Emerald Express International - How the Company Compares


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Emerald Express International

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Emerald Express International - How the Company Compares

  1. 1. The Vast Majority of… Other Companies Emerald Express™ Initial Membership Fees Required FREE Starter Kit Purchase Required No Starter Kits Yearly Membership Fees Required FREE for Life Monthly Maintenance Fees Required FREE for Life Personalized Website Fees Required FREE for Life Break Even Point for 10, 20, 30 or more are required in your “Only” 3… THREE for FREE! Monthly Qualifier Costs downline just to break-even. One on 1st level, Two on 2nd level. Monthly product purchases are covered Issues a payment, but then normally with earned Auto-Ship and Shopping Payment Method requires a portion be paid back to Credits. Remainder is paid by check, cover the cost of monthly qualifier. direct deposit, or debit card. Yes, but paid only once. Requires No – Gimmick is not necessary due to constant recruiting until break even One-Time Fast Start Bonuses point is reached on a monthly basis. incredibly quick break even point and higher payouts every month. (10, 20, 30 or more) High drop-out rates are common. Few High retention rates. Why quit if you are Retention Factor are able to reach the break-even point getting your products for free every before they give up. month? “THREE for FREE” Many only pay the difference between an artificial wholesale and retail price. Full 50% Commission of the product’s Retail Sales / Profits Others pay a small percentage of the retail price.* retail price. Some require you to purchase and Company handles the processing and Personal Inventory carry inventory and/or make deliveries. shipping of all website orders. Only 3 positions! Store owner can Often there are 6, 7, 8, or more ranks qualify for all 3 Pay Plans with as little as Earnings Position / Rank one must achieve before qualifying for three personally sponsored Store full earnings. Owners. Very common. Requires your entire Group Volume Requirements group to reach a certain volume of No Group Volume Requirements. sales. Very common. Allows you to lose Breakaways some of your best performers. No Breakaways. Very common. Requires you to Leg Requirements correctly manage the structure of your No Leg Requirements. organization or risk less pay. Very common. Penalizes you for Binary Structure having an overly successful leg in your Absolutely Not! organization. Unique Opportunity for Yes! – Zero-Cost, Internet Based No Non-Profit Organizations “Perpetual Fundraising”* 50% commission is paid in cash on all retail points above 100 “Personally Earned Points” 2009 Copyright Emerald Express International, Inc.