NFC Payments Report 2012


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This strategic research report from M for Mobile provides you with 60+ pages of unique business intelligence, including results from our latest consumer research with over 3,000 participants. Providing in-depth analysis of NFC initiatives globally, hurdles to implementation and the factors that will affect the timeline for consumer adoption, it will deliver a clear insight into consumer adoption, global innovation and industry forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy.

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NFC Payments Report 2012

  1. 1. Ex cl ve us Sa iv ed isc 00 o €8Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 un tExpert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers,consumer adoption and activity forecasts to Expert insight from industrybuild a water-tight business strategy leaders such as:Purchase this exclusive report and you’ll benefit from the following analysis:}} Consumer adoption: Proprietary data comparing the most important hurdles and drivers to adoption from over 3,000 consumers in the UK and US}} Global innovation: Analysis of NFC initiatives being brought to market, their lessons learnt and success factors}} Consumer engagement strategies: Understand the extent to which discounts and increased contactless payments would impact consumer’s mobile and banking choices}} Business planning: Identify the challenges facing stakeholders in NFC, including security, control of data and retailer acceptance}} Forecasts: Expert opinion and consumer data on the likely development of the sector, including the mobile wallet and unbanked payments ecosystem}} Case-Studies: Market leaders in retail, telecommunications and financial services share their experiences of integrating NFC technologyBenefit from the very latest expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, approachesand activity forecasts through 2013 and beyond to plan your strategy and maximize ROI Open now for a detailed methodology, contents and list of figures
  2. 2. Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 Expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and save activity forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy €800 todayIntroduction to NFC Payments Report 2012-13It is widely believed that 2012 will prove to be the tipping point year Whilst mobile payments and banking have been available sincefor NFC mobile payments to enter into the mainstream alongside 2008, they have been able to do little more than manage moneydebit and credit cards. Exclusive research commissioned for on the go as a mobile alternative to desktop banking. NFC MobileMforMobile’s Near Field Communications Payments Market Report payments have the ability to revolutionise not just the customer’s2012 shows that consumers are ready and industry executives are payment activity but their whole shopping experience.ready, but that a few pieces of the jigsaw are still not in place. This report examines consumer attitudes to NFC mobile paymentsTwo thirds of consumers interviewed (3394) would adopt NFC and creates a roadmap for stakeholders in the industry to addressmobile payments if they knew what the use and benefit of utilising their key needs and concerns. It analyses why the route to marketthe technology was, alongside having the opportunity to do so. for NFC mobile payments has been slow to evolve and outlines theThe agreement from banks and credit card providers to raise the factors that can deliver it to the mainstream in the next two to fivepayment threshold from £15 to £20 from 1 June 2012 reinforces years.the findings from MforMobile’s executive research panel thatthe majority expect to see increased investment in NFC mobile The global report also examines how this diverse landscapeprovision from 2012 onwards, highlighting that we’re on the cusp of has come to be, and whether industry concerns that it is toomoving from niche to mainstream in the next 18 months. fragmented will have a bearing on its future potential. It presents the latest business intelligence, demonstrates a clear call to action fromExecutives interviewed for this report have described the current the target audience and provides tangible strategies that will speedNFC mobile payments market as a “quagmire” and it is important up adoption and drive note that a lack of consensus in how to proceed has resulted inmany differing philosophies around bringing it to market. }} Over 3,000 consumers surveyed }} 490 Industry executives surveyed }} 25 + Interviews conducted with targeted industry executives }} Peer reviewed by 12 independent experts Order your copy today, visit For more information contact
  3. 3. Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 Expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and save activity forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy €800 todayMethodologyThe Near Field Communications Payments Report 2012-13 has been produced following a rigorous four step research process. Preliminary Research Gathering and Analyzing Primary Data MforMobile conducted 30+interviews with industry executives to ensure that 1 MforMobile works with expert authors to compile and analyse 2 the information, data and analysis in the report reflects the focus and needs of proprietary data, interviews and payments related literature. In executives considering NFC. the creation of this report MforMobile carried out: In combination, MforMobile conducted a broad survey to over 4,000 active • 5 interviews with targeted industry executives, generating 30+ 2 contacts to validate the results, focusing on the obstacles and challenges facing hours compelling information from a range of stakeholders including NFC stakeholders. Their insights ensured that this report concentrates on the most banks, telecommunications and brands. These interviews give the pertinent challenges and opportunities facing the sector. reader an impartial and informed, insider’s view of the industries affected by NFC payments. • 90 industry executives were surveyed on the forecasted 4 Peer-Reviewing and Editing 3 development of NFC and the drivers for adoption. All MforMobile reports are peer-reviewed, this report has been sent to 12 • onsumer research with consumers who both use their mobile C independent experts and the resulting feedback is incorporated in the report. phones to access the internet and have a credit or debit card Once feedback is incorporated, the report is proofread, edited and designed. answering 20 questions on NFC, contactless and payments. 