Social Media for IT Professionals (english)


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English version of presentation held for IT team of Interdobs.
The world changes with big impact on the demand on corporate IT. Organizations focus on reducing cost, due to bad experiences in the past and financial pressure Sourcing of IT professionals is done by procurement and almost always based on rate.
Smaller IT specialists will have to differentiate themselves. The added value of these companies is in their team. Social media and social networking helps in showing and proving their strengths.

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Social Media for IT Professionals (english)

  1. 1. Vision ~ Knowledge ~ Results collaboration, pragmatic approach and innovation using Java & Oracle Social Media for IT professionals Frank Dorst ~ CTO, Whitehorses Presented at Interdobs, Gorinchem –November, 15th 2010
  2. 2. Whitehorses B.V. 15 Nov. ‘10 Topics: Introduction World of IT Differentiating capacity Going Social Tips Q&A
  3. 3. Whitehorses B.V. Whitehorses ● Projects & Consultancy ● Since 2001, focused on Netherlands ● 25 employees SOA / BPM Oracle platform Java development Agile / Scrum ● Architecture ● Process optimization ● (Composite) applications ● Infrastructure
  4. 4. CHANGE The World of IT …
  5. 5. Whitehorses B.V. Change has never been so quick and so fundamental 5
  6. 6. Usersaremoreassertive... …theyknowwhattheywant
  7. 7. … they want it faster … and faster … preferably NOW
  8. 8. … and they want more … and more … and more!
  9. 9. Whitehorses B.V. De druk ligt bij IT De druk ligt bij IT en de geschiedenis spreekt niet voor ons. De druk ligt bij IT en de geschiedenis spreekt niet voor ons. MISLUKTE PROJECTEN De druk ligt bij IT en de geschiedenis spreekt niet voor ons. MISLUKTE PROJECTEN HOGE KOSTEN De druk ligt bij IT en de geschiedenis spreekt niet voor ons. MISLUKTE PROJECTEN HOGE KOSTEN DEADLINES GEMIST De druk ligt bij IT en de geschiedenis spreekt niet voor ons. MISLUKTE PROJECTEN HOGE KOSTEN DEADLINES GEMIST FOUTE FUNCTIONALITEIT De druk ligt bij IT en de geschiedenis spreekt niet voor ons. MISLUKTE PROJECTEN HOGE KOSTEN DEADLINES GEMIST FOUTE FUNCTIONALITEIT ETC. IT is preasured to keep up … but our track record is not flawless. FAILED PROJECTS OVER BUDGET OVER DUE FUNCTIONAL MISMATCH ETC. ETC.
  10. 10. Is this how our users perceive us?
  11. 11. Whitehorses B.V.At least there’s no mutual trust?
  12. 12. … the cost will have to go down So if the added value of IT is not seen …
  13. 13. IT professionals are treated as “commodi Sourcing is done by procurement (yes, the same department that buys paperclips) Selection is done from a resume (using term matching…)
  14. 14. So, what does this all mean for the specialized IT services companies?
  15. 15. Whitehorses B.V. Focus on what you’re good at Value Disciplines Model by Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema Customer Intimacy (best total solution) Operational Excellence (lowest TCO) Product Leadership (best product) Innovation Superior brand image Time-to-market For big ISP’s For sourcing intermediaries
  16. 16. Whitehorses B.V. Differentiate Knowlegde Visibility Findable Result as a COMPANY & as a PROFESSIONAL
  17. 17. The professionals make the difference Best specialists Best technology Best methods
  18. 18. Everyone can say they’re good … … how can you prove it?
  19. 19. Whitehorses B.V. BRANDING Develop your identity
  20. 20. Website in Dutch, targeted on Dutch market
  21. 21. References Show knowledge Community involvement
  22. 22. Innovation / knowledge Community interaction Blog in English, targeted on international tech community
  23. 23. Knowledge network Platform for our professionals
  24. 24. Promote yourself
