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New Places to Learn: Flexible learning and online residency


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Slides from my talk at the Higher Education Academy event held in Oxford.

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New Places to Learn: Flexible learning and online residency

  1. 1. New places to learn:Flexible learning andonline residency
  2. 2. DEPARTMENT FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY-ASSISTED LIFELONG LEARNING New places to learn: Flexible learning and online residency #heanplDavid White@daveowhiteTechnology Assisted Lifelong LearningUniversity of Oxford19th April 2012
  3. 3. Technology AssistedLifelong Learning
  4. 4. Emerging, Establishing,Embedding, ExperiencedConvenience, Connection, Authority, Relevance Distractionease of use, sharing with legitimacyaccessibility others Create ReliabilitySearching Collaborate Speed Fun, Quantity enjoyment Visitors and Residents
  5. 5. Emerging, Establishing,Embedding, ExperiencedConvenience, Connection, Collaborate Authority, Distractionease of use, sharing with legitimacyaccessibility others Reliability Relevance Speed CreateSearching Fun, Quantity enjoyment Visitors and Residents
  6. 6. If I’m not in this placeI’m in that one. UKF5 – Visitors and Residents
  7. 7. Web as place Social Openness - Sharing Convenience Communal Authority - Relevance
  9. 9. ‘Genres ofparticipation’not frameworksDigital Youth Research: Kids’ Informal Learning with Digital Media – “Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out”
  10. 10. Evolution‘the need for practice –acquired through continueddevelopment and refinement indifferent contexts, rather thanonce-and-for-all mastery’ Llida report
  11. 11. Visitor Resident Video: Paper:
  12. 12. Visitor
  13. 13. Resident
  14. 14. This iswhereI live
  15. 15. I’ll see how he is on Facebookand I’ll send him a message onFacebook, even though he’ssitting five feet away from me.So, I’ll type him something andhe’s like, “Jon, just ask me, I’mright here.” I’ll type back, “No.What’s the score?” USU4 – Visitors and Residents
  16. 16. I actually have teachersthat limit us on how manyinternet sources we can usebut require hard copysources from the library. USU3 – Visitors and Residents
  17. 17. I tend to believe that peoplewill just learn it, even if theyhave never used, because it’sso easy. And if they don’tknow, I will just say, “Googleit,” so easy to learn now. UKF5 – Visitors and Residents
  18. 18. UKU3
  19. 19. LearnerOwnedLiteracies
  20. 20. Graduate Attributes:‘Apply different forms ofcommunication in varioussocial, professional andcultural settings’ Queen Mary University of London
  21. 21. ‘…to become a confident,agile adopter of arange of technologies forpersonal, academic andprofessional use. …andengage productively inrelevant online communities.’ Brookes University
  22. 22. ‘Ability to use technology towork, research, learn andinfluence others in anincreasingly digital world.’ Southampton University
  23. 23. ‘Digital literacy definesthose capabilities which fitan individual for living,learning and working in adigital society.’ JISC Developing Digital Literacies
  24. 24. Influence?Community?
  26. 26. “…one of the clear thingsthat we see among a lot ofstudents is the desire toconnect with other studentsand that’s something thattechnologies can clearlyfacilitate ” HEFCE Study of UK Online Learning
  27. 27. EventednessFellowship Page 27
  28. 28. ‘Visitor skills are the lowhanging fruit, its residencyskills, and the ability tobalance them with otherpressures, where theadvances in technology lie....So where is the lowhanging fruit of residency?’ Alan Cann
  29. 29. Thanks @daveowhite Search: JISC Visitors and Residents
  30. 30. The JISC funded Visitorsand Residents project teamLynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D. - Co-Principal Investigator Senior Research Scientist OCLC ResearchDonna Lanclos, Ph.D.- Co-Investigator University of North Carolina, CharlotteAlison Le Cornu, Ph.D.- Research Assistant University of OxfordErin Hood – Research Assistant OCLC Research
  31. 31. Picture creditsEmpty lecture theatre Riberia with laptops School Phone