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Friend Or Fan - Facebook Presentation from Envano

  1. 1. BE A SOCIAL MEDIA ROCK STAR Friend or Fan -Facebook Playlists August 12, 2009
  2. 2. Marketing Spending Trends
  3. 3. Social Marketing Research Best Social Media Usage
  4. 4. Social Marketing Research Some other things we know: A place to interact with consumers where they spend time Men are twice as likely than women to interact frequently (one or more times per week) with companies via social media (33% vs. 17%).
  5. 5. Friend or Fan? Why engage Social Media? Many in your business will say: What if someone posts something negative Our competitors will join our Page We can't control the message These are valid but Fear driven The reality is people are talking about you now. Do you prefer to engage in the conversation or cede all control?
  6. 6. ChChChChChChanges If there is one thing you can count on in Social Media: CHANGE FriendFeed Twitter Facebook Search And On And On And On Social Media will be MESSY. Get over it!
  7. 7. The Facebook Nation 250 Million Active Worldwide Users Asia Region growing at a 12 month rate of change of 74% Africa growing at a 12 month rate of change of 87% As of June 30 2009 Facebook had 90.8 million users in the US alone. This is up from 32 million just one year earlier. More then half of Facebook users are college educated and earn over $60K
  8. 8. All Ages are on Facebook US Facebook Users 13-17 7.9 million users 18-24 19.6 million users 25-29 11.2 million users 30-39 17 million users 40-49 11.3 million users 50+ 8.9 million users
  9. 9. Powerful Brands - Miller Electric Facebook 8,000+ Fans 240 User Posted Photos Constant Customer Engagement Driving Traffic to Corporate Site
  10. 10. Powerful Brands - Harley Facebook 223,000+ Fans Extending their Fan Base Engagement Harley Owners interacting with Harley Owners
  11. 11. Powerful Brands - Seagrave Launched July 2009 Promoted in Facebook 9,800+ Fans 144 User Posted Photos Market to Fans at Low Cost
  12. 12. Connecting Corp Site to Outposts
  13. 13. Embedded Feed
  14. 14. Events - Resch Center
  15. 15. Events - Resch Center In the event details fans may write on the event wall, share the event with their friends, upload photos and videos
  16. 16. Social Media Advertising Targeted Demographics and Lifestyle With Social Media advertising you can target who will see your ad down to the fine detail. Some details may include: -age -gender -education -martial status -geography (city or state level) -keywords Create an ad directed specifically for your customer.
  17. 17. Friend or Fan? Why engage Social Media? Is your Brand Strong Enough? How to get started? Become a Facebooker Decide if you want a partner Create a Fan Page, get the name right the first time Promote the page, some advertising (give-aways work) Link from your site Grow your fans Prime the pump/get them posting and sharing