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Big understanding: The value of typologies of engagement?


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How do 'big ideas' like Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants or 'Openness' influence or thinking? Are they of any value?

This talk was given at the Open University (UK)

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Big understanding: The value of typologies of engagement?

  1. 1. Page Big understanding: The value of typologies of engagement? David White 07/02/11
  2. 2. Page When I said ‘typologies’ what I meant was ‘taxonomies’...
  3. 3. Page … no, wait…
  4. 4. Macro thinking
  5. 9.
  6. 12.
  7. 15. Natives and Immigrants
  8. 16. Page Mark Bullen: a. Institutional e-mail account No association b. Personal e-mail account No association c. Instant messaging No association d. Text message (via phone) No association e. Facebook/MySpace No association f. Talking via phone No association g. Talking in person No association h. WebCT Association MODE SIGNIFICANT ASSOCIATION BETWEEN AGE AND USE?
  9. 17. Page
  10. 18. Page
  11. 19. Page Who we are? or How we act?
  12. 20. Page Better for placing the individual than for defining groups?
  13. 21. Page Curricular response? Institutional response?
  14. 22. Visitors and Residents study
  15. 23. Page
  16. 24. Page Social Threshold
  17. 25. Page
  18. 26. Page Gareth Harper Whisky? Whiskey?
  19. 27. Page Matt Gorecki ‘ Field for the British Isles’ Anthony Gormley “ Openness”
  20. 28. Page
  21. 29. Page Broadcast vs. Conversation Institutional vs. Individual Marketing vs. Teaching/Learning
  22. 30. Page
  23. 31. Page
  24. 32. Page
  25. 33. Page
  26. 34. Page Macro thinking and practice Appreciation of web-culture and its influence ------ Thermometer of expectation
  27. 35. Page “ Face to way you play”
  28. 36. Page Macro thinking and research Not typing students or staff ----- Gathering the discourse ----- Creating a vocabulary
  29. 37. Page [email_address] @daveowhite