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What the *Tweet* is Social Media Event Handout


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What the *Tweet* is Social Media Event Handout

  1. 1. WHAT THE *TWEET* IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING? – EVENT HANDOUT May 19, 2009 Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce 300 N. Broadway, Ste. 3A P.O. Box 1660 Green Bay, WI 54305-1660 Phone: 920-437-8704
  2. 2. EVENT AGENDA 7:30 – 7:45AM Introduction & Housekeeping Dana VanDen Heuvel of MarketingSavant will welcome the guests, speakers and panelists and highlight the key points for the day before introducing the first speaker 7:45 - 7:50AM Table Networking (while SNC clears our breakfast plates) 7:50 - 8:30AM Caitlin McCabe, Director of Social Media, Sway, Inc. Social Media DIY – How to make social media work for you if you’re the only one working on social media. Using the tools that the experts use without breaking the bank. 8:30 – 9:15AM Pat Hopkins, CEO, Imaginasium, Green Bay, WI What happens to brands in social media. How does social media change company cultures and corporate brands when consumers are in control, and what can you do about it. Client or case study example of a brand transformed (or that is being transformed) by social media 9:15 – 9:30AM Break 9:30 - 10:00AM Susan Finco, CEO, Leonard & Finco Public Relations Sharing the results of the Northeast WI social media study and the results of the chamber study – what does social media mean to the area. 10:00 – 10:30AM Greg Linnemanstons, President, The Weidert Group How social media has changed public relations and working with the media over all. Discuss the democratization of expertise (HARO, blogs, everyone’s a source…) and how businesses can leverage social media to obtain media coverage. 10:30 – 11:00AM Dana VanDen Heuvel of Marketing and Kiar Olsen of Element Creative Kiar and Dana will be sharing some best social media cases featuring both local and national brands. 11:00 - 11:15AM Break 11:15 - 11:45AM Panel Discussion We’ll bring the panel on and go through a set of questions about the unique experiences of how each of the panel members’ organizations are using social media to their advantage, what some of the pitfalls are and ask what their recommendations are for the audience. Jeff Gahnz, Jody Weyers, Amanda Brooker, Kiar Olson 11:45 – 12:00PM Wrap Up & Take Aways We'll answer any remaining questions for the panel + any of the day’s speakers 12:00 PM Event Close - Thank You For Attending! What the *Tweet* is Social Media Marketing? || May 19, 2009| Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
  3. 3. Connecting the Dots: Who is Using Social Media & Why Survey Highlights The surveys said…….. • 100% of businesses & or- ganizations surveyed say there is a place for social Sure you’ve seen oodles Some 68% of journalists business toward social media in the business of stories and media say they find contacts and media. Fifty-two per- world. coverage about social interviews through SM cent stated they are media, but who is really outlets and more than somewhat familiar with • The media has embraced using it and why? A half generate story ideas SM, with less than a social media for its work; businesses are taking a number of recent sur- and do background infor- third (27%) very familiar more cautious approach. veys provide some in- mation gathering through with SM. teresting insights to social media. • Nationally, younger and consider when develop- Text messaging, Face- more educated individuals ing your social media Business and community book, LinkedIn, blogs tend to use SM far more often than those over 40 program. leaders are more cau- and YouTube are most or those with a high tious, with a surprising used. Despite the seem- school or less education. Leonard & Finco Public 44% stating they do not ingly low numbers, Relations conducted use social media at all for nearly 70% of the busi- two social media sur- business. Of those who nesses responded they veys; one focused on do, they tend to use it to are using some form of social media use among connect/communicate social media in their Northeast Wisconsin with clients (31%) and tobusiness, primarily to media and the other on gather information or communicate with oth- It’s a 24/7 Communications World. social media use among research specific topics.ers (30%) or to market. You need to be ready Northeast Wisconsin And 100% of the re- at a moment’s notice. business / community Meanwhile, an extensive spondents said SM has a We can help. leaders. The findings: social media survey con- place in the business the news media is lead- ducted by the Green Bay world. ing the way when it Area Chamber of Com- comes to social media merce also reflects the (SM) use in business. cautious approach of What does it mean? On the national scene….. • Social media use is growing, but its A national, Online Har- Still, 58% of adults say Education is also a fac- use is still being ris Poll conducted in they have either a tor in SM usage. Fifty- defined. spring of 2009 found MySpace or a Facebook five percent (55%) of that 51% of Americans page. those with some college • Understand who do not use Twitter or education have a Face- is using SM and have a MySpace or Face- Age seems to play a book or MySpace ac- why. Then build book account. prominent role in the count and 52% of col- your social media use of social media lege grads or beyond plans accordingly. And while the media (SM), with younger gen- use social media sites. may be using Twitter, erations using SM far only 5% of Americans more often than those are currently using it. over 40.
