How do you define a social media expert


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Taken from a blog written by Stephanie Harmsworth and presentation put together by Stephanie Harmsworth

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How do you define a social media expert

  1. How do you define a Social Media Expert? photo credit: Matt Hansen Photography Taken from a blog post written by Stephanie Harmsworth Presentation put together by Stephanie Harmsworth
  2. Coming from a marketing degree and now interning at White Hat Media, it becomes apparent that….. >> Marketing industries are in a constant battle trying to define and prove their status as ‘social media experts’ . >> The online world throws the term ‘Social Media Expert’ around so loosely. I am a Social Media Expert photo credit: Ben Lawson
  3. With no social media expert certification, it can be difficult to build a name for yourself along with being taken seriously as an “expert”. In 2009, 15,740 users on Twitter claimed to be social media experts! photo credit: mringlein Definitions of a social media expert will constantly be modified due to the industry forever changing.
  4. Is it specific language used in ideas or discussions, making social mediums sound ‘hip’ and knowledgeable? Jargon Would jargon words; crowdsourcing , vlog or syndication mind boggle you? Anyone can claim to be a social media expert by learning the social media jargon. So therefore, is it fair to say jargon is a key indicator of a social media expert? photo credit: bootload
  5. Status Does an authoritative figure have a social media expert opinion because they are well known experts in other fields? Users will follow authoritative figures on social platforms, because they are within the public domain. Having high expert status and accomplishments will allow others to think you are an expert. photo credit: Snap However, the authoritative figures are only being followed due to their status and popularity in online society, not necessarily their expertise in social media.
  6. Sales Will a focused selling approach make a social media expert? photo credit: reway2007 Some salesmen are focused only on profit generating, not participating in the social aspect. The sale driven self called ‘experts’ will be constantly hassling consumers. Can this be called a social media expert when the interests are not benefiting the consumers? If social media becomes more practical the fake smokescreen will eventually reveal the legitimate salesman. photo credit: UPGRADEDmedia
  7. Value Providing value though social platforms will allow the audience to become interested, making them more open to a business. If a company provides value then does this mean they are social media experts? Judging value can present many different opinions. photo credit: DaveBr If consumers feel valued then are you looked at as a social media expert? photo credit: Jo Angel
  8. Everyone will eventually be exposed to a source of social media. As this happens the title, ‘social media expert’ will start to lose the value of its meaning due to the popularity. People will either begin to reject the term or want proof that the candidate is worthy. photo credit: Emilie Ogez