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Climate Action Report
Email 11.15.01

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CAR Email 11.15.01

  1. 1. 11/15/2001 10:1 1:00 AM Record Type: Record To: See the distribution list at the bottom of this message cc: Subject: Draft of US Climate Action Report available for comment We posted today the draft chapters of the U.S. Climate Action Report (our third national communication under the UNFCCC) for public comment (except Ch.5, which should be available for interagency review shortly). Comments on the draft chapters are due no later than December 17. The Federal Register notice announcing the public comment opportunity is attached to this message. The documents are posted on EPA's web site at: For those agencies with climate change related websites (e.g., State, DOE, USGCRP, NOAA, USDA, etc.), please post a link to this site from your sites. In addition, please spread the word about the public comment period. Thanks for all your help in getting this together so quickly. Please contact either of us if you have questions. Best regards, Reid and Clare (See attached file: 11-1 5-01 FIR Notice.pdf) ID-11-1 5-01 FIR Notice.pdf Messagie Sent To:
  2. 2. lisa.hanle~hq.doe-gov patel-weynandto~state-gov Phil Cooney/CEQJEOP Peter.Karpoff~hq.doe-gov Robert J. Tuccillo/OMB/EOP thatcher.jennifer~epamaiI.epa~gov whohenst~oce.usda-gov William A. Pizer/CEAIEOP
  3. 3. 57456 Federal Register/Vol. 66, No. 221 /Thursday, November 15, 2001 /Notices * Abstract for (0100041): Q: Will EPA relieve a facility that uses A: Yes. The specific recordkeeping Q: Will EPA grant a facility a testing only pipeline quality natural gas of the requirements for the facility are waiver/extension for its reconstructed nitrogen monitoring requirements? included in Attachment A to the 3L, coating line and associated thermal A: Yes, response letter. oxidizer where the facility would be Q: May a facility use the sulfur Abstract for (0100051): required to test the same line to show monitoring requirements in sections Qi: Will EPA approve the waiver of cornpliance with other State and federal and of Appendix D to monitoring fuel bound nitrogen for regulations within a "short" period of Part 75 in lieu of 40 CFR 60.334(b) and facilities using only pipeline quality time? 60.335(a)? natural gas? A: No. EPA will not grant a testing A: Yes. Al: Yes. waiver/extension because the eighteen Q: Is a nitrogen CEM a permissible Q2: What should the sulfur months between the required subpart alternative to the monitoring monitoring schedule be for peaking-only RR compliance test and the deadline requirements at 40 CFR 60.334(a) and units that use only natural gas and date for the MPCA test is too long. 60.335(c)l2)? operate only during the summer Abstract for (0100042): AbYstrc.o(104) months? Q1: Will monitoring of fuel nitrogen Q: May a landfill use a naturalA2Thstyeofpaigutset content be required if natural gas is the attenuation factor for fugitive landfill once per month during the initial ozone only fuel fired in each turbine? ga oto o h ups fSaefe season (May-September). If this shows Al: No. reports and emission inventories? ltl aibltte ufrmntrn Q2: Will daily monitoring of sulfur be A: No. Natural attenuation was should be conducted once per season required if only pipeline quality natural evaluated during the rulemaking thereafter. gas is fired? process for 40 CFR part 60, subpart Abstract for (0100052): A2: No. The monitoring schedule WWW. Analysis by the U.S. EPA Q. A company intends to burn from U.S. EPA's national guidance for determined that there was insufficient stripper off gases (SOGs) from pulping subpart GG, dated August 14, 1987, oxygen and residence time for aerobic processes in a boiler subject to subpart should be used for sulfur monitoring biofiltration to be a significant removal 1Db, which would causA the facility to when natural gas is fired. pathway. exceed the subpart Db NOx emission Abstract for (0100043): Abstract for (0100048): limits. The company requests Q: May the sampling time for Method Qi: Is nitrogen monitoring of either permission to use an alternative 9 opacity testing while burning fuel oil natural gas or landfill gas required? monitoring procedure for NOx which in a boiler be reduced to one hour per Al: Nitrogen monitoring of landfill will consist of correcting the continuous boiler? quality natural gas is not required. NO, monitoring data by subtracting the A: Yes. In this particular case, the Nitrogen monitoring of landfill gas will NO, contribution from burning SOGs. Is shorter test sampling time may be be waived if EPA receives adequate this acceptable? reduced to one hour for Boilers 4 and information that the landfill gas in A: No. Since the combustion of SOGs 5 while burning fuel oil because the question