  4. 4. Social Media What’s all the talk about? 3 Ways To Make The Most of LinkedIn 4 Twitter Tips Extend your reach. Once you've established a Do use twitter to provide value in the form LinkedIn profile for your company, you can use of links to articles, meaningful insights, and this as an outlet to promote your company's useful data. website or blog. Do reveal personality, but not so much that Learn & teach. LinkedIn gives you the the world knows you were hungover Monday opportunity to ask questions to your network or that you dislike your boss intensely. and other professionals in your field. You can Don't be inane, dull or obvious. No one also position yourself or your company as an cares that you're enjoying your coffee, that expert on a specific topic by replying to posted you have an overdue book (unless it's the questions with useful information. Gutenberg Bible) or that your cat looks cute Establish professional networking groups. cuddled up on the couch. LinkedIn allows you to establish your own net- Do use the 60/30/10 rule: tweet 60% valuable working groups with others in your field. For an content, 30% personal opinions or insights, and example, check out Weidert Group's 'Synapse: 10% chatting of a more personal nature. Give NE WI Marketing Connection' networking or take. group. 5 Tips for Integrating Social Media 1. Before investing a minute on SM, get your website right; driving traffic is a primary SM goal. 2. Recognize that traditional media deliver more reach than SM, while SM has the potential to connect with your most engaged customers. 3. Use SM to measure the impact of traditional media; listen for qualitative and measure quantitative. 4. Fully articulate your brand character internally so that you can define how it's expressed in SM channels - blogs, twitter, video, Facebook, et al. 5. Search for all opportunities to cross-channel promote between traditional and social media.
  5. 5. 6 Reasons To Be Blogging Facts You Didn't Know About Social Media 1. Your brand will become humanized as prospects get a sense of your company's culture. 1. In a TEK group survey, 60% of media 2. You'll position your company as an authentic contacts polled say they want companies and knowledgeable thought leader. to use social media links. 3. A blog offers the opportunity to build a real 2. In the first 2 months of ‘09, social net- community, making it easy for customers, working sites grew faster than any other clients, prospects, and similar-minded profes- online sector (Nielsen, 2009). sionals to engage in a dialogue with you. 3. Twitter added 5 million users in March 4. It's an inexpensive way to get your compa- ‘09 (Content, based on comScore stats) ny's name out. 4. 45-54 year olds are the highest indexing 5. You'll increase your brand's rankings by regu- age group on Twitter (comScore). larly having fresh content on your web site. 5. Social Networks 68% more popular than 6. Studies have shown that customers and email 65% (Nielsen, Cnet, March 2009). prospects think more highly of companies that blog. 6. According to ComScore, [LinkedIn traf- fic has] gone from about 3.6 million unique monthly visitors a year ago to 7.7 million today (Adage, March 2, 2009). A Video's Wort h A Thousand Word s About Us Video has it all: sight, sound and motion. Creating one doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, and the Weidert Group has been generating potential to reach and influence a wide audience is smart ideas for local, regional and national clients since 1980. We are a immense. Wondering what to put on the video? full-service marketing firm with How about: capabilities in marketing research, planning, design, public relations, media, Demonstrate a product, process or procedure. and interactive/web. Interact with us! Diffuse a PR crisis by having upper management speak. Present a new product. ©2009 Weidert Group, Inc. Entertain and, in turn, give people a better sense of your corporate culture and attitudes. Encourage people to share – interesting or funny material can go viral quickly. 920.731.2771
  6. 6. How to grow your business through digital and social media marketing Social Media 101 What is Social Media? No doubt you’ve heard plenty about social media by this point, but many business owners are Social Media Tools challenged with how to make it relevant for their business. According to Wikipedia, Social media Free blogs: are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among Blogger - human beings. The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology, telecommu- Word Press - nications and social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. This Technorati interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspec- Blog search engine tives and quot;buildingquot; of shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories and experiences. Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content (UGC) or consumer- Free Micro Blogging sites: generated media (CGM). Twitter - Social Media Platforms Plurk - Essential Steps to Social Media Success Source: Universal McCann Wave 3 Report RSS Readers 1. Establish Clear Business Objectives and Metrics Social media mar- impact search engine positioning. Google Reader - keting should not be an executive pet project. As a marketer responsible for a social media initiative, you should never move off the starting mark without 7. Engage Your Audience Whether you’re launching your own social media Photo Sharing clear and measurable business goals. application or engaging in others, the key to building influence in your com- Flickr - munity is getting involved. 2. Marketing Communications Moves from Monologue to Connected Video Sharing Dialogue When customers control content, marketers inevitably lose some 8. Engage Your Employees Social media programs are a valuable opportu- YouTube - control of the message. But that doesn’t diminish the capability of good mar- nity to build cross functional teams in your organization. keters to communicate effectively with their markets—in fact it can create a Social Bookmarking 9. Engage Your Customers Nothing filters up good ideas and new content significant competitive advantage. Delicious - like talking directly to customers. Interview a few of your customers or part- ners and ask for their take on the issues. Jaiku - 3. Clarify Your Positioning For all the novelty of social media, successful execution invariably hinges on an age-old fundamental—a clear and con- 10. Be Honest and Up Front Whether you’re launching your own social me- sistent position across all business touch points. dia site or just participating in discussions around the Web, be conspicuously How much time & 4. Identify the Influencers The first meaningful step of engagement is to honest and straightforward about who you are and who you represent. identify where the conversations are taking place that are relevant to your money will this take? 11. Define Metrics According to Business Objectives Get involved in de- Most businesses can implement a social market community, and who is shaping those conversations. fining what business outcomes are relevant for your social media program, media strategy for very little money; how- 5. Listen Before You Launch In any conversation, a smart communicator and look for ways to measure progress toward the goal. Chances are, the data ever, the best strategies that generate spends time listening to the dialog before they engage. is available. leads and revenue are launched in con- junction with professional help and can 6. Integrate Your Social Media with SEO One of the most powerful ca- 12. Fail Quickly. Fail Cheaply If you are launching your first social media cost a few hundred to several thousand pabilities of social media, especially blogging, is the ability to dramatically program, focus on an initiative with minimal investment in time and money. dollars. Moreover, social media takes time and personal involvement that are unprec- edented in the world of mass media. 888.989.7771
  7. 7. Social Media 101 What is it? What is it good for? social media - a self-guided tour Listen to the conversation 888.989.7771 Blog  Free to low-cost As part of our social-media strategy, A blog (a contraction of the term quot;Web logquot;) is a Web  User comments are free feedback on services, let’s presume all businesses need a MarketingSavant site, usually maintained by an individual with regular prices way to listen to their audience, their Social Media Marketing entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other  Creates searchable archive for search engines customers, their partners, and their Social media consulting and coaching by an material such as graphics or video.  Acceptable to discuss topics or ideas that are detractors. Let’s begin with the tools award-winning blogger. not yet fully developed we use to listen to the conversation. Start with Google Alerts and subscribe Award-winning blogger and internet market- Message Boards/Chat Rooms/Forums  Educational information ing expert, Dana VanDen Heuvel, provides to keywords pertinent to your brand. An Internet forum, or message board, is an online dis-  Ability to increase traffic through repeat social media education and consulting to You’ll get daily emails telling you when corporations, non-profits and educational in- cussion site. It is the modern equivalent of a traditional visitors your keywords show up on the Web. stitutions. bulletin board. From a technological standpoint, forums  Organization gains more creditability Our training and content consulting services or boards are web applications managing user-gener-  Builds relationship with visitors Social Bookmarking are the product of more than five years ated content. Social bookmarking is an