Responsive, user driven, mobile.


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Responsive, user driven, mobile.

  1. 1. Responsive,user driven,mobile.Internet Librarian,Monterey, CA23 October, 2012Bill Helman and Juan-Francisco Reyes,University of Baltimore Langsdale Library
  2. 2. What to expect in the next 25 minutes1. Introduction (this slide)2. User Centered Design philosophy (the next few slides)3. Technologies and methods (whats under the hood)4. Responsive design in practice (screen size matters)5. Resources (our code on GitHub along with book and link suggestions) photo by flicker user leynik
  3. 3. Can you build us a mobile..."something?" photo by flicker user statelibrarynsw
  4. 4. One-size-fits-alldoes not make sensefor mobile. photo by flicker user jdhancock
  5. 5. Your community is like a snowflake.Treat it that way. photo by flicker user elifayse
  6. 6. 1. How does this solve a problem my users are having?2. Does this solution makes sense in a mobile context? photo by flicker user elifayse
  7. 7. Do user needs assessmenton the cheap. ● Observations of users in the wild ● Whiteboard survey questions ● Focus groups and gamestorming ● photo by flicker user elifayse
  8. 8. Gamestorming: design the box
  9. 9. Learn new skills and put them,immediately, into practice
  10. 10. A list of common ingredients:● jQuery Mobile ● ColdFusion● HTML5 ● XML● CSS3 ● Aleph● JavaScript● JSON
  11. 11. Book locator:translating shelvesinto pixels
  12. 12. One response to panic screamsscreens
  13. 13. now test and adjust (then repeat)
  14. 14. Resources we used and our codeAll our code is belong to you: first html5 programing. A playbook for innovators, rulebreakers,and changemakers. first mobile web. Mobile: (this is anawesome site to get you up and running)
  15. 15. Contact us and keep the conversation going.Find this presentation at: Helman http://whelman.comJuan Francisco Reyes