contains very little fuel-bound in the boiler is niot exempt from NSPS construction permit is so restrictive that nitrogen. subpart 1Db, the proposed alternative 3 hours of initial performance testing Q2: Will EPA permit a facility not to monitoring procedure is not acceptable. would consume a significant portion of perform sulfur monitoring when natural However, EPA's OAQPS has agreed to the annual operating time allowed for gas and landfill gas are used? initiate rulemaking to amend the these boilers while burning fuel oil. A2: No. However, this particular subpart 1Db regulation to allow the Abstract for (0100044): facility provided data on the sulfur establishment of an alternative NO, Q: Does the installation of Dense Pack content of each type of fuel. This data standard for pulp mills, similar to the turbine blades constitute a showed that the sulfur content was provision in 40 CFR 60.44b(f) for modification? minimal. Therefore, the facility may chemical manufacturing plants and A: Probably not. Although such a beginaat semi-annual testing. petroleum refineries which combust Abtract for (0100049): byproduct/waste. project would constitute a nonroutine Q: Did Tenneco commence physical change under PSD, it would- construction when it internally Dated: November 6, 2001. not be a modification under PSD (as obligated funds for the purpose of Michael M. Stahl, well as NSPS) if there were not an modifying a boiler prior to June 19. Director, Office of Compliance, associated emissions increase as defined 1984. thereby not triggering NSPS, [FR Doc. 01-28532 Filed 11-14-01, 8.45 am] under the respective PSID and NSPS subpart Dba applicability? BILLING CODE 66500-0- rules. A: No. For the purposes of subpart A, Abstract for (0100045): there was no contractual obligation to Q. Will EPA allow a reduced construct an affected facility. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION frequency of Relative Accuracy Test Q. Does the installation of sampling AGENCY Audits (RATAs) for an infrequently ports on a boiler constitute [R-143 operated boiler? commencement of construction? [R-143 A: Yes. In this particular case, the A: No. The ports were installed to Preparation of Third U.S. Climate boiler is operated only 8 days per year gather data for planning and design Action Report as a peaking unit. EPA believes that it work, or other unrelated activities, is reasonable to provide for some which does not constitute AGENCY: Environmental Protection reduction in quality assurance testing commencement of construction, Agency (EPA). for the continuous emissions monitors, reconstruction, or modification. ACTION: Notice; request for public as long as the boiler meets acid rain Abstract for (0100050): comments. program requirements at 40 CFR Part 75, Q; Will EPA grant Tyson Foods an and operates as a peaker.' alternative fuel usage recordlkeeping SUMMARY: In June 1992, the United Abstract for (0100046): plan under subpart Dc? States signed, and later ratified in
  4. 4. 2001/Notices 57457 Federal Register/Vol. 66, No. 221/Thursday, November 15, CP/1999/7). This document is available and chapter 5 on projections) are not yet * October, the United Nations Framework for Convention on Climate Change on the Internet at complete, but will be made available resource/cop5.hitial.In addition, the public comment in approximately two (UNFCCC). Pursuant to the national weeks through posting on the web site. communication reporting requirements Parties requested that third national communications be submitted no later Comments may be submitted to the under Articles 4.2 and 12 of the contact listed above. Comments on each Convention and to guidelines later than November 30, 2001. However, the U.S. is not able to meet this deadline of the chapters will be due within 30 adopted by the UNFCCC Conference of by days of release, either through notice in the Parties (COP), the United States and plans to submit the document late January 2002. the Federal Register or posting on the submitted the first U.S. Climate Action web site. As the U.S. submission will Report (CAR) to the UNFCCC Secretariat The U.S. issued a Federal Register in 1994 and the second in 1997. The notice on March 19, 2001 (66 FR 15470- already be delayed by approximately a U.S. Government has prepared an initial 15471) to provide an opportunity for the two months beyond its deadline, public to submit input on the issues longer review period is not possible. draft of the third national You may view the 1997 U.S. Climate communication for public review. The covered in the third national communication. A copy of the Federal Action Report on the Internet at: purpose of this announcement is to Register notice can be found on the http;//www~state.govlwwwv/globalloesI notify interested members of the public 97clinmate-reportlifldex.htnal. of