excellent years of intensive study, training, writing and  VERY simple to use Micro Blogging (Twitter) way to share the collective intelligence practice in the area of social and new media. MarketingSavant can save you months of Micro-blogging is a form of multimedia blogging that  Multiple ways to send updates: text mes- of the Internet. This is near the top learning and prepare you to enter the global allows users to send brief text updates (140 characters saging, instant messaging, email, MP3 or because you may want to “bookmark” the Web. online conversation with a strategy, and voice or fewer) or micromedia (photos or audio clips) and some of these other sites using del. that stands out from your competitors. Our  Computer not needed to send an update, can publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a training and custom consulting services ad- dress these key business priorities: restricted group. These messages can be submitted by use a mobile phone 1. Understanding social media’s growing im- a variety of means, including text messaging, instant RSS Feed Aggregators portance in the changing media landscape; messaging, email, MP3 or the Web. Micro-blogs provide Sign up for Bloglines, a free Web-based 2. Tools and tactics for tracking online conver- short commentary on a person-to-person level or to http://www.bloglines. RSS reader that will allow you to follow sations; share news about a company's products and services. com numerous blogs and news sites. Add 3. Turning online feedback into actionable in- formation; Photo Sharing (Flickr)  Free or low-cost the feed from to get 4. Overcoming internal obstacles to social me- Photo sharing is the publishing or transfer of a user's  Easy to use and share photos started, then look for the RSS button on dia initiatives; digital photos online, thus enabling the user to share  Great tagging and organizing system your favorite news sites to subscribe to 5. Selecting tools and metrics to match busi- more feeds. ness objectives; and them with others (whether publicly or privately). This  Can be incorporated into personal blogs and functionality is provided through both Web sites and Web sites 6. Building and sustaining effective online communities. applications that facilitate the upload and display of  Easy to buy prints and other photo specialty Subscribe to Blogs of Interest images. The term can also be loosely applied to the use items Reading blogs through RSS readers is Services begin with the strategic education phase and proceed through strategy and of online photo galleries that are setup and managed  Good backup for paper and digital photos how blogs were meant to be read. Use implementation. by individual users, including photo blogs. Google Blogsearch and other resources to find blogs you like using keywords Contact us: Podcasts  Communicate with large numbers of people from your hobbies, company or indus- A podcast is a series of audio or video digital-media files via the Internet try. Subscribe using your new Bloglines 888-989-7771 which is distributed over the Internet by syndicated  Incorporates video, audio, music and effects RSS reader account. download, through Web feeds, to portable media  Syndicated via RSS feed or archived on the Connect with us: players and personal computers. Though the same Web Wikipedia LinkedIn: content may also be made available by direct download  Listeners can download podcasts to their mo- Do you know what’s been written about danavandenheuvel or streaming, a podcast is distinguished from other bile players or listen to at their computers your brand (or your competitors) on Twitter: digital-media formats by its ability to be syndicated,  Production is fairly inexpensive with the right Wikipedia? If you’re not in Wikipedia, Blog: subscribed to, and downloaded automatically when equipment write a mock version of your own Friendfeed: new content is added. Wikipedia entry.
  8. 8. d Social Media Basics by Sway Inc. Companies are jumping into social media marketing every day, but not all of them are doing it right. When considering a social media strategy, keep in mind the following: Banner Ads Pay-per-click SEO User Generated Media Find. Where is your target audience spending time Email Marketing Blogs online? Examine the types of conversations they are Affiliate Programs Podcasts having the what content is resonating with them. Mobile Phone RSS Online Video Widgets Learn. Spend time exploring different components “Web 1.0 is about of social media to see what’s right for your brand. commerce, Web 2.0 is about people.” Do. Develop a plan, goals and objectives then -- Ross Mayfield execute with the right social media platform. Social media is a phenomenon. And it takes a phenomenal approach to wrangle it. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  9. 9. Well, what did you think? Please take the post-event online survey.