White Card Update: Police investigate fatal work incident


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White Card Update: Police investigate fatal work incident

  1. 1. White Card Update: Police investigate fatal work incidentThe incident which occurred on Saturday morning involving a worker who was fatally injuredwhen a concrete pourer collapsed has highlighted the need for greater safety on constructionsites, especially when working with concrete mixers, pourers and other similar machinery.This report on the police website details the incident:ACT Policing is investigating a workplace incident at Kingston Foreshore this morning (SaturdayJuly 21) killing a man in his early 20s.At about 9.44am police were called to a construction site where a concrete pourer hadcollapsed injuring three workers.ACT Ambulance arrived at the scene and tried to resuscitate the man without success. The twoinjured workers have been transported to The Canberra Hospital for treatment.ACT Policing are preparing a brief for the Coroner with the assistance of Work Safe ACT.Anyone who is yet to speak to police and witnessed the incident is asked to call police on131 444.Source:http://www.police.act.gov.au/media-centre/media-releases/act/2012/july/police-investigate-fatal-work-incident.aspxThe danger of concrete mixers is that it can affect a large number of workers, not just theoperator if something goes wrong. On construction sites concrete mixers are an important andcommon fixture, therefore safe operation methods need to be communicated to workers throughtraining and provision of information. The danger of working on a construction site is badenough, but is compounded further by the danger of rotating machinery, which results innumerous accidents on site every year. The majority of incidents that occurred involved theentanglement of the workers clothing in the machinery, so workers should be aware of thedangers involved and keep loose clothing and objects away from machinery. When working withconcrete mixers, or any plant and machinery workers may not be able to avoid working withrotating components, so the risk needs to be managed.By adhering to the following rules operators can make the construction site a safer place:• Wear the appropriate safety glasses and hearing protection. Protective footwear, protectiveclothing and appropriate gloves should be used. The use of electrical safety equipment shouldalso be enlisted.• Before beginning to undertake your work, tuck in any loose clothing or long hair, 1/3
  2. 2. • Confirm that the electric mixer has current electrical inspection & testing tag• For electrical units ensure that leads are off the ground and connected through a safety switchto prevent electrocution hazard• Ensure ALL safety guards are secured in place, should an incident occur employers will beheld liable and fined for missing guards• Ensure that the unit is mechanically sound and in good working condition• For motor engines ensure fuel is sufficient and engine oil level okay to prevent anymalfunctions.• Check that tyres for appropriately inflatedWhile investigations into the accident are still underway, concrete mixer safety is an issue thatshould be attended to before it escalates to this extent. To avoid incidents make sure anychemical, substance or cement spills are cleaned up immediately to eliminate slipping andfalling hazards. Cleaning of the mixer must be done with caution. No cleaning is to beundertaken with the mixer on, ensure that the mixer is turned off. Displaying the appropriatesignage plays a crucial role in the overall safety of the construction site and that includes areaswhere concrete mixers are in operation.By following a few safety tips an incident such as this can be avoided :• You should work on a firm and level working area. The event of the machine toppling over dueto uneven ground can be a disaster. Also make sure to protect surrounding surfaces.• Check the area for any potential hazards that may impact the operation of the mixer• Electric mixer should be protected by a residual current device prior to starting• On a Petrol mixer, turn on fuel, close choke, pull rope using smooth action• Once the mixer is started, open the choke and allow the machine to warm up before usingOnce you have completed the task assigned empty the mixer drum of its contents. This can bedone by adding water to the still wet mixer. Then allow the machine to revolve or wash interiorand exterior clean.By keeping these safety guidelines in mind concrete mixers need not present a danger toconstruction workers. Employers have a duty to ensure that the machines are maintained and ingood working order as well as providing training to workers before allowing them to operatemachinery as well as provide supervision for operators while performing tasks using concretemixers if they wish to keep their construction sites safe and incident free. 2/3
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