  25. 25. Whitehorses B.V. Our websites ● Decide on target audience(s) ● Website in Dutch, promoting our company ● Blog in Engels for the community, promoting the expertise of our professionals ● Show and prove our USP’s ● Do it together, everybody is an author ● “No fear” policy for publication: no thresholds, open communication, trust
  26. 26. Doubled our traffic after new focus
  27. 27. Reaching community audience outside Netherlands
  28. 28. Whitehorses B.V. The next step: Going Social
  29. 29. Whitehorses B.V.
  30. 30. Useful information from your network Interesting to see (change privacy settings) Expand your network
  31. 31. Be smart about your descriptions (they are indexed) Share your web presence Make a useful URL
  32. 32. Integrate with LinkedIn Applications, like Slideshare and WordPress blogs. Share where you’ll be and promote your own events
  33. 33. Very, very important: “collect” recommendations
  34. 34. Whitehorses B.V. LinkedIn ● Probably the most important network ● Very powerful way to “prove” your personal strengths ● Write clear texts, if applicable in your local language and in English ● Take it seriously and be complete ● Link to your websites, blog, twitter, etc. ● Use LinkedIn applications to integrate other content ● Tweak your Public Profile (indexed by Google) ● Choose contact and privacy settings ● Be active, network, ask for recommendations
  35. 35. Whitehorses B.V. Blogging
  36. 36. Example of personal Blog site: MyTuppence
  37. 37. Example of personal Blog site:
  38. 38. Example of personal Blog site: About APEX
  39. 39. Example of personal Blog site: Deltalounge
  40. 40. Example of personal Blog site: Biemond
  41. 41. Whitehorses B.V. Blogging for visitors ● Choose a topic and “stick to it” ● Publish regularly ● Work on getting visitors ● SEO ● Use the right tools: Wordpress or Blogger ● Use your network ● Use the community
  42. 42. So, what’s the pay-off? Recognition, invitations, awards…
  43. 43. Blogger = Press !
  44. 44. Whitehorses B.V.
  45. 45. Description is limited. Be smart about it, it’s indexed! Additional information may be added to your background image (not indexed of course) Whitehorses company account = 100% business
  46. 46. Personal account used for business and personal tweets
  47. 47. Use for promotion
  48. 48. Share interesting facts and events
  49. 49. Whitehorses B.V. Twitter for your profession ● What’s your strategy, your goal? ● Who do you target? ● Build a following ● Tweet (actively): – Publications – Interesting findings – Related opinions, links and events ● Help your network: RT
  50. 50. Whitehorses B.V. Share presentations … and reach a larger audience
  51. 51. Whitehorses B.V. Is it a “social media revolution”?
  52. 52. Whitehorses B.V. Bring visitors from Search Engines ● Google Page Rank ● Think Keywords ● Create unique content ● Use a good CMS ● Build “back links” ● Use your social network
  53. 53. Whitehorses B.V. Example: optimize keyword SEO 1. Create at least 500 words of relevant content 2. Keyword(s) must be in title (TITLE Tag) 3. Keyword(s) must be in URL 4. Keyword(s) must be in headings (H1, H2 & H3 Tags) 5. Keyword(s) must be in first & last sentence 6. Keyword(s) must be about 2% - 4% of all words 7. Create at least 1 outbound link to internal page with keyword(s) in “anchor text” 8. Create at least 1 outbound link to REPUTABLE external page (i.e. Wikipedia) with keyword(s) in “anchor text” 9. Avoid bogus external links 10. Use at least 1 image with keyword(s) in ALT text 11. Use the keyword(s) in bold, italic en underline
  54. 54. Whitehorses B.V. Social Media Tips ● What do you want to accomplish? ● Avoid mixing up private and business ● Continuity ● Work on your network (it’s not going to happen by itself) ● Help you colleagues and your network: link, RT, share, fav, etc.
  55. 55. Whitehorses B.V. What’s the payoff? ● It’s fun! ● Recognition ● Visibility ● Trust ● A broader network And … - Innovative reputation - Better brand image - Proof of results - Better projects!
  56. 56.
  57. 57. Whitehorses B.V. Frank Dorst Whitehorses @frank_dorst