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Search by placement

  1. 1. Search By PlacementVideo Tutorial followed by Text Tutorial
  2. 2. Using the Publisher Search• WhatRunsWhere offers the ability to search through a database of who is advertising on a specific website, whos selling that inventory for them, demographic info and the top ads on the site.• WhatRunsWhere searches for publishers by their domain.• To do this simply select the By Publisher tab and enter the URL of the website you want to examine. A publisher is any domain that sells its ad inventory to other websites, whether through an ad network or by a direct purchase of the inventory in a media buy. An example of a publisher would be, which displays a variety of ads from advertisers on the website in order to turn traffic into revenue. Running a search for will compile all relevant data about the publisher’s domain. The built-in auto complete feature can assist you in finding an advertiser’s domain if you are unsure of the complete URL. For example, typing ``NBA`` into the search bar will give you a list of possible domains containing the word ``NBA``.• After a brief searching and compiling period, data will be displayed under several categories.• Overview: Displays relevant statistics in graphs to help consolidate and explain the data to you before you dig any deeper into the specifics. If you wish to narrow the scope of your search, you may focus your search on a specific country, ad network or how recently the ad was displayed. You may do so by selecting these parameters in the filter ads bar, and clicking the “Apply” button.• Demographic Reports: Our integrated demographics feature. This page will display visitor demographics - including personal information like age and gender, as well as the international breakdown of visitors.
  3. 3. Using the Publisher Search• Advertisers: Displays a list of the top advertisers on the publisher. Each domain listed here is an advertiser that has purchased ad inventory on the searched domain. For each advertiser, the country, hits, and length of campaign are listed, as well as the percent share of the ad inventory they have purchased on the placement. In addition to this information, the “source” heading refers to the method used to acquire this ad space. – This can be sorted to display whether the advertiser has worked with an ad network, for example, Google adwords, or has made a direct media buy of ad space on the publisher’s domain.• Iframe/Banner Hosts: Provides you with a list of the domains that host the IFrame and banner ad content that is displayed on the site, and can be sorted by the same criteria as we have done for the Advertisers section. This will display any ad network redirects, as well as provide you with information regarding where banner ads located on the publisher’s site are being served from.• Ad Sources: Displays a list of ways in which the publisher has distributed their inventory to advertisers, and is broken down into source, the amount of the inventory sold through that source by percentage of total inventory, as well as prevalence/hit and duration information.• Ad Types: Displays stats regarding the medium in which the ads were displayed on the publisher’s domain.• Text and Hybrid Ads: Displays all the text/hybrid ads we have located on the publisher. The ads can be sorted by ad network, country, how recently the ads were displayed and by AdStrength™, which will order the results by how well we have found the ads to be performing.• Banner ads: Display all banner ads we have found on the publisher. Unlike the Text/Hybrid Ads section, you can further refine your search by selecting the dimensions of the banners you wish to view.