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White Glove


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Summary of services and information about White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc

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White Glove

  1. 1. White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing Inc.<br />
  2. 2. A drug and alcohol free workplace is a productive workplace. You want the best from your employees, and they deserve the best from you. Give them the "White Glove" treatment when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. White Glove specializes in performing professional onsite and emergency collection services. We also offer professional collection services at our friendly facilities centrally located in Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties. Our collectors are certified with experience in urine and alternative specimen collections, as well as breath alcohol testing. We are fully insured servicing all types of business and industry performing both regulated and non-regulated testing. We cover all of Maryland, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia providing onsite and 24/7 emergency collection services. <br />
  3. 3. With over 15 years of Drug Free Workplace Management experience, coupled with an extensive knowledge of U.S. DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations, we can administer your program, and eliminate your headaches. White Glove is a certified MBE/DBE corporation. We are proud members of DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association) and SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association). Helen White, President and owner is certified as both a C-SAPA and MRO-A. White Glove is also Nationally Accredited for the Administration of Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs. Since we customize testing services to meet your specific situation, this allows you to achieve your testing goals while realizing your budgetary constraints. We excel at maximizing your testing dollars, while providing professional, high-caliber services exclusive to White Glove. <br />
  4. 4. White Glove offers onsite testing, to reduce employee downtime, and further increase your workplace productivity. We will perform collections utilizing your current lab and/or MRO, or we can provide the services that you need. We offer several modalities of testing; <br /><ul><li>U.S. DOT urine drug screening and breath alcohol testing.
  5. 5. Non-regulated expanded panel lab based urine, hair, and saliva drug testing with gc/ms confirmation.
  6. 6. Non-regulated 6 panel saliva testing which offers instant results, with laboratory gc/ms confirmation for positive results.
  7. 7. Non-regulated 9 panel instant urine drug testing which offers immediate results, with laboratory gc/ms confirmation for positive results.
  8. 8. Non-regulated breath and saliva alcohol testing.
  9. 9. Computer generated randomization and confidential records management. </li></li></ul><li>Our facility offers professional urine, oral fluid, hair, and DNA specimen collection, as well as alcohol testing services. We are centrally located in Severna Park, with ample free parking. We are open weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm. No appointments are necessary during our normal business hours. We do offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday facility testing by appointment. We are a preferred collection site for several labs including Quest Diagnostics & Labcorp, as well as a proud partner of the EOHN (e-Screen Occupational Health Network).<br />
  10. 10. DATIA Accredited Collection Facility<br /> White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc is proud to hold this accreditation. We obtained this accredited status by adhering to strict standards in such areas as regulatory compliance, company service standards, specimen handling, operational practices, business ethics, and facility equipment. One of the most frustrating and costly aspects of workplace drug testing is the high incidence of rejected specimens due to errors at the collection site. As Accredited Collection Facilities, we can assure our clients that we maintain a minimal number of rejected specimens, thereby saving everyone time and resources. <br />
  11. 11. Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs<br />The Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs (NAADATP) was created by quality minded leaders in the drug & alcohol testing industry, committed to raising the level of proficiency in program management. This program aims at upholding the highest standards of program management with regards to operations, personnel, and professional competency. A primary requirement of the NAADATP is that principals attend a comprehensive training course and successfully pass an industry developed exam on these policies and procedures .<br />
  12. 12. Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator<br />Helen White, President & owner is Certified as a Substance Abuse Program Administrator, by SAPACC. C-SAPAs are generalists who design, organize and administer services to promote drug-safe workplaces. These services are intended to improve health and productivity for all workers, decreasing accidents and the many costs associated with substance abuse. The C-SAPA must also assure that programs are operated in compliance with any state or federal regulations, as well as company policies. Other concerns of the C-SAPA, whether directly employed by an organization, or retained to serve in this capacity, include assuring that the program adheres to generally accepted standards for administrative services, testing, training, medical review, confidentiality and business ethics.<br />
