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WhiteFire Marketing | Social Media Channel Marketing | Toronto


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WhiteFire Marketing effortly uses Social Media Marketing, SEO, Coupons and Sharing to drive high traffic volumes to local stores.

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WhiteFire Marketing | Social Media Channel Marketing | Toronto

  1. 1. Online Promotions for Local Retail Stores
  2. 2. Introduction • WhiteFire is technology solution distributed exclusively by WhiteCloud Marketing to support Channel sales and Brand Development • Private Company founded in 2008
  3. 3. What is it “WhiteFire increases walk- in and online traffic to the local retail outlet or eCommerce Site”. ?
  4. 4. WhiteFire Store Workflow local Internet Retail Store WhiteFire Local Promotion Manager Online retail Bricks and Online presence: Mortar eCom Store Microsite ‘WhiteFire Dramatically increases local store traffic and revenue’
  5. 5. 1 viralmulti-generational WhiteFire is a local campaign engine with Social Marketing. Sharing, campaigns significantly lift overall campaign results.
  6. 6. 2 Coupon and Offer Increase local store walk-ins with Management . Promotions with authenticated coupon redemption and fulfillment.
  7. 7. Coupon Offer Authentication Share & Track on major social sites
  8. 8. 3streamed to Social Media With one click promotions are Sites.Virally connect your local store promotion to Facebook and Twitter.
  9. 9. Publish, Embed & Stream content
  10. 10. Local SEO 4 Built in . Local organic search traffic can deliver significant visits to your website and store. Effectively capture these visits and build your local brand.
  11. 11. SEO features
  12. 12. 5own local promotions Local retail store create & post their . Empower the local dealer and franchisee and with online promo management.
  13. 13. Enterprise Capable • Manage hundreds of microsite promotions from one control panel • All sites are local but maintain corporate brand as appropriate and still provide access to dealer or store manager to update local area content, coupons and view reports • Launch new campaigns on all local sites or select number in minutes • Roll all results up into one Dashboard
  14. 14. Key Features • Build master microsite, build • Sharing and viral widget 300 plus local sites in minutes • Simple one step integration • Every site can have its own with Google Analytics, PPC custom URL or subdomain and Webmaster • SEO built in • Embed html pages and content to other site with code • Reporting and Tracking snippet. • Easy widget based coupon • Mobile app for reporting and management Social Media notifications • Drag and Drop content coming in late 2010. management • Lead Management and routing • Update Facebook pages with • Compatible with Wordpress offers automatically • Send notifications to many • Slurps existing web pages Social media sites at one time • Content syndication
  15. 15. WhiteFire Workspace Stream Widgets Content Drag and Drop
  16. 16. Entire WhiteFire Workflow to store Internet Retail Store local WhiteFire Local Promotion Manager Facebook Online retail Bricks and Online presence: Mortar eCom Store Twitter Microsite Internet Corporate Store Locator Online Corporate Site
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Case Study
  19. 19. How much of an impact can WhiteFire organic SEO search traffic have on store sales?
  20. 20. Search for Dominos London and we have 3, free #1 Rankings • 800 Visits monthly #1 • 30% Conversion rate Rank • $29 average order
  21. 21. Here is what happened with a local microsite $6,696 Bump in monthly sales! from referrals
  22. 22. Organic Search results for by adding SEO to Dominos Home page $1,751.77 Bump $6,696 Bump in monthly sales by in monthly sales! adding ‘London’ to from referrals Home page
  23. 23. ROI • Same store sales increase with WhiteFire • $7,700 through Local SEO and coupons • Add another 299 stores • Overall sales increase for Dominos Canada at $4,000/month/store • 300 stores x $4,000 x 12 months = $14 M /yr (After 1-2 years)
  24. 24. Pricing • From $99 to $999/month