarded by Phil C~~~~~~~oney/CEQ~IFmPon06032O 05:03 P ~ Cooney Phil ~ 01 UMMU&~ 04:50:37 ~ 06/03/2002P~ ~~~~~~MIN Recor& Record~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~U Type: TO: ~amer~f L. ~hi Coofle/CEQ1EP~EOP. Ba~ey/CEQEOP~EO CC:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KUEN NK Sub $t~~~~~~~~~~te Points~~~NE-~MM-KE ect: Talking UK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NNEA /720 fil~~./f~~~4 kgQQ97yNL670,E.2 k UN{K7i03
  2. 2. 'A 1ae2o Q C~ A CC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.~ A T fI1~~:IfD:$EA~~~cHCL28X 03CQO7N~ O32QTT 82/20
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3 file:/D:SEACEL7_8_03_CQ097jNL6S703CEQ.XT 812120<0