2,942+ consumers were interviewed in the UK; and 452+ consumers were interviewed in the US. 360 hours of desk research (over 6 weeks), analyzing data Customer Support and Feedback MforMobile is eager to continue any debate provoked by the report, and would 4 and investigating trends. • inally, this broad range of information is analyzed and presented F like our readership to get in touch. All recommendations or contrary points of for review by the industry. view are welcome and will form the basis of future MforMobile reports. Order your copy today, visit For more information contact
  4. 4. Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 Expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and save activity forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy €800 todayContentsWelcome 1.2.2 Contactless awareness 3.2.2 ISIS 4.5.3 How much money will stakeholders 1.2.3 Payment tolerance with or without 3.2.3 SixPack (also known as Travik) make?Industry reviews PIN 3.2.4 Cityzi 4.6 Retailers 1.2.4 Path to adoption 3.2.5 Case study: Google Wallet 4.6.1 The retailer business caseThought leadership 1.2.5 Trust in potential NFC partners and 3.3 Other contactless payment 4.7 Hard versus soft ROIAbout MforMobile providers technologies 4.7.1 Case Study: Starbucks 1.2.6 consumer readiness for NFC: US 3.3.1 PingitAcknowledgments summary 3.3.2 Mastercard PayPass 5 Opportunities for 1.2.7 Key Findings: US 3.3.3 Bluetooth 4.0/ Bluetooth Smart implementationIndex of figure tables 3.3.4 Verifone GlobalBay 5.1 Consumer engagement 2 Market overview: levelExecutive Summary of adoption 3.3.5 Square 5.2 Marketing and loyalty 2.1 Existing global adoption of 3.4 Do MNOs need banks? 5.3 Location servicesIntroduction NFC payment 3.5 NFC Applications 5.4 Ticketing1 Customer perception 2.1.1 Turkey 5.4.1 Case study: Stagecoach 2.1.2 Poland 4 Hurdles to Everything Everywhere1.1 UK consumers 2.1.3 France implementation 5.5 Medical information and1.1.1 General perception of NFC 2.1.4 Japan 4.1 Security location access1.1.2 Contactless awareness 4.1. The main breach - Google Wallet 5.6 London 2012 Olympic Games1.1.3 Readiness for mobile NFC in retail 2.2 Predicted adoption in the UK and transport and US 4.1.2 Security weaknesses in traditional 5.7 Case study: McDonalds payment methods1.1.4 Readiness for mobile NFC for 2.3 Triggers for adoption access 2.3.1 Apple 4.2 Security risks of NFC in 6 Forecast and Growth1.1.5 Mobile NFC for medical data perspective direction 2.3.2 Point Of Sale (POS)1.1.6 Payment tolerance with or without 4.3 Sim vs. embedded technology 6.1 Executives’ predictions 2.3.3 Transport PIN 2 .3.3.1 ase study – Metropolitan Transport C 4.4 Point Of Sale 6.2 NFC event horizon1.1.7 Path to adoption Authority, New York 4.4.1 Verifone 6.3 Future consolidation1.1.8 Trust in potential NFC partners and 2.3.4 Retailers 4.4.2 Micros providers UK 4.4.3 Vianet Industry learning 1.1.9 consumer readiness for NFC: UK 4.5 Stakeholders Summary 3 NFC implementation Methodology 4.5.1 EMV1.1.10 Key findings: UK 3.1 NFC Trials 4.5.2 How does each stakeholder Abbreviations 1.2 US customer adoption 3.2 NFC partnerships make money? (Profit sharing1.2.1 Propensity to pay with plastic 3.2.1 Project Oscar arrangements) References Order your copy today, visit For more information contact
  5. 5. Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 Expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and save activity forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy €800 todayFigures and TablesTablesTable 1: Number of UK tesco stores 2011-2012 Table 2: NFC Trials 2012 Table 3: Venture funding for Square to 2012FiguresFigure 1: Global readiness for contactless mobile Figure 11: Extent to which issues associated with Figure 20: Relative ranking of benefits based on payments the technology are considered important respondents ranking the benefit as oneFigure 2: Spending habits of UK respondents Figure 12: Percentage of respondents confident of their top 3 USFigure 3: Current use of contactless debit/credit and trusting of selected organizations for Figure 21: Extent to which issues associated with card payment facilities their money technology are considered important US Figure 13: Percentage of respondents agreeing Figure 22: Percentage of respondents confidentFigure 4: Frequency of use of contactless cards with statements on contactless phone and trusting of various repositories forFigure 5: What value of payments are you typically technology their money US using contactless payments for? Figure 14: Spending habits of respondents US Figure 23: Percentage of respondents agreeing withFigure 6: Extent to which respondents are Figure 15: Current use of contactless debit/credit statements on changing US confident using their phones for various tasks card payment facilities US Figure 24: Anticipated Bluetooth expansion Figure 16: How often do you use your contactless Figure 25: Square Inc Growth curve ($MFigure 7: Willingness to use a mobile phone to access buildings card US transactions per day) Figure 17: Extent to which respondents are happy Figure 26: NFC EcosystemFigure 8: Willingness to use a mobile phone to store medical data using phones for various tasks US Figure 27: The potential for security breach – Social Figure 18: What value of payments are you typically EngineeringFigure 9: Consumer confidence with or without PIN using contactless payments for US Figure 28: SIM v Embedded Figure 19: Consumer confidence with or withoutFigure 10: Relative rankings of benefits based on Figure 29: The retailer business case percentage of respondents ranking the PIN Figure 30: US readiness for adoption, Mastercard benefit as one of their top 3 Order your copy today, visit For more information contact
