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UTi Worldwide

  1. 1. UTi Worldwide Innovative Solutions Configured to Our Clients’ Needs Our strategy to client Delivering consistent value to centricity: a broad constituency: CLIENTasONE Our ShareholdersEnd to end solutions: Innovative solutions with Complete a single focus: Supply Chain Our Clients Services Developing best in Managing the supply class services chain with our most through innovation: valuable asset: Our Our People Technology 2 All information in this document is Confidential.
  2. 2. Company Profile Financial Highlights (FY09) • Revenues: $4.5 billion • Net Revenues: et e e ues $ 5 billion $1.5 b o • Operating Income: $154 million* • Net Income – continuing ops: $97 million ($0.97/share)* Comprehensive Global Network p • 20,415 employees • Owned Freight Forwarding locations in 288 cities in 62 countries • 200 Logistics Centers in 26 countries (26.4 M ft.2) Six Major Industry Verticals Service Lines • Automotive and Assembly • Air freight and ocean freight • Chemicals forwarding • Consumer Products, Retail, Other • Customs Brokerage • Fashion and Apparel • Contract Logistics • Government, A&D • Truck Brokerage and Distribution • Hi-Tech and Consumer Electronics Hi Tech • S Supply Ch i M l Chain Management t • Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare Services * Excludes impairment, restructuring and severance charges of $130.6 million /$109.5 miillion after taxesApril 2009 UTi Worldwide 3
  3. 3. Comprehensive Service Spectrum Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding Contract Logistics• Consolidation, Express & Charter Services • Receiving• Multi Mode Execution • Deconsolidation / Decontainerization• Registered & Licensed Global NVOCC and • Assembly, Sorting & Put Away Forwarder • Consolidation• Locations at Every Major Port Worldwide y j • Cargo Loading and Unloading• Documentation Specialists • Assembly of Freight and Protective Packaging• Global Visibility • Storage and Distribution• Freight Bill Audit & Payment • Manufacturing Support Distribution and S Supply Chain Management Customs Brokerage• Domestic Ground Transportation • Presence Worldwide• Warehousing Services • Prepare and File Formal Documentation• Consulting • Obtain Customs Bonds• Order Management • Facilitate Payment of Import Duties• Planning & Optimization Services • Arrange Payment of Collect Freight Charges• Outsourced Management Services • Assist with Commodity Classifications• Client Specific Supply Chain Solutions• Customized Distribution & Inventory Management All information in this document is Confidential. 4
  4. 4. UTi serves a growing blue chip customer base All information in this document is Confidential. 5
  5. 5. UTi provides a globally balanced service portfolio across multiple industriesNet Revenues by Service Revenues by Region Distribution and Customs Other Logistics Brokerage 2% Service Americas 2% 37% 33% Europe 26% Ocean 25% Freight Forwarding 15% 36% Airfreight Africa Forwarding 26% Asia PacificRevenue Figures Revenues by Industry(in millions) Gross Revenues Net Revenues 1,600 1,4891,546 5,000 4,3664,544 1,216 4,000 3,548 1,200 960 2,775 769 3,000 2,251 800 2,000 400 1,000 0 0 FY05 FY07 FY09 FY05 FY07 FY09 * Based on our top 50 clients All information in this document is Confidential. 6
  6. 6. Our Performance over the past five Revenues Net Revenues Operating Income* 4,544 1,546 4,366 1,489 159 154 142 3,548 , 1,216 131 2,775 960 952,251 769FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 * Figures adjusted for non-GAAP items, i.e. goodwill impairment, other charges, restructuring charges and SLi restatement. CLIENTasONE - version 2.0 draft revision 020 7
  7. 7. Industry Leadership and Innovationeyefortransport recognized UTi as one of the top three 3PLsfor Retail and IndustrialBaldrige Criteria for Excellence as Leadership ModelSC Governor’s Quality Award 2003Rated one of 7 Best Companies to Work For by InboundLogisticsFirst southeastern based warehousing company to achieve southeastern-basedISO RegistrationSix Sigma methodology in place since 2000Awarded Logistics Management’s 2005 Top 3PL “Quest forQuality” AwardAwarded Logistics Management’s 2008 Top 3PL “Quest forQuality” Award All information in this document is Confidential. 8
  8. 8. UTi Industry Position - 2008 For the 2nd year, Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies recognizes UTi as one of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners. “A customized approach to our global supply chain.”9 All information in this document is Confidential.
  9. 9. 400 Best Big Companies in America… …10th year of selecting the 400 Best Big Companies in America. Our methodology for choosing the winners is so stringent that 165 companies from last years 400 did not make the cut for 2008. Not only must companies pass ou be c a s o our benchmarks for financial growth a ca g o t rates and returns, but they must also meet our approval for their corporate governance, accounting standards and background checks. g UTi Selected as Forbes.com “400 Best Big Companies in America”10 All information in this document is Confidential.
  10. 10. Top 100 3PL Provider…In the July 2009 issue of Inbound Logistics, UTi Worldwide was one of the Top 100 3PL Providers of the year…6 consecutive years and running UTi Worldwide, Inc.
