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Build and expand your brand through Social Sharing. The WhiteFire platform delivers at minimum a 200% lift on email and direct Mail Campaigns.

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WhiteFire Marketing | Build your Brand | Social Viral Marketing Toronto

  1. 1. Social Viral Sharing Campaigns
  2. 2. 83% trust the opinion of a friend who recommends a product or service. who 13% trust corporate advertising.
  3. 3. Our patented software platform allows you to easily integrate social media marketing with any direct marketing initiative to achieve unprecedented response rates.
  4. 4. TheWhiteFirePlatform combines + social web/sharing + offer-based marketing + proven scientific & psychological human tendencies + real time analytics = Social Media Automation
  5. 5. Works with all mediums •Email •Direct Mail •Newspaper/Magazine Ads •Packaging •Radio •Television •Point of Sale
  6. 6. Success Stories “The platform is a way to build a relationship with consumers and exchange value.”’ -Response Magazine “Put content into the hands of your advocates and let them do the marketing. It’s a very different way of thinking about direct marketing.” -Inncentive "This is going to be a game-changer. In 30 years' time, we will consider it one of the top three groundbreaking technologies in database management." -Richard Birt, senior vice president of customer analytics and insights -KSL Media
  7. 7. 1 WhiteFire is a brand campaign engine using social media to support brand development online. With sharing Campaigns can run 2-3 generations and often building impressions months after the initial campaign is launched.
  8. 8. 2 Increase national brand development with retailers, dealers and franchises with Coupon & Offer Management. Online offers are key in brand development and supporting experiential marketing at the store level.
  9. 9. 3 200% + increase Increase and leverage your brand in brand and message impressions /clicks. Whitefire through viral sharing and offers has seen over 500% increase on email and direct mail campaigns.
  10. 10. Easy to understand real-time analytics allow you to capitalize on market trends before your competition.
  11. 11. Real time viewing Customer Action Index 1 Lands on PURL 2 Filling Out Form 3 Answering Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 4 Activated Card 5 Shared 6 Visiting Advertiser’s Site
  12. 12. Real time viewing Activations are shown in real-time Use the mouse to view individual information about customers Each color represents a customer’s action Live feeds show the most recent activity View age and sex demo of participants
  13. 13. Breaking down the response Overall response rate, percentage of activations and total shared Source breakdown Heat map Sales funnel helps you to discover where the biggest opportunities are
  14. 14. Gauging a customer’s social influence TheWhiteFirePlatform is the only platform that tracks every generation of sharing, so you can reward the original user. See the social networks that have the greatest influence on your brand Measure network impact broken out by weekday and day part as well as total weekday traffic from social networks
  15. 15. Gauging a customer’s social influence Watch for popular markets that might not have been included in the original marketing campaign Gauge a person’s social influence by the spider web of linked friends who are participating in the program
  16. 16. Poll tab feedback Survey answers are delivered in an easy to view format. Use the filter to see results from different demos to understand how to target them in future marketing
  17. 17. List tab detailed breakdown by individual View address, e-mail and date of birth info. A residence map is dynamically generated. Filter to learn more about a demo or to find a specific customer Easily export data to an Excel file Toggle between poll results and activity log.
  18. 18. • Achieve breakthrough response rates • Build opt-in email lists • Improve Organic Rankings • Add data to your database • Improve marketing decisions • In store or Online Redemption • Detailed Analytic/Tracking Platform • Patented, Secure & Scalable = Social Automation!
  19. 19. http://www.whitefiremarketing.com