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CAR 1.9.02


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Climate Action Report
Email 1.9.02

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CAR 1.9.02

  1. 1. Breidenichtlajre~epamail.epal~gov _t 01 109/2002 01:38:12 PM ~ecord Type: Record fo: See the distribution list at the bottom of this mesasge. X: Kruger.Joe~epamaiLepa-gov, Phil Cooney(GEOIEOP@EOP, Kameran L Bailey/CEO/E:OP@EOP 3ubject Final Interagency Review of the National (CommunicatiOn Hello ail, As you're all aware, the home stretch for the national communication is looming. Hopeful are alart " on ttIO s ofor Please contact Reid or myself if you have any questions, anctagain thankI you for all your excellent work and effort. - Clare Breidenich (202) 564 - 4029 P.S. Please disregard if you're ahead of the curve on this. Thanks
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