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Glenn & Pam Whicker Family 2012


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Glenn & Pam Whicker Family 2012

  1. 1. GLENN & PAM WHICKER FAMILY 2012 in Review
  2. 2. Read Why Glenn Believes: showing signs of aging,this old man continues to keepvery busy in the followingactivities:• Running a very successful AirForce JROTC unit that grew toWing status on Aug 17th, with 253cadets on board; hired our 4thinstructor on 22 October• Serving a 6th year as StakeClerk for a brand new StakePresidency• Upgrading to a Cessna CertifiedInstructor in the Garmin G-1000avionics system• Serving as a flight instructor andsoon-to-be check pilot in the UtahWing of the Civil Air Patrol• Instructing four student pilotsthru solo flight
  3. 3. A FEW ACTIVITIES DURING THE YEAR…Navy Blue Angels visited St. George; surgery in July to get rid of some long-lived nerve pain in the stump; at the Cessna Factory in Independence, KS ,receiving factory training in the Garmin GPS avionics suite – got to fly home abrand new Cessna 182 that even had the “new car” smell!
  4. 4. Read Why Pam Believes: lovely young lady never ages,and continues to thrive as aGrandmother of almost 13! She’sseen the following developmentsin the last year:• Finished 5 full years of teachingGospel Doctrine in Sunday School• Called into the Relief SocietyPresidency in November• Got a new embroidery sewingmachine to further her skills andfeed a fanatic hobby• Endured the addition of both adog AND a cat this year – quite thefeat for a non-animal person!• Seen here with her best friend,Lynn, who suffers with cancer
  5. 5. Visiting the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde in Western Colorado in June; holding newbaby Porter Glenn Ford (Cami’s 4th) in Michigan in May.
  6. 6. Cami’s family, livingtheir 3rd year inAlpena, Michigan.Shane is a PhysicianAssistant for anorthopedic surgeongroup, and also servesas Branch Presidentfor the LDScongregation, whichmakes Cami theBranch “Mom” besidesbeing PrimaryPresident! Shedelivered their 4th childin May, evenlydistributing genderwith 2 boys and twogirls. Un-heard of inour family!
  7. 7. Tara’s family lives in Katy, TX,where Andy works as anaccountant with a large oilcompany. They have 4 children:Tyler, Audrie, Kaylee and littleSamantha. Tara serves as theYoung Women’s President in herLDS Ward, and continues to be ashining example of Gospel living.She and Andy are raising a stronggeneration of valiant children, too.Andy earned his CPA (or was thatlast year?), and Audrie wasbaptized in June. This is a pictureof them on the beach at SanibelIsland in Florida, near where Andygrew up.
  8. 8. Jami’s family is in Salem, UT,where her husband, James, isfinishing up his degree inMedia. She has three girls,following in her parents’footsteps of all femaleprogeny, named (in ageorder): Addie, Ella & Ruby.Jami keeps very busymothering those extremelyenergetic young ladies! Shehandled a farmer’s marketbooth all summer and fall, andstill managed to raise agarden and some chickens.We look forward to seeingwhere they end up in 2013after graduation – it will likelybe in No. Utah.
  9. 9. Ali lives in Orem, UT,with her husband,Perris, and their firstchild, Wade. She’spregnant with #2, thegender of which is notyet known. Perris isfinishing up hismaster’s degree andthey will be moving toMinneapolis in Augustto start the career inInfo Tech Security.Their blog so besure to keep up withthem there!
  10. 10. Lyndsey departed on hermission to California Carlsbad,Spanish speaking, in June, withseveral weeks in the MissionaryTraining Center (MTC) in Provoto start things off. Learning thelanguage has been a real eye-opener for her, but she’s donevery well, and is a clear favoriteof many people out there. Rightnow, she’s in Mission Viejo andenjoying it immensely. You canwrite to her on DearElder.comby specifying the name of hermission (above). You can alsofollow her on the blog her sisterAli is keeping up for her
  11. 11. Can you believe she’s a JUNIOR inhigh school already??? She had 3more surgeries in 2012, all trying tofix the bone infection that resultedfrom her last surgery in 2011. She,has, however, been able to keep upwith school, and is on track in thatregard. She had her first date (withChance on next page), got herdriver’s license, went to DisneyWorld and, even more importantly,Harry Potter World in Orlando! Shehas a date for her birthday comingup later this month, which will beher 3rd, so you can tell, she’s NOTshy by any means! Her surgerieshave been tough, but she’s still thesame happy, positive Katie you’vealways