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Social media & crisis management handout


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Social media & crisis management handout

  1. 1. Social Media &Crisis Management Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc. Miracle on the Hudson
  2. 2. Domino’s Video ScandalJet Blue Flight Attendant Steven Slater
  3. 3. Swine Flu (aka H1N1)In today’s 24/7 media world, any crisis can become an online crisis……and many crisis situations start online
  4. 4. What should you do?• The longer you wait to fight back or answer critics, the more likely it is you will lose control of the message and situation• But you need to fight back in a thoughtful, strategic and planned wayIrreparable harm?All businesses have crisis situations….• In most cases those situations won’t spell the end of a business – but they can cause serious short term damage
  5. 5. Plan BEFORE a crisis occurs• Are you doing positive things right now – and sharing that news?• What are your most likely crisis scenarios?• Do you have a plan to deal with them?• Have you trained key people?This includes:Dark site• Already populated with content & infoEstablished social media accounts• Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  6. 6. This includes:Online media monitoring – all the time• Free and / or paid monitoringAnalyze:• Trends• Complaints• Unusual eventsThree basic rulesTell:• What happened• Why it happened• What you’re going to do about it
  7. 7. And then……. Do it and update peopleGetting Rid of Negative Comments • Don’t overreact • Can’t entirely eliminate • But you may want to bump the negative listings down in the search engine results
  8. 8. So…….how do businesses / organizations use social media to deal with crisis situations?Miracle on the Hudson@jkrumsJanis Krums January 15, 2009 Theres a plane in the Hudson. Im on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.
  9. 9. This was his pictureMiracle on the Hudson• First photo posted• 34 minutes later – being interviewed by mainstream media• 40,000 web users saw his photo in the first four hours• 100 screens full of replies
  10. 10. What did US Airways do?• Focused on the situation• Apparently did not use social media at that time (remember, it was January 2009) Domino’s Video Scandal
  11. 11. What happened?• Two employee videos went viral - one million+ views in 2 days!• Domino’s fired the employees & called in the health department and hoped that would do itWhat did Domino’s do?Realized that strategy wouldn’t work – so developed a new strategy based on aggressive use of social media• Acknowledged the situation• Expressed concern• Promised to address it
  12. 12. What did Domino’s do?• Created & used a Twitter account• Posted a YouTube video by CEODomino’s video
  13. 13. The results• Contained the crisis; regained control and its reputation
  14. 14. What did JetBlue do?• Silent for 2 days• Began losing control of the situation• THEN…..they jumped in; in a very strategic wayWhat did JetBlue do?Posted 140 words on their blog:• Acknowledged it was weird• Response was consistent with its brand• Didn’t defend itself• Responding only in their blog guaranteed distribution across social media channels
  15. 15. What did Jet Blue do?Monitored, monitored, monitored• 460% spike in social media conversations• Most neutral trending positive
  16. 16. What did the CDC do?• Realized the situation was global; not just local• Responded quickly• And….as it was doing so, it re-named the flu H1N1What did the CDC do?Embraced social media in order to lead the conversation• Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, YouTube, mobile, email updates, e-cards, e-games, podcasts, widget and a dedicated online channel CDC-TV
  17. 17. What did the CDC do?• Created and distributed content that they encouraged others to use and pass on• They ENGAGED others to spread the word for them; as a result they led the discussion and information
  18. 18. A few other examples…..• Lance Armstrong• Kewaunee School DistrictLessons learned• Don’t wait for a crisis to communicate and engage• Plan ahead• Respond quickly, but not instantly• Tell what happened, why it happened & what you’re going to do about it
  19. 19. Lessons learned• Engage your audiences; ask for their help• Provide updates• Fix what you can• Move on when you canResearch & Sources:••••••
  20. 20. Thank you! Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc. 920-965-7750