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CAR Email 6.20.02 (b)

Climate Action Report
Email 6.20.02 (b)

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CAR Email 6.20.02 (b)

  1. 1. Pae1 of5 RZCOR TYPE: FSEDERAL(QESAI hrermOC/=OBO LSI~l~I CEQ TO:a~e A.Thernerom ( TBM- list'diusPl 5 Pi onyCEQIBo on 06/2012,002 /~~~~~Fraddb 08 35 AN------- -Watsonl, Haltan~ L (OES) 3 ~to~~aQgV 0611912002 07:21:42 PM; Record Type: Rtecordj T:Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOPF0OP $ubct: Fw: PrSQeie litA~te change1 science --~---okigina. Message---- From: povnmi~re, 0usan L WOES) S21t:~ Wednesday,* Juea 1,200,2 6~28 PM j AD:~oe*lka, Paul R toEss); Xoeng, Steven F WESS) C:Watson, HAriln It oss) Subject:~ Press Qr.e5 r:cimate chnescience Dieto of ulcAffairs Aob HOD~fl ,OM~~ ~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. 2. P*g2 of 5 off4ce~ of Public Af~ars 0epartment of Conuerce 202--482-5647 thankB, Susan sent, Tuesday. June 18q 00(2 1:30~ To: ats n( azianI.fOS);Ref'nyeif an 0~ (an03 (O) Od.a: *4r6in, usiC (03$) Koze~lka Paul R (ONS)(P/O Subjree: t iEW Asahi Interview'0 Request -Original message---- sent: Jue 8. :L:25 2M 0~2 To uanL(0$ (OPO;RefnyeDan . A (ORB) CcZ:* Gordon - C 0$)(0el99au )(R)(F/O jxfteview~ Requstl Subject: 3:TV Asahi FrmSusanr, uanL(OB Bet Tedy.Joelm2021:5P Dan To: A (038)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Rei~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nyd~~~~~~~~r,
  3. 3. Pae3 of 5 Subject: Re: 7W: Request for Assistance Susan, image oved povenmitre, Susan L (OsS)' to file: 6/13/2002 05:6:t28 PK Record 'Type: Record To: Kathryn M. Ha~rrington/OSTP/SOPBEO CC., Susan Preas And Public AffarsAdvsor RuiiaOAn4S,6uifc A fir U..fexmav~ tt
  4. 4. page 4 of 5 email pov"nMir85tego > ro: miho Ahirat 0i. W' :mmhir"atrhtmico > sen:lhrs~s 1 ~iOVl 13, 2002 3:'44 PM > Sujec: o qimat o asac > Dear Susan, er muchi for you~r assistance~ over t poe > Thoan you that I ama workin with is called TVAMahi. We axe 66ntovxr amn > On a esmgzn/ouelaYprograw on goa and aiwma 44wather conditiOrOs. h Inou poga, we wouldd like* to present themaypbla idglbal, > wmngadexplaini the~ research being~ conducted on~ the >~ the' ~ Cliatecti~nRepot 2002 and arie greatly intrsted in~ taivfom the EPAor any environmetal research ~ te ftloingquestions: weather 1. I global warmngthe main cause of abnormial > conditions and: if causes > so, howO? If not, is global "rrning ONE of the *May ~Of abnora > weather cohditioox? (IIf pOossible, we would like to have some one xpai > the, > cause uigA cqomputr dmntration)y agd 2. What is the4 relationship 'betwe~ global warming > the curet Afghanstan? >in (is there a relationtship betweenthe couxntr a rogh >the A.rcretcagscue by global wjarming?)~ 3. gobalWarming increased the likelihood of forest as > fires such as > one ini Denver, Colorado presently? If so, how?, > 4. Is5 there? nyrlationship between the cuirrent extraodinaryflood in > hin&aAadglobal warin?[
  5. 5. > If possibii we old like to ~cOnduct the flpijng in~ he end ofJuy > 'i you ouqld pleaseo it roduce us tO the is repreaetai*ve to cOntAct wthin stet " that wou-ld be~gretly > this e-1a~il brorpoie umer, g1 TAnk you vexy much fo* your eaesi~tsnce " > Sincerely, > Mary Shiratori

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Climate Action Report FOIA Email 6.20.02 (b)


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