  6. 6. Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 Expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and save activity forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy €800 todayIndustry ReviewsThis report has been reviewed by over 12 independent experts in the NFC industry, here’s what a few of them have said:“The MforMobile Near Field “I recommend the NFC Mformobile’s NFC Payments report “Although NFC technology isCommunications Payments Payments Market Report 2012-13 puts together the most sometimes seen as past due,Market Report 2012 not 2012 as a comprehensive current status of the NFC payment and several new services likeonly provides an in-depth synopsis of the current industry with their own research Square’s ‘cardcase’ along withanalysis of the NFC and market. MforMobile have among consumers and industry the introduction of biometricsMobile Payments market as it incorporated relevant internal executives. This comprehensive view on mobiles may have alreadystands today but does a deep research that captures the is complemented by comparisons with shown us what awaits usdive on the critical success key issues relating to user the most important non-NFC solutions after the mass adoption of NFCfactors required to ignite readiness for service adoption to give decision makers a substantive on mobile phones. Today’smass adoption of this new and highlights what still amount of information needed to steer emerging NFC and Secureparadigm shift in payments. needs to be done around their companies through the uncharted Element ecosystems are alreadyIt includes targeted use customer education. The NFC geography. The reports clearly far more complex than the usualcases from all over the world report covers all of the current supports many of the expectations reports, and news may makewhere lessons learned have industry dynamics and is about NFC in mobiles, but takes into you think it to be. Finally abeen garnered, outlines the forthright in addressing the account alternatives which might be report that touches beyond thesteps needed to maximize importance of the retail sector of particular importance to find the surface and is able to […] helpreturn on investment and to mass adoption as well as right timing for an NFC roll-out or that you to understand the dynamics,showcases key pain points highlighting current barriers of a bridging technology. Whoever is possibilities, separates fact fromfor consumer and merchant impacting this sector. Will considering to participate in or react fiction, and really focus onadoption. I recommend it the NFC industry achieve its to the NFC industry’s evolution should what we all want to focus on:for all members of the mobile tipping point? Read the report have a deep look into this report. NFC payments. A report thatpayments ecosystem.” and make your decision!” Jörg Heuer | Project Field Lead Payment any Financial Executive and John Garden | NFC Programme Transactions, Innovation Policy | Consultant should read.”Daniel Csoka | CEO | Delivery Director Europe | Deutsche Telekom AG | T-Labs Joost Reijnen | Product ManagerMobile Money Matters Orange (Research Innovation) Mobile Solutions | Bell ID Order your copy today, visit For more information contact
  7. 7. Near Field Communications Payments Report, 2012-13 Expert analysis on global NFC initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and save activity forecasts to build a water-tight business strategy €800 todayWho should read this report? Your information Payment details}}Strategy Professionals: Insights into the forecasted development First Name: of NFC from industry experts and surveyed executives, focusing on the Name timeline, obstacles and resources committed to NFC Last Name: (as it appears on the card): Company:}}Consumer Insights professionals: Proprietary data on UK/USA consumer pain points when considering NFC, contactless payments and Telephone: the mobile wallet Email: Card Number:}}Product Development Professionals: Case studies from a range of stakeholders, including their insights into how their products and customer Address: Type of Card: propositions have developed City: Expiry Date:}}Business Development / Marketing Zip/Postcode: professionals: Understand how partners and peers are innovating, as well as a Report Name: Security Code: distilled, nuanced analysis of the payments Quantity of reports required: landscape in the years ahead *Sample images only About MforMobile Our aim is to provide companies with insights into strategic options for theOrder your report in less than 60 seconds A business intelligence and networking company we future in order that they can capitalise on opportunity. help leading corporations define their future strategy Click here now to order online at: and direction, develop growth opportunities and solve the problems facing their sectors. The engines of our Report Details business are growth and change. We focus on two Pages: 70+ Or types of industry. Tables Graphs: 35 Just fill in this form and fax it back to us at +44 (0) 207 375 7576 }} Those arising from technology developments which Release date: June 2012 are moving into full global commercialisation. Single License: €2195 €1395 Call: +44 (0) 207 375 7513 | 1800 813 3459 ext 7513 Corporate License: €8795 €7995 }} Those needing to change in order to respond to Launch price available until 27th July 2012 Email: disruptive technologies or global events. Order your copy today, visit For more information contact