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Ch 1 test study guide


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Ch 1 Psychology test study guide

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Ch 1 test study guide

  1. 1. Ch 1 TEST B. F. Skinner humanistic perspective basic research behavior developmental psychology behaviorism biological perspective clinical psychology structuralism counseling psychologists Industrial and organizational psychologists educational psychologists school psychologists concept of reinforcement functionalism Aristotle functionalism William James Gestalt psychology Wilhelm Wundt humanistic perspective introspection John B. Watson i. cognitive activity main goals of psychology psychoanalysis
  2. 2. psychological theories cognitive perspective psychology defined psychology in ancient times psychology in the Middle Ages laboratories learning perspective research methods used social psychologists social sciences Sigmund Freud sociocultural perspective Kenneth B. Clark Socrates Why do biologically oriented psychologists study the nervous system and genes? According to cognitive psychologists, how do people store and retrieve information? What was Sigmund Freud's theory of aggression? How did the sociocultural perspective broaden the subjects studied by psychology? Describe the different ways that behaviorists, Gestalt psychologists, and social-learning theorists think people learn.