  11. 11. UTi United StatesUTi Transport SolutionsUTi Freight Forwarding & Contract Logistics LocationsAsset-Based Trucking and LogisticsFlatbed and Specialized OperationsFlatbed & Specialized Equipment
  12. 12. UTi Contract Logistics North America LocationsUTi manages over 25 million square feet of warehouse space in North America with bothdedicated and mixed use facilities. Unigistix Concentrek UTi Long Beach UTi Integrated Logistics Dedicated D di t d Multi-Client Unigistix Concentrek All information in this document is proprietary and confidential to UTi
  13. 13. UTi Transport Solutions UTI Transport Solutions – acquired by UTi Worldwide March 7, 2006 to allow UTi Worldwide to provide clients with a truly global integrated logistics solution. UTi Transport Solutions – is focused on North American ground transportation - Truckload, Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Specialized, Intermodal and LTL. Over 30 years of transportation experience led us to be an industry leader in providing solutions for Clients and Carriers that uniquely meet their needs.Today, UTi Transport Solutions - has evolved into an organization that fully understands the needs of the motor freight industry and constantly responds with improved solutions. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, our force of over 200 offices are linked together with industry leading technologyUTi Transport Solutions - has contracts with over 43,000 carriers representing more than 1,000,000 power units nationwide. Our custom-developed technology allows us to communicate instantly with our carriers and clients, book over 18,000 loads every month, and maintain an inventory of over 4,000 available loads at any given moment. UTi Transport Solutions for Clients - Looks at the big picture. We can optimize a shippers traffic patterns by utilizing our various transportation solutions to better meet service needs while staying cost effective. Load tracking and paperwork can be immediately accessed from our website for real-time information. Our Carrier Services Department verifies insurance, safety rating and authority on each carrier used. p , y g y
  14. 14. Multimodal Transportation Options Multimodal transportation options including: Dedicated Contract Carriers, LTL, Intermodal, Third Party Logistics, Private Fleet Operations Fl t O ti Third Party Logistics Dry Van and Refrigerated Dedicated Contract Carriers IntermodalFlatbed and Over Dimensional LTL
  15. 15. Logistics Vertical Expertise Consumer Building g Electronics Beverages 10% Agriculture10% Containers 10% Automotive 2%Products 35% 15%
  16. 16. Business Development Support ClaimsFulltime claims department that facilitate the settlement of the claim by supplying and processing claims forms and interacting with both the shipper and the carrier.UTi carries a contingent cargo insurance policy of $250,000 and a liability policy to protect our customers and company from business risks. Settlement Accounting and Marketing Settlement, Full time support staff comprised of over 30 individuals that: Process bills of lading, pay carriers within 15 days, giveadvances and immediate pay to carriers, image all paperwork for website retrieval, process all commission reports and payroll, electronic letter request, marketing material and y g network assistance Carrier Insurance/Liability Coverage Notification Eight full Carrier Service Evaluators that check and process: authority, insurance, safety rating contracts and contact y y g information on every carrier utilized. The computersautomatically tracks the carriers cargo expiration and freeze utilization until the insurance is updated. All load values arecrossed referenced with carrier insurance amounts to ensure cargo is properly covered. covered
  17. 17. Visual Freightrak - Technology• Proprietary Windows based Java application developed by corporate development team• EDI - Technology• Designed to handle full truckload, partial truckload and LTL shipments p• Access to information in VFT is also available to clients on the website in real time• Enables real time sharing of information between affiliates, corporate support staff and our external clients and carriers• A fully integrated solution for managing clients, carriers, freight, issues• Establishes and enforces rules of conduct with respect to company policies
  18. 18. TIA P3 $100,000 Membership•Member of TIA’s premium P3 program.•Honored M b hi i P3 i li it d t b k H d Membership in is limited to brokers who hdemonstrated superior business practices, credit and trackrecord in the industry.•In addition, we are now a member of the GuaranteedPayment Program, which raises our payment bond to carriersfrom $10,000 to $100,000.•GPP would pay out $100,000 to carriers if we fail to payfreight bills rightfully due•Over 95% of all US third parties have only the $10,000 bond.
  19. 19. EPA SMARTWAYWe joined the SmartWay program to show ourClients and Carriers we are committed to promotinggreater energy efficiency and air quality.WeW encourage our Carriers t b C i to become part of th t f theSmartway program. This is done during our setupprocess, again during the profiling stage and wefollow up with regular industry updates updates.
  20. 20. Less-Than-Truckload (LTL/LCL) We have reached out to a number of traditional LTLcarriers and secured what we consider to be very competitive pricing in today’s business environment. We operate from a C lit b Czarlite base rate with ti d FAK application and di t ith tiered li ti d discounts t levels from each of our LTL providers. We use Visual Freightrak to create shipments and dispatch LTL carriers The s stem will create the bill of carriers. system illlading, transmit it to the LTL carrier, provide the cost and give us accurate transit time information based on the origin and destination zip codes. The carrier invoices UTi Transport Solutions, Solutions and we invoice the client client.
  21. 21. LTL Service Benefits• A very select group of premier less than truckload partners• Direct Di t service within th 48 states as well as most i ithi the t t ll t points within Canada and Mexico• Tracking and Tracing is seamless to both you and your customer or supplier• Freight invoice, proof of delivery and copy of bill of lading sent directly to UTi office, for Client Centric Solutions• Full time Claims management• UTI TS handles all payments to carriers• Direct management of Carrier billing disputes g g p• Sales team for travel to Client for new or existing opportunities
  22. 22. Our Offices