the opportunity to submit input on Internet at http:11/ globalwarmfinglgpublicationsla/ctionsI Dated: November 9, 2001. the draft text of the national Robedt Brenner, communication before the final FRL-6954-1 .pdf. Two comments were submitted by members of the public in AcigsitatdmntroOfcefAr document is completed. epnet htntc.and Radiation, DATES: Written comments shudb 8:45 am] received on or before noon, December The Third United States Climate Action IFR Doc. 01-28736 Filed 11-14-01; Report (CAR] BILLING CODE 6560&-50-P 17, 2001. ADDRESSES: Comments should be, The third CAR provides an update on key activities conducted by the U.S. EVRN NTLPO CTN submitted to Mr. Reid P. Harvey via e- mail at or via since te secodRCARanTinvetoryToCAGENC postal mail to Reid P. Harvey, U.S. gresecnhos gAsRmisin andivno ~ AEC Environmental Protection Agency, .. genos a msin n Office of Atmospheric Programs (Mail sinks, an estimate of the effects of measures and policies on [FRL-~7103-8I Stp6204N), 1200 Penyvnamitigation ~~future emissions levels, and a FnlNDSGnrlPri o Stop Pennsylvania DiscarPDSGees rom andGa therOi Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20460. description of U.S. involvement in FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: M. international programs, includingDicagsFothOlanGs associated contributions and funding Extraction Point Source Category to Reid P. Harvey, Office of Atmospheric Coastal Waters in Texas (TXG33OOOO) efforts. In addition, the text discusses Programs, U.S. Environmental U.S. national circumstances that affect AGENCY: Environmental Protection Protection Agency at (202) 564-9429. Agency (EPA). SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: U.S. vulnerability and responses to Background climate change. Finally, the CARACINFiaisuneoNPEgnrl PE eea In accrdanc UFCCC5 withthe presents information on the U.S. Global ATO:Fnlisaneo In acordncewiththeUNFCC's Change Research Program. Global permit. today issues a reporting requirements as specified in Climate Observing Systems (GCOS), and SUMMARY: EPA Region 6 adaptation programs. National Pollutant Discharge Articles 4.2 and 12, and following reporting guidelines developed (and US CAR Elimination System (NPDES) general adopted by the UNFCCC COP at its first Table of Contents of the Third regulating discharges from oil session), the United States prepared the 1.EeuiesmaypermitExecutive 1. summary and gas wells in the Coastal Subcategory 2. National circumstances in Texas and regulating produced water U.S. Climate Action Report (CAR) and discharges from wells in the Striper and submitted it to the UNFCCC Secretariat 3. Greenhouse gas inventory 4. Policies and measures OfhrSuctgiewihdshae in October 1994. cosubcategris whihedischrg At the Second COP, the Parties 5. Projections and effects of policies and Offsor requested developed country Parties to measuresThpeitphbtshedcareo the Convention to submit to the 6. Vulnerability assessment, climateThpemtpoitshedcaref change impacts, and adaptation drilling fluid, drill cuttings, produced UNFCCC Secretariat, in accordance with sand and well treatment, completion Articles 12.1 and 12.2 of the measures 7. Financial resources and transfer of and workover fluids. Produced water Convention, a second national discharges are prohibited. except from communication by April 15, 1997. technology 8. Research and systematic observation wells iii the Stripper Subcategory Parties who submitted first reports in located east of the oath meridian whose 1996 were to provide an update by the 9. Education, training, and public deadline and 1997 with Partiesawareness produced water comes from the Carrizo/ Wilcox, Reklaw or Bartosh formations in economiesdline tansiPtion wereto providePueli byrAoproilePbi Input Process Texas. Discharge of dewatering effluent thiecondmesi commnsiction This Federal Register notice solicits is prohibited, except from reserve pits 15, 1998. Developing country Parties which have not received drilling fluids have different guidelines and due dates comments on the draft chapters listed above. The individual chapters are and/or drill cuttings since January IS, for their national communications. The 1997. The discharge of deck drainage. United States submitted its second posted on the Internet and may be from the national formation test fluids, sanitary waste, national communication to the UNFCCC downloaded domestic waste and miscellaneous communication web site listed at the Secretariat in July 1997. All of the At the Fifth COP in 1999, the Parties following web site: http://wvww-epa.gOV/ discharges is authorized. globalwarmning/nrwiflsite.hitfll.However, authorized discharges have effluent updated the guidelines for preparation limitations. summary of national communications (see FCCC/ two chapters (the executive