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CAR Email 06.04.02 (a)


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Climate Action Report
Email 06.04.02 (a)

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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CAR Email 06.04.02 (a)

  1. 1. GE' ftRIS IZ1 Pagel of 75 RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) CREATOR:Sinclair.Janice~epamail ( Sinclair.Janice~epamail~epa~gov( UNKNOWN CREATION DATE/TIME: 4-JUN-2002 10:01:52.00 SUBJECT:: EPA NEWS CLIPS AM TO:Burnett.Tod~epamail.epa~gov ( F UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Combs.Linda~epamai1.epa.gav C F UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:Daigle.Stephanie~epamaii~epa~gov C [UNKNOWNI READ:UNKNOWN TO:Bertrand.Charlottegepamaii~epa~gov C [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Anderson.Diane~epamail.epa.govC [ UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:Mcginnis.Eileen~epamail~epa~gov F UNKNOWN ] READ :UNKNOWN H F UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Glazier.Kelly~epamail.epa.govC F UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:Cunningham.Robert~epamail C FUNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN F UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN F UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:Grumbles.Benjamin~epamail~epa~gov ( Grumbles.Benjamin~epamail UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN ( F UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN C Furey.Jessica~epamail.epa.gcv F UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN C [UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN C F UNKNOWN ) READ :UNKNOWN C F UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN C [ UNKNOWN I file://D:SEARCH_9_11_02_02_CEQFXEPS7003_CEQ.TXT 6/9/2006
  2. 2. Page 2 of 75 READ:UNKNOWN TO:Mcneil.Tucker~epamail.epa~gov ( Mcneil.Tucker [ UNKNOWN READ: UNKNOWN TO:Mulvaney.Susan~epamail~epa~gcv ( IMulvaney.Susan~epamail.epa.gav ( UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN C H-orton.Ashley~epamail.epa.gcv [ UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN [ UNKNOWNI READ UNKNOWN TO:Cooper.Mildred~epamail ( F UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Guiden.Nancy~epama± C F UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN TO:Grant.Pamela(3epamnail.epa.govC F UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN C ( UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN ( F UNKNOWN READ UNKNOWN ( t UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN ( Pendley.Leslie(? F UNKNOWN READ:UNKNOWN C F UNKNOWN I READ: UNKNOWN CC:Mackinnon.Kathleen~epamnail ( F UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN CBerger.Diane~epamail.epa.gav [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN CC:Baker.Michael~epamail.epa.govC [ UNKNOWN I READ UNKNOWN CC:Blackburn.Elizabeth~epamail.epa.gcv ( F UNKNO READ :UNKNOWN C ( UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN C F UNKNOWN file://D:SEARCH_9_11_02_02_CEQFXEPS7003_CEQ.TXT 6/6/2006
  3. 3. Page 3 of 75 READ :UTNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWNI READ:UNKNOWN CC:Burnett .Andrew~epamail ( Burnett.Andrew~epamail E UNKNOWN READ:UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN I READ;UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN CC:Samuel A. Thernstrom C CN=Samuel A. Thernstrom/OtJ=CEQ/O=EOP@EOP [ CEQ I READ :UNKNOWN TEXT: (See attached file: June 4 am index.wpd) (See attached file: June 4 am news clips.html) (See attached file: June 4 am news clips links.htrnl) - June 4 am index.wpd - June 4 am news clips.htrnl - June 4 am news clips links.html ATT CREATION TIME/DATE: 0 00:00:00.00 TEXT: Unable to convert NSREOP0lO3:[ATTACH.D3]SRE0P013007SPEX.0Ol to ASCII, The following is a HEX DUMP: FF5 7 504335050000010A02010000000205000000A01500000002000033E4E7909DBA21BD63895F 18110DC3lC78CF65601FEC0083AC2F0F09B33D4593AF4FE3206126455A4479BC292n3DCF21FB50 B2BE86CCE9801l5ECA2098B7BEA79219E25AE06E40C49E2906F5AE74E908885A54051AF3BFC~A47 lE53C8E8DE448lD8EE0B3017B8DlD03FlEE83AF83C927A8ED44CB909B5E9811ECB345192D6E2EE DC8FCCCE53AOBB56E7EE27A2986066C52B7C2C527DF22AC7BlA47450EC837296BD22C2FA00EC7D BF587CClAAF2C737F27614D2052F598919225F64B3Bl08l61E7EB9EFD681311CB9F9E95444DA43 2l4OEI24BGAFO9CE942FDB6BDB27C0B38DEICA2B6POF3O3lB6A3C4DO7A3B5l4EC5D73F6CAA4852A O8BEF3F59996OFD1BCAFBF2E28SEO176EACCEF2B58DF7PFOC51OC3OEEC3lO882O2Al47D14CO4DO6 5D9024Dl0820C57B8CF9FDC036661403438163515F1832E868C3CAB32lB72DD268CA896144F544 01B849PFFBA0A93742F1E43F53222356040AD8DD6lC7F6F5A3C5F55B32D2B0D59065FF05A2E136 EFD37BBFA209C3376E3CC46llF'6E07121DEC2A827176545953E75CF1A2943AACC82F6CF3FA7F39 3895FCB640C7949C35E7422CD35A6D232605150962F63F'F49F1BC4C222l7lB2EC33DC054B5FC40 9339505E32 5FFD67348E53D0B3AACE492BD4E695989E9AFFB67074144F4776CD4B717E754FD0B3F CFB7873A9702000B30000000000000000000000082301000000C10100009A020000005503000000 4EO0000005B04000009250100000006000000A90400000B30020000003A000000Ar040000085E01 0000000C000000E904000008770100000004000000F504000008340100000014000000F9040000 0802010000000FP0000000D050000081001000000020000001CO50000096DO1000000170000001E 05000000984800500020004C0061007300650072004A0065007400200035005000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 002COlFOO02COl2CO12COl2CO12COl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lCl2000002005553 55532E002C001200D4706DC42Cl00200000000090000000000CD5B302C00000000F46A9F000COO file://D:SEARCH_9_11_02_02_CEQF_XEPS7003_CEQ.TXT 6/6/2006
  4. 4. EPA NEWS CLIPS AM EDITION TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 2002 AIR Hazardous Gas (WP) P.34 Washington in Brief.Ethanol Producers ordered to reduce Emissions (WP) P.17 After years of smog, a shroud lifts (The Christian Science Monitor) P.2 Peoria,lIll,. Tr-uck Dealer benefits from wave of purchases (Journal Star) P.34 Groups join fight to bar waste plant (Chicago Tribune) P.43 EPA cautions the Ethanol Industry of Potential Suits over compliance (WSJ) P.49 Rollbacks Will Reverse Air-Pollution Progress (WSJ) P.49 ANWR At the White House, "The People" have spoken -Endlessly (WVP) P.15 ARSENIC Deal with the risk, i~f it exists (Ottawa Citizen) P.32 ASBESTOS Company News; St. Paul settles Western Asbestos Claim (NYT) P.32 In Brief, St. Paul to settle asbestos lawsuit (LAT) P.30 Asbestos discovered at Stauffer Superfund Site (St. Petersburg Times) P.6 St. Paul, Mirnn-based insurer agrees to SI billion asbestos settlement (Saint Paul Pioneer Press) P.39 CLIMATE CHANGE Impact of Climate Change Outlined (WP) P.22 U.S. joins world on warming (USA TODAY) P.6 Bush warms to reality (LAT) P.28 In Brief;, Kyoto Pact OK'd (LAT) P.27 The Nationi;U.S. details warmning threat but defends its policy (LAT) P.25 In a shift, U.S. now warns of climate warning (International Herald Tribune) P.23 Bush sees light on human role in global warming (The New Zealand Herald) P.21 Administration says climate change probably will have significant impact (The Boston Globe) P.20 "Significant' changes in climate foreseen (Lawrence Journal-World) P.45 White House defends U-turn on global warming (WT) P.47 ENERGY' Letters to the Editor: Air-Conditioners and Energy Policy (NYT) P.51 Letters to the Editor: Doubts on a Pipeline (NYT) P.50
  5. 5. GENERAL Once excluded, Whitman honors Lehigh women (The Express-Times) P.1 State agrees to deal to preserve 1,700 acres in wilderness area (NYT) P.52 PESTICIDES Pests threaten health (NYT) P.31 Commentary; To feed world's people, modem practices must supplant organic fads (LAT) P.29 Environmental group petitions EPA to take weedkiller atrazine off the market (ENN) P. 18 Jefferson County, Texas, may give $7 million tax abatement to refinery (The Beaumont Enterprise) P.36 SUPERFUND Editorial; Forget campaigning; There's work to do in Albany (Newsday) P.4 WATER Treasury Bonds with Bono (WP) P.7 Study says warming could reduce Snowfall, shrink California's Water Supply (Contra Costa Times) P.38 EPA considering plan to cut timber in area (The Advocate Online) P. 19 DuPage River cleanup deal in works (Chicago Tribune) P.41 Tests show 8 metals in river dumping (WT) P.46