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Ways to Use a Whiteboard Paint


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For a more detailed explanation regarding the different ways on how you can use whiteboard paint, check out this article:

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Ways to Use a Whiteboard Paint

  2. 2. A communal calendar posted on a whiteboard painted wall makes keeping track of meetings, appointments, times, and locations much easier. WHITEBOARD PAINTED CALENDAR
  3. 3. A whiteboard painted wall provides a practically limitless canvas on which teams can brainstorm and generate project ideas, without worrying about running out of space. WHITEBOARD PAINTED BRAINSTORMING SURFACE
  4. 4. TO-DO LIST ON A WHITEBOARD PAINTED WALL With whiteboard walls, you can jot down your daily, weekly or monthly tasks in large writing that’s directly in your line of sight.
  5. 5. WHITEBOARD WALL IMAGERY You and your team can use your whiteboard painted wall to draw images around textual content to better explain and help visualize concepts and come up with additions and changes.
  6. 6. Apply clear dry erase paint to your desk so that when people phone you at your office you’ll be able to use a semi- permanent, re-writable surface to make quick notes of names and numbers or messages that need to be passed on to others or remembered for your own use. DRY ERASE NOTE TAKING
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