  13. 13. Medical Review Officer (MRO)<br />Philip Lopez, MD<br />White Glove utilizes the MRO services of Philip Lopez, MD. Dr. Lopez is certified for urine, hair, and saliva testing verification, through MROCC and AMMRO. He has 14 years experience and is among the 1% of full time MRO's in the country. He is the head MRO for many corporations such as Schneider Trucking the largest trucking company in the U.S and Kraft foods to mention only a few. His experience level, therefore, far exceeds most MRO's in the country.<br /> Dr. Lopez is responsible for the critical task of determining the validity of drug test results, and making the final determination of the accuracy of a drug test. For a drug testing program to work properly, it is essential for Dr Lopez to utilize his working knowledge and understanding of the legal and technical issues involved. His job is to balance the protected rights of the tested individual and the compelling concerns for health and safety in the workplace and for drug deterrence. In addition to reviewing quality control and assurance aspects of testing, he also plays a fundamental role in fulfilling the constitutional requirements of the Fourth Amendment for government mandated drug testing.<br />
  14. 14. Records Management<br />Helen White is a certified Medical Review Officer Assistant (MRO-A) by the MROCC. This physician based certifying body identifies qualified MRO staff with the highest professional standards of expertise and skills necessary to assist physician Medical Review Officers in the evaluation of drug & alcohol test results in both public and private sectors. The certified MRO-A has completed a comprehensive training course and written examination. This certification is only issued to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of competency in a consistent and professional manner, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of test results, and the performance of specific functions and tasks.<br />
  15. 15. WHY CONDUCT DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING ?<br />76.4% of illicit drug users are employed.<br />15.9 million Americans are currently illicit drug users.<br />35% of employees have seen and/or heard of drug use on the job.<br />11% of employees have been offered drugs to use while at work. <br />66% of major U.S. firms test for drugs. <br />Random drug testing will identify daily and monthly drug users 93% of the time.<br />Over half of the people seeking emergency room treatment for work related injuries tested POSITIVE for drugs and/or alcohol.<br />18 Million adults in this country have alcohol related problems<br />Alcohol use accounts for 15% of the nation’s healthcare costs<br />Problem drinkers are 21% less productive than their counterparts<br />Alcohol abusers are twice as likely as social drinkers to be hospitalized for an injury. <br />When compared to co-workers without substance abuse problems, drug users are 3 times as likely to be hospitalized for an injury.<br />In the 18 to 25 year old population, 65% have used illicit drugs-44% in the past year.<br />Of the people calling the Cocaine Hotline, greater than 80% admit to using or dealing drugs on the job<br />
  16. 16. Alcohol Testing<br />White Glove conducts regulated and non-regulated breath and saliva alcohol testing. We use only certified BATs & STTs for both facility and on-site testing needs. <br /> Our breath alcohol testing is conducted utilizing an Alco Sensor IV EBT device in conjunction with Alco Sensor IV @ Work software. This state of the art software is designed for workplace testing. It takes the Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) through a step by step process which follows either the DOT testing guidelines or a non DOT test. The program not only prompts the operator through the test itself producing the required printed results, but it also helps the operator follow the proper QA procedures and records the data for easy retrieval if required at a later point in time. <br />Our saliva alcohol testing is conducted utilizing DOT approved AlcoScreen O2 saliva test strips, by certified Screening Test Technicians (STT).<br />
  17. 17. Urine Drug Testing<br />White Glove utilizes only certified professional specimen collectors to collect all urine samples. We provide facility and on-site testing for both regulated and non-regulated employers. Our collectors strictly adhere to collection guidelines set forth by the U.S. DOT in order to ensure integrity and consistency for every sample collected. We use only SAMSHA certified laboratories to conduct testing. For non-regulated employers, White Glove also provides expanded panel lab based and instant urine testing with gc/ms laboratory confirmation. The collection and laboratory procedure for this testing mirror those required for regulated employer testing. <br />
  18. 18. Alternative Specimen Testing<br />Non-regulated employers have the option of alternative specimen testing. This testing includes oral fluids both lab based and instant, as well as lab based nail and hair testing. There are many benefits to alternative specimen testing, and White Glove specializes in matching the best testing modality to your specific needs. Our collectors for both facility and on-site alternative testing are certified and experienced, allowing for legally defensible results. <br />
  19. 19. DNA & Paternity Testing<br />White Glove provides DNA & paternity testing thru our partnership with several certified DNA laboratories such as DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center), Chromosomal Laboratories, and Fairfax Identity Labs to name a few. Services include, parentage, immigration, ancestry and genetic testing. We use only certified collectors and offer facility as well as on-site collections.<br />
  20. 20. Background Screening<br /> To compliment our drug & alcohol testing services, White Glove also offers certified background screening with a rapid turnaround time. Many of our clients are mandated to perform background screening on employees, others voluntarily make the wise decision to do so. Package pricing is available with additional discounts for clients who utilize our drug & alcohol testing services. Our screening services include:<br />National Criminal Searches<br />State Criminal Searches<br />County Criminal Searches<br />SSN & Alias Tracing<br />Sex Offender Searches<br />Driving Record Searches<br />Employment Verification<br />Education Verification<br />National Civil Searches<br />State/County Civil Searches<br />Credit History & Scoring<br />
  21. 21. Contact Us<br />White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc.<br />537 Ritchie Highway<br />Suite 2D<br />Severna Park, MD 21146<br />Helen White-President & CEO<br />Richard White-VP & Logistics Coordinator<br />(410) 458-8276 office<br />(410) 544-2111 fax<br />