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Piracy Zapper - Stop Online Piracy - DMCA Takedown Service


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Piracy Zapper is a new service that protects the authors of digital content by monitoing the internet twenty four hours a day for illegal file sharing on torrents, forums, blogs etc.' All of the dirty work is done for you, including DMCA takedown, follow-up and record keeping.Trial is $1.00 for the first 30 days of service

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Piracy Zapper - Stop Online Piracy - DMCA Takedown Service

  1. 1. How much money will you lose on your next product launch?Studies show that product sales DROP 40% when your e-book, software or video series are copied anddistributed illegally?It is estimated that lost revenue due to online piracy and counterfeiting exceeds 200 billion dollarsannually.If you sell your own digital products, you are at the mercy of these thieves and serial refunderswho copy your work and distribute it through file storage sites like mediafire, p2p networks,torrents,throw away blogs and forums. Once your stuff is out there, the download links spread like a prairie firethrough the blackhat forums and trying to get links removed and filing takedown notices becomes anightmare that consumes all of your time. You may be able to keep up with it if you only have oneproduct, but what if you have 2 or 10 or 20 or more products in the pipeline, or plan to? Isnt your timebetter spent, creating and marketing more products and counting the money?I used to think "I dont have to worry about it,Im not a guru with a big product launch. Nobody isgoing to bother stealing my WSO"I was shocked when I saw what was really happening ! I have circled the dates, today is June 8, 2013:It took less than 24 hours for the thieves to distribute it. See below:
  2. 2. How much is this costing the author?Piracy Zapper is a new service created by Mao Flynn, that stops thieves in their tracks. Its like having afull time assistant whos ONLY job is to monitor the Internet for illegal sharing of your work.Its aseasy as registering your product and forgetting about it.How Piracy Zapper works:• You sign up for the trial.(its only a dollar to try it for 30 days)• You register your digital products into our customer database.• From there on you dont have to do anything else.• Every day, our scanning software will go out to the search engines (Google and the such) to findpotential unauthorized sharing activities against your product.• It will also search for your product in piracy-bound sites like file-sharing directories, black-hatforums, torrent sites, etc. The software has a huge database with hundreds of these websiteswhere 95% of all online unauthorized sharing activities take place, and we continue to add newsites to the database as we find them on a daily basis.• Once the software triggers an alert, one of our experienced takedown agents will step in andmanually investigates the alert.• If the alert is confirmed by our takedown agent, we will contact the infringing web sitesadministrator with a DMCA takedown notice.
  3. 3. • If they dont respond to our DMCA request or theyre not willing to remove your productamicably within 24 hours, we scale the issue to the infringing sites hosting company, domainregistrar, payment processor, etc, attaching a DMCA takedown notice for them too.• We press on until your product is removed from their site.• You can view all undertaken actions at your customer console analytics section.• We rinse and repeat the whole process again for all your products, every day, 365 days a year,non-stop, to make sure all your products are always 100% safe from illegal sharing.• Finally, if youre happy with our service, youre welcome to stay as a full member after the 30-day trial. Otherwise you can simply cancel your trial at any time before the 30-day period trialexpires.There are different levels and service plans depending on the number of products you need to register.All in all this product is well worth the investment. Any author who has tried to do DMCA take downsby themselves know what a pain in rear it is.Try Privacy Zapper for a Full 30 days for $1.00Affiliate Disclosure - I will receive a commission if you purchase through my link, I am an Internetmarketer after all.See a short presentation Here