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Xs All Hands Dec 2008 Professional Development


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Internal presentation to consultants on "Professional Development".

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Xs All Hands Dec 2008 Professional Development

  1. 1. Professional Development Xpediant Solutions
  2. 2. Who is a Professional? Can you identify a professional?
  3. 3. What is a Professional? Define it: A professional is
  4. 4. Aspects of a Professional Specialized training and skills (usually, but not always) Revenue is a function of the results you produce and/or the value you create.
  5. 5. Aspects of a Professional Often regulated by a standard of behavior, ethics and practice Does not allow feelings and external circumstances to be a deciding factor for how to act. Chooses based on commitment.
  6. 6. Aspects of a Professional Excellence • Being the best you can be. • Deciding to do a job to the best of your capabilities. • Doing what it takes to get the job done, even when it is inconvenient.
  7. 7. A Professional is being committed to giving your best (excellence) for what you are paid to do.
  8. 8. What personal areas should Professional Consultants (we) develop?
  9. 9. Areas of Development Your technical skills Your business skills
  10. 10. Areas of Development Your technical skills (incomplete) Programming knowledge • Web application knowledge • etworking knowledge • Development tools & • techniques knowledge Frameworks knowledge • OS knowledge • Hardware knowledge • Etc •
  11. 11. Areas of Development Your business skills Manage career • Your soft skills • Know your industry & clients • Know your competitors • Your attitude •
  12. 12. Manage Career Consulting Job Description (real example) Requirements Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or Prefer a minimum 8 years of IT, or Prefer a minimum 3 years of consulting, or Knowledge of software and hardware Prefer a minimum 1 technical certification Attend and present at industry conferences Assist the marketing/sales group Publish at least one white paper Present at a professional user group
  13. 13. Manage Career Consulting Job Description (cont.) Administrative Responsibilities Maintain mentoring relationship with 5 or more • Provide assistance in preparing quarterly reviews, • Act as a role model, promote the culture • Influence the leadership of at least one internal • Communicate and promote service offerings • Act as a liaison by communicating client issues • Develop, maintain and manage honest and open • Consult with upper management regarding client’s • Make decisions on employee promotions • Lead instructional classes and activities • Exercise initiative and use sound judgement • Estimate and schedule tasks • etc. •
  14. 14. Manage Career Consulting Job Description (cont.) Professional Skills Able to adjust plan to meet changing needs. Tackles problems and takes independent action. Accept accountability. Meet and strive to exceed the expectations Maintains confidentiality. Present a positive professional image Builds allies and relationships Demonstrate team orientation Assist in resolution of conflicts Support personal development initiatives
  15. 15. Career Consulting Job Description (cont.) Delivery Technical Writing Development Business Analysis Leading Projects/Employees Communication Business Development / Sales Support
  16. 16. Soft Skills – Some Leadership Principles The Law of Process “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.” The Law of avigation “Anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.” The Law of Solid Ground “Trust is the foundation of leadership.” The Law of Reproduction “It takes a leader to raise up a leader.” The Law of Explosive Growth “To add growth, lead followers. To multiply, lead leaders.” * Excerpted ‘laws’ from The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by Dr. John Maxwell
  17. 17. Industries & Clients
  18. 18. Some BPM Competitors 186,000+ employees 95,000+ employees $23.39 billion $4.93 billion 3,500+ employees $900 million 58,000+ employees $2.1 billion
  19. 19. Other BPM Competitors Frontline Consulting Services Inc. ( Perficient ( Volant Solutions ( Techstone Technology Partners LLC ( Qualitrol Tech (
  20. 20. Attitude & Behavior ‘Undesirable’ Consultant Types Chicken Little The Wizard of Oz The Lazy Housekeeper The Tinkerer
  21. 21. Attitude & Behavior Help the client save face. Use positive vs. negative language. Assume the best of intentions and actions. Know the big picture. Listen! Put things in context. Speak their language (and listen!) Don’t “go native!” Stay away from “sugarcoating.” Say it more than once. Care about the clients’ success - keep “client success” in mind! THI K LIKE A CLIE T
  22. 22. What is your most important skill / ability?
  23. 23. Professional Development Xpediant Solutions