Student: ______________________________________________________Ch 21.5 The HolocaustTrue?False? Make the false statements ...
___ 7. The strategy of island hopping meant that every island in the Pacific had to be fought forone at a time.___ 8. The ...
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Ch 21.5 and 21.6 questions


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Ch 21.5 and 21.6 questions

  1. 1. Student: ______________________________________________________Ch 21.5 The HolocaustTrue?False? Make the false statements TRUE!___1. Hitler’s plan in Eastern Europe was to provide living space for the Aryan race.___ 2. It was acceptable to Hitler if tens of millions of Russians starved to death.___ 3. Hitler pointed to the genocide of the Turkish people as a model for the elimination of theJewish people.___4. The SS was the military branch of the Nazi Party.___5. The plan to use concentration camps to extermination Jews was set at the WannseeConference.___6. Only a few thousand Jews were taken to the concentration camps; most were killed intheir homes.___7. The Nazi concentration camps were also used as sources of forced labor.___8. Ovens were used in the concentration camps to burn the bodies of the dead.___9. Jewish people were the only ones killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.___10.Jews had to identify themselves by wearing the Star of David on their clothes.___ 1. In the “New Order,” Soviet territory was supposed to supply Germany with a. a large captive work force b. a place for its troops to practice fighting c. moral support for a New Germany d. only food and raw materials___ 2. The word that best describes the Wannsee Conference’s plans for exterminating Jews is a. occasional b. systematic c. economic d. merciful___ 3. In the concentration camps, people who could not work were a. sent to gas chambers b. given other tasks c. kept well-fed d. forced to write books___ 4. The number of European Jews killed during the Holocaust was a. 60,000 b. 600,000 c. 6 million d. 6 billionCh 21.6 The End of the WarTrue?False? Make the false statements TRUE!___ 1. The Battle of Stalingrad is considered a turning point of WWII.___ 2. When General Eisenhower defeated General Montgomery, the Allies captured NorthAfrica.___ 3. The “soft underbelly of the Axis” referred to the coast of France, where an importantinvasion was set to take place.___ 4. Italy fought the Allies to the bitter end in defense of Mussolini and fascist plans forEurope.___ 5. Many important battles against Japan in the Pacific were naval and air battles.___ 6. After the Battle of Midway, Japan was no longer the likely victor in the war.
  2. 2. ___ 7. The strategy of island hopping meant that every island in the Pacific had to be fought forone at a time.___ 8. The Allies controlled the Philippine islands after the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Allied Victory Major German and Italian Defeats Major Japanese DefeatsUse the following terms to complete the chart – write the items out! • Battle of the Coral Sea • Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki • Guadalcanal • Sicily • Battle of Stalingrad • Battle of the Bulge • D-Day and France • Battle of Midway • Battle of Leyte Gulf • Tunisia___ 1. The importance of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in June 1944 was that a. it was the strongest blow yet to the Japanese army. b. It was the long planned for major invasion of Europe. c. It took Germany’s attention away from the true invasion. d. It was fought only in the air without any loss of life.___ 2. When Soviet and American armies met in eastern Germany in 1945, a. the war was soon over. b. the Germans broke through their lines and started the Battle of the Bulge c. the Soviet Union was planning to rejoin the war on Germany’s side d. Great Britain was upset.___ 3. An unconditional surrender means that a. the loser has to make a secret treaty with the other side. b. The loser has the right to appeal the conditions of the peace c. The loser surrenders totally and completely d. The loser is entitled by law to rearm itself in five years___ 4. Winston Churchill was an important symbol of wartime Britain because a. he made excuses for British losses. b. he hated and feared the French. c. he symbolized the country’s determination and valor. d. he was a bully and Great Britain needed a bully.