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Asia Pacific Partnership
Email 10.24.05 (c)

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APP Email 10.24.05 (c)

  1. 1. CE.9330 From: Peel. Kenneth.L. To: Connatnhof, ams Shirzad, Faryar: C., Hnutto. CC: Ha ngnRrynJlunter, Roszell; C~adeDayna Chase; Australia Subject: Rice and Asia Pacifi Partnership launch in Date: Monday, October 24, 2005 6:50:21 PM Attachments: Jim and Faryar, AN. x
  2. 2. Ken Copyright 2005 Associated Press All Right4 Reserved Associated Press Worldstreamn October 1'2005 Friday SECTION: INTERNATIONAL NEWS Middle East; Africa; India; Asia; DISTRIBUTION: Europe; Britain; Scandinavia; England LENGTH: 464 words HEADLINE: Australia says no cate set for US-led cleaner energy forum Writer BYLINE: ROD McGUIRK; Associated Press DATELINE: CANBERRA, Australia BODY: for hosting an inaugural U.S.-backed Australia said Friday it hasn't set a date dealing a setback to an effort that summit aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, global warming pact. Kyoto critics have called a ploy to undermine the The Asia-Pcfcprnrhpo lan Energy Development - which also and Australia - was launched in July includes China,, Japan, India, South korea of carbon dioxide and other gases to develop technologies to reduce emissions It was touted as a more effective believed to be warming Earth's atmo phere. Protocol. solution to global warming than theKyt to undo the Kyoto pact and an excuse Critics, however, suspected it was a ploy protocol, which took effect in February for Washington and Canberra to reject the
  3. 3. greenhouse gas emissions by and aims to cut carbon dioxide and other their 1990 levels by 2012. belw industrialized nations by 5.2 percent does not do enough to curb global Asralia is among critics who say Kyot 2 on developingecnmsicldg warming because it doesn't impose targets China and India. the cleaner energy partnership was The inaugural ministerial meeting of in November, but Environment scheduled to be held in the city of Adelaide 20date had been set. Minister Ian Campbell said Friday that as we've got that date," Campbell "The particular date wi I be announced ~ssoon told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radi unidentified senior official involved in The British Broadcasting Corp. quotednmeeting had been postponed until the the process as saying Thursday that January at the earliest. Greens party, said the summit Christine Milne, a senator of the enviroprmentalist hadn't made progress toward had been postponed because the grouptechnologies. developing and sharing cleaner energy d~eveloping, deploying and transferring The group's vision statement talks of technology in which technologies such as nuclear power and clean coal burning coal. eliminated while greenhouse gases are extracted and -rship is nonbinding and sets no emissions Yet critics note that the U.S.-led partn reduction targets. Australia to sign Kyoto, said the The opposition Labor Party, which waInts an annual U.N. meeting on government wanted a November summit to pre-empt will plan how the Kyoto on Nov. 28 and climate change that begins in Montre~l enforceable from 2008. targets will be monitored when they bcome the government because it Postponing the meeting "would be hjmiliating for as a major international attempted to spin the pact and the Adelaide meeting environment spokesman cange," Labors breakthrough for addressing climate Anthony Albanese said in a statemetbit. which have signed Kyoto, He suspected China, India, Japan aijd South Korea, alternative. did not want to present the pact as an