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Career kaboom

  1. 1. CareerKaboom!Play
  2. 2. Which of these jobs is for a personwho is knowledgeable about fabrics,ornamentation, and fashion trends?a) Fashion designerb) Lawyerc) PsychologistNext
  3. 3. Someone who works on carengines is called __________?NextBack
  4. 4. Name 3 places that a nurse canwork (for example, a doctor’soffice)NextBack
  5. 5. A person who shows studentshow to learn and prepares themfor the world of work is a___________________.NextBack
  6. 6. If you like to read, doresearch, and have goodcomputer skills, which is thebest job for you?a) Police officerb) Librarianc) Pharmacist NextBack
  7. 7. Name some occupations that involveworking with machines?A. Auto mechanic, jewelerB. Animal trainer, horticulturalistC. artist, teacherD. A and BNextBack
  8. 8. What is a horticulturalist?NextBack
  9. 9. A cartographer makes ______.NextBack
  10. 10. What does an animator do?NextBack
  11. 11. What is an accountant?NextBack
  12. 12. A forensic scientist is a personwho_________?NextBack
  13. 13. An architect is someone whoA. Studies volcanoesB. Creates cartoonsC. Designs buildingsNextBack
  14. 14. Which of these jobs requiresthe most years in school?A. Social workerB. Police officerC. VeterinarianNextBack
  15. 15. A Bachelors degree usually takeshow many years of college?A. 2 yrsB. 4 yrsC. 3 yrsD. 1 yr NextBack
  16. 16. In addition to movies and t.v., whatare some other places an actor canwork?a)Broadway playsb)Cruise shipsc)Schools (as teachers)d)All of the aboveBack Next
  17. 17. Which of these museum jobs requirea college degree?A. Curator and archivistB. Guard and custodianC. Cashier and food vendorNextBack
  18. 18. I want to be a weatherperson on TV. Ishould study:A. MeteorologyB. Radio/TV studiesC. OceanographyD. A&BNextBack
  19. 19. Do you like to dig in the dirt? Findthings that are lost? Learn about thepast? Then you might want to be a(n)a)Archeologistb)Priestc)JudgeBackNext
  20. 20. An engineer who plans, designsand operates robots is called__________.NextBack
  21. 21. A person who is a nurse foranimals is called __________.NextBack
  22. 22. A person who examines raw filmfootage and decides what to cut outand what to leave in is a _____.NextBack
  23. 23. A person who draws for magazineadvertisements is a____________ ?NextBack
  24. 24. A person who dispenses medicineis a ________.NextBack
  25. 25. A person who combinesengineering, biology health andartificial organs is a___________.NextBack
  26. 26. A person who works with athletesto prevent and rehabilitateinjuries is _______.NextBack
  27. 27. What is the difference in lifetimeearnings for high school graduatesvs. college graduates?A. $1.3 millionB. $648,600C. $ 500 NextBack
  28. 28. Ichthyologists study _____.a) Fungusb) Fishc) Slimy substancesEwwwwwww!BackNext
  29. 29. What do the following jobs have incommon?•Air traffic controller•Forest fire fighting & preventionsupervisor•Criminal investigator and special agents•Real estate brokerBack Next*source: Careerbuilder, Feb. 20 2006 article:
  30. 30. One place an ichthyologist mightwork is _________.a) A libraryb) An aquariumc) A mushroom farmBackNext
  31. 31. What do scientists do?A. Study diseases to find cures.B. Develop new strains of plantsthat resist insects and moldC. Explore outer space as anastronautD. All the aboveBack tobeginningBack