East Africa's Mobile Gaps 2011


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Mobile Web, Mobile Money and Smart(er) Phones.

This is from a talk I did in Oct 2011 at the InMobi conference in Nairobi.

As with most slides, these don't give you the context of the actual talk I was giving, but they should give you some idea of what was interesting in it.

*Some Notes*

The Numbers
Number of mobile subscribers and Mobile penetration per country:
1. Uganda:  12,828,264;  38.38%
2. Kenya:  24,968,891;  61.63%
3. Tanzania:  21,028,821;  46.90%
4. Rwanda:  4,247,751;  39.6%
5. Burundi:  1,150,500; 13.72%

There is an estimated total of 64,224,227 mobile subscribers in East Africa.

Mobile Money
We're only half way there with our current solution(s)
Pain is still at the last connection, between customer and merchant

We’re all quite impressed with the peer-to-peer mobile money growth on the continent, but those numbers pales in comparison to what can be done with high penetration of active merchant payment options.

New products focused on merchants:
New startups like Niko Hapa are creating locally-relevant incentive systems for merchants that works with everyday customers. Others, like M-Order, are creating simplified mobile and web-based ordering systems for customers to order services and products. MIH-backed Dealfish and Ringier-backedRupu/Pigia continue to duke it out against each other across sub-saharan Africa, getting small merchants to list their goods on their marketplaces.

We’re seeing mobile payment aggregators, such as PesaPal, begin to see success as their web options catch on with merchants, schools and events. Meanwhile, groups like KopoKopo are going further down the stack, providing a subscription-based mobile payments processing package for SMEs.

Smart(er) Phones
The coming Android invasion
• IDEOS locally
Highest smartphone penetration is at 10% in SA, though high potential countries are expected to grow by 8-10% over the next 3-5 years.

South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania all are good markets for apps, due to their population, 3g pickup and smartphone penetration.

At the g-Kenya event, Google announced the three winners of their Android Developer Challenge for Sub-Saharan Africa. Each of the winners will receive $25,000.
▪ Entertainment / Media / Games – Afrinolly (Nigeria)
▪ Social Networking / Communication – Olalashe (Kenya)
▪ Productivity / Tools / Local / Geo – Shoppers’ Delight (Kenya)

In Africa I think we’ll see an increase in Android handsets and mobile web usage, and a continued decrease in the cost of low-end smartphones and data connectivity.

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  • Thank you for presenting this often overlooked topic. Good job!

    Presentations that regurgitate info are so boring.

    But the ones that reexamine topics and products are so enlightening.
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East Africa's Mobile